“Under Attack” – Biden Campaign Ramps Up LGBTQ Support in Pittsburg

The Biden campaign announces their plan to attend over 200 Pride events this month to bolster support for the LGBTQ+ community. 

Biden’s Pride Month Commitment

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In honor of the upcoming presidential election, Biden’s campaign announced their commitment to attending as many Pride month celebrations as possible. 

Extensive Event Attendance

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Biden announced that his campaign plans to attend over 200 events spread across 23 different states. 

All Eyes on the Battleground States

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This push for LGBTQ+ voters will occur across all battleground states that have the ability to heavily impact the election. 

Media Blitz

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The campaign events will also coincide with a targeted media blitz to encourage LGBTQ+ voters to get out there and use their voice. 

Wrapping Up in NYC

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The Biden campaign plans to wrap up their outreach month on June 28th, celebrating at a fundraiser in New York City. 

Concerns About LGBTQ+ Support

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Democratic allies have begun to worry about the status of LGBTQ+ voters, and where their support may lie. 

Vice President Shows Support

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In an effort to remind voters of their commitment to LGBTQ+ rights and safety, Vice President Kamala Harris met with more than 150 LGBTQ+ leaders in Los Angeles. 

First Lady Involved Too

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Meanwhile, the first lady Jill Biden attended the Pittsburgh Pride festival and spoke out against the current state of hostility towards the queer community. 

Jill Biden’s Strong Words

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Jill Biden said, “This community is under attack,” continuing, “Donald Trump is a bully to the LGBTQ community, to our families, to our country. We cannot let him win”. 

GLAAD Statistics

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The LGBTQ+ media advocacy group GLAAD conducted a poll in January that gave the Biden campaign a confidence boost, showing that they have overwhelming support from registered LGBTQ+ voters. 

Biden’s Advantage

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The GLAAD poll showed that Biden had 68% support overall, and 72% of support in battleground states. 

Trump Scores Low

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Comparatively, Donald Trump had only 15% support in both categories. 

Concerns Continue

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Unfortunately there are still quite a few concerns about the outcome of the upcoming election. 

HRC’s Financial Commitment

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In order to give the Biden campaign a much needed boost, the Human Rights Campaign committed to spending $15 million in 6 different battleground states. 

No Guarantee

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The Human Rights Campaign has said that one third of the equality voters are not guaranteed to vote for Biden. 

Equality Voters

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Equality voters, or voters who choose their candidate based on supporting LGBTQ+ rights, make up 75 million of registered voters. 

Voter Engagement

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The HRC’s national press secretary Brandon Wolf said, “Our primary task with those voters is to help underscore the stakes of the election”. 

Clear Contrast

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Wolf continued, “The contrast between the two candidates could not be clearer, and that’s especially true when we’re talking about issues of equality”. 

Biden’s Campaign Strategy

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This is not news to the Biden campaign, who has already said that they are preparing to spend extra money into the battleground states. 

Pro-Equality Media Campaign 

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They plan to launch a media campaign focused on branding Biden as the “the most pro-equality president in American history”. 

Invest Early

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The LGBTQ+ engagement director with the Biden-Harris campaign, Sam Alleman said “Winning campaigns invest early and often into its coalition of support”.

Voter Mobilization

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Alleman continued, “This Pride month is a reflection of real action to mobilize and activate LGBTQ+ voters well ahead of November.”

Biden’s History of Support

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During this past term, President Biden signed legislation to protect same-sex marriage rights, issued executive orders to protect the queer community, and ended the ban on transgender Americans’ in the army. 

Standing for Queer Rights

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Prior to his time as President, Biden also vocally supported legalizing same-sex marriage before President Obama publically endorsed it. 

Trump Jumps In 

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The Trump campaign is aware of the importance of the LGBTQ+ voters, and has launched their own efforts of securing their support. 

Melania’s Fundraising Effort

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Former first lady Melania Trump recently held a fundraiser for a group centered on LGBTQ+ inclusion in the Republican party, called the Log Cabin Republicans. 

Tight Race Ahead

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Whether or not the Trump campaign’s push will help sway the polls, it is still a tight race. 

An Incredible Opportunity

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HRC’s Brandon Wolf said, “The Biden-Harris campaign has an incredible opportunity to get out into communities and talk about not just the things they’ve been able to accomplish”. 

Vision for the Future

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Continuing, “but also their vision of what’s possible if we send them back to the White House”. 

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