Baltimore Pride Shut Down After Panic Ensued Amid Suspected Attack

Injuries reported following release of a chemical agent and ensuing chaos during festivities. Multiple Injuries Reported Following the release of a “possible chemical agent” at the Baltimore Pride Parade this past Saturday, multiple injuries have been reported. Police Investigate Possible Chemical Agent In a press release, the police stated that multiple parade goers came to … Read more

Trump Patronizes Millions of Black Americans With ‘I’m Not Racist, I Have Black Friends’ Speech in Swing State Battle

President Biden intensifies efforts to beat Trump as key debate approaches. In a tight race hinging on swing states, Trump aims to weaken Biden’s support among Black voters. Biden Uses New Campaign Strategy This Monday, President Biden launched a new campaign ad specifically designed for the battleground states.  A Selfish Felon The new advertisement paints … Read more

Hate Strikes Twice: Stonewall Pride Flags Suffer Vandalism Yet Again

Repeated acts of vandalism mar Pride month celebrations at one of the most important LGBTQ+ monuments.  Repeated Vandalism For the second year in a row, more than 150 Pride flags hung at the Stonewall National Monument were destroyed.  Extent of the Damage In Greenwich Village, someone vandalized more than 160 flags inside and outside the … Read more

Trans-Supporters Lash Out at Biden Over Student Protections

GOP leaders lash out at the Biden Administration over transgender student protections. Biden Continues to Postpone Title XI Update GOP states are rallying together against the Biden administration, saying that he cannot keep putting the anti-trans legislation on hold simply because it is an election year.  Ongoing Struggles Biden’s plan to prohibit an all encompassing … Read more

Texas Democrat Rebel Faces Major Blow on Gender-Affirming Care Vote

After breaking away from her own political party to vote against transgender healthcare, the Democratic lawmaker was defeated before she began.  Losing the Primary Texas Democrat Representative Shawn Thierry lost in the primary election for the coveted south Houston seat after making quite the controversial decision.  Thierry’s Previous Track Record For the past four terms, … Read more

“Love Thy Neighbor” – Ms. Rachel, Social Media Educator’s Comeback to Conservative Backlash to Pride Post

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Social media sensation Ms. Rachel reiterates that she is dedicated to including the LGBTQ+ community on her platform regardless of intense backlash from Conservative followers.  Ms. Rachel’s Vocal Support Known as Ms. Rachel online, Rachel Griffin Accurso made headlines this week after sharing support for the LGBTQ+ community to kick off Pride Month.  Celebrating Pride … Read more

Trans Military Wife, Miss Maryland USA Has Brutal Comeback for Critics

The most recent Miss Maryland, Cambodian American immigrant Bailey Anne Kennedy receives major anti-trans backlash after being crowned.  The New Miss Maryland USA Bailey Anne Kennedy broke records this year as an immigrant transgender woman and military wife winning the coveted Miss Maryland USA.  A Historic Win After immigrating from Cambodia to the United States … Read more

LGBTQ+ Rights Under Threat: Georgia Unveils Restrictive Legislation

The country of Georgia sees a disheartening shift in anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, affecting their possible future as a member of the European Union.  LGBTQ+ Rights Take Another Hit During Pride Month Last Tuesday, the Georgian government introduced a new bill aimed at limiting LGBTQ+ rights and freedoms.  The Georgian Dream – for Who? The Georgian ruling … Read more

Defying Doctrine: First Openly Transgender Catholic Vocation Finds Vocation in Kentucky

Thought to be the first openly Transgender person working in the Catholic Diocese, Brother Christian Matson shares his story.  Living in Truth While celebrating Pentecost with his church community in Kentucky, Christian Matson made the brave decision to publicly share his identity as a Transgender person.  Time to End the Rejection Matson said, “I was … Read more

Punishable By Death: LGBTQ Rights Under Siege in Uganda Amid New Anti-Homosexuality Law

Same-sex intercourse is punishable by life in prison, and sometimes death, in Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act.  All Eyes on Uganda Advocacy groups from around the world are tuning into the current anti-LGBTQ+ climate in Uganda.  Sharp Increase in Homophobic Activity  In the last 9 months alone, there have been over 1,000 recorded cases of arrests, torture, … Read more

New Washington Law on Parental Rights Sparks Outcry Over ‘Forced Outing’ Concerns

The state law, covering different areas of parental consent and access to counseling records and education, has already faced backlash from multiple organizations.  Blocking Order Denied A new law in Washington state focused on parental rights is moving forward after a judge refused to issue an emergency blocking order.  The Focus on Parental Rights The … Read more

Tennessee Governor Quietly Signs Away Women and Trans Rights

Governor Bill Lee signed more controversial bills focused on protecting the near absolute ban on abortion in Tennessee. Limiting Freedom Republican Governor Bill Lee recently approved multiple bills in Tennessee, all targeted at access to abortion as a minor, and limiting their ability to access gender-affirming care.  His Silent Stance The Governor did not sign … Read more

No Gay Parade: National Park Rangers BANNED From Joining Pride Marches in Uniform

The National Park Service (NPS) officially prohibits uniformed employees from public events that could stir up controversy.  Prohibition of Pride Participation Right before the start of Pride month in June, the National Park Service (NPS) prohibits uniformed employees from joining in and participating in events that may not fit the organization’s innocent and “uninvolved” reputation.  … Read more

Governor Advances Law to Combat Book Bans, Aiming for Inclusive Education and Cultural Preservation

In a bold move against censorship, California’s Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a groundbreaking bill prohibiting school boards from banning educational material labeled ‘inclusive’ or ‘diverse.’ This landmark legislation, aimed at promoting and protecting racial and LGBTQ+ figures in school curricula, promises to reshape the future of education in the state. Cultural Purge Governor Newsom’s … Read more

India’s Supreme Court Faces Backlash for Controversial Same-Sex Marriage Position

In a decision that has stirred debate across India, the Supreme Court has refrained from legalizing same-sex marriage, pushing the onus back to Parliament, much to the disappointment of LGBTQ+ rights advocates. India’s Supreme Court Passes the Buck India’s top court recently faced a momentous decision, grappling with the question of legalizing same-sex marriages. In … Read more

Texas Drag Ban Stopped by Federal Judge, Sparking Celebrations Amid Ongoing Political Tensions

A federal judge has just delivered a massive legal blow to conservative Texas, ruling Senate Bill 12 – signed into law by Republican Governor Greg Abbott – as unconstitutional.  Ban On Drag Dropped This controversial legislation aimed to bar minors from attending drag shows and restrict what it considered ‘sexually explicit’ content.  1st Amendment Protected … Read more

Hungary’s Clampdown on Expression – World Press Photo Exhibit Off-Limits to Teens Over LGBTQ+ Content

Hungary’s conservative government has stirred controversy by barring individuals under 18 from attending this year’s World Press Photo exhibition in Budapest.  Hungary’s Far-Right Restrictions The decision comes in the wake of a complaint from a far-right Hungarian lawmaker, who alleged that some of the exhibition’s photographs violate the country’s contentious law restricting LGBTQ+ content.  A … Read more

Divided Methodist Church: Congregations Vote to Break Away Amid LGBTQ+ Debate in Georgia

Over 250 congregations within the United Methodist Church in north Georgia have voted to break away, deepening the divide fueled by debates surrounding the LGBTQ+ community’s role within the denomination.  Growing Divide The mass departure of 250 congregations adds to the growing exodus since 2019, a year that witnessed a strengthening of bans on same-sex … Read more