Millennials Home-Buying Frenzy: 19 US Hotspots They Are Snapping Up Property

Millennials are defying the myths: they’re buying homes across America. From bustling tech hubs to diverse cultural centers, this generation is finding new places to plant roots and thrive. Why let stereotypes define a generation known for breaking the mold? Here’s where the supposedly “forever renters” are putting down roots and why you might want … Read more

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Gun sales in the United States have historically mirrored the country’s intense discussions around gun laws and individual rights. Have you ever wondered which states lead in firearm purchases? Here’s a countdown of the top 20 states where residents are exercising their Second Amendment rights with gusto, showcasing the diverse reasons—from hunting to personal protection—that … Read more

Transgender Miss Universe Accused of Controversial Remarks in Leaked Audio Clip

The co-owner of Miss Universe, Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatip, has caused significant controversy and debate within the pageant community when discussing transgender competitors’ chances at winning Miss Universe. From Video Store to CEO Anne Jakrajutatip began working at her family’s video rental business before expanding into media and eventually becoming the CEO of JKN Global Media, … Read more

Baltimore Pride Shut Down After Panic Ensued Amid Suspected Attack

Injuries reported following release of a chemical agent and ensuing chaos during festivities. Multiple Injuries Reported Following the release of a “possible chemical agent” at the Baltimore Pride Parade this past Saturday, multiple injuries have been reported. Police Investigate Possible Chemical Agent In a press release, the police stated that multiple parade goers came to … Read more

21 Subtle Racisms That Are Commonplace in America

Racism in America isn’t always overt; it often hides in plain sight through subtle actions and attitudes. How many of these subtle racisms have you noticed around you? 1. Racial Profiling in Retail Many people of color experience extra scrutiny when shopping. Store employees often follow them around or watch them more closely, assuming they’re … Read more

20 Reasons Taylor Swift Is Empowering America’s Women

Taylor Swift isn’t just a global pop icon; she’s a powerful voice for women across America. From her lyrics to her actions, here’s how Taylor Swift is turning the volume up on women’s empowerment. 1. Celebrating Female Friendships Taylor’s music videos and public appearances highlight the strength of female friendships, showing young women the importance … Read more

Trigger Points: How Gun Control Is Splitting America in Two

The debate over gun control in the United States is as heated as it is polarized, spotlighting the struggle between advocating for individual rights and pursuing broader public safety measures. How can we navigate this complex issue to find a balance that respects constitutional freedoms while reducing gun violence? 1. The Right to Bear Arms … Read more

Outrageous Lies: 22 Whoppers Our Parents Told Us

Growing up, we were spoon-fed a smorgasbord of white lies and half-truths disguised as wisdom. But as we peel back the layers of nostalgia, we uncover the fabrications that shaped our childhood. So, let’s shine a spotlight on the fibs our parents fed us—because it’s time to set the record straight. 1. “Santa Claus Is … Read more

21 Childish Behaviors Some Americans Will Never Outgrow

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Trump Patronizes Millions of Black Americans With ‘I’m Not Racist, I Have Black Friends’ Speech in Swing State Battle

President Biden intensifies efforts to beat Trump as key debate approaches. In a tight race hinging on swing states, Trump aims to weaken Biden’s support among Black voters. Biden Uses New Campaign Strategy This Monday, President Biden launched a new campaign ad specifically designed for the battleground states.  A Selfish Felon The new advertisement paints … Read more

New Study Revealed Most LGBTQ+ Employees Feel Excluded at Work


A new study has revealed that the majority of LGBTQ+ employees in the American workforce report feeling marginalized, lonely, misunderstood, or excluded at work.  The Report From EduBirdie The initial report was made by EduBirdie, an online academic platform that offers writing assistance, including essay writing services, research paper help, and other academic support. Lonely … Read more

21 Denied Truths About America’s Black History

America’s Black history is often overlooked or misrepresented. What are the hidden truths that need to be acknowledged and understood? 1. The True Scale of the Atlantic Slave Trade The transatlantic slave trade forcibly brought over 12 million Africans to the Americas. This massive human trafficking operation’s scale and brutality are often understated. 2. Black … Read more

21 Things Americans Want BANNED From the US

The landscape of American preferences is ever-evolving. What are some surprising things Americans would like to see disappear from their country? 1. Robocalls Unwanted robocalls have plagued Americans for years, interrupting their daily lives. The desire to ban these incessant calls is nearly universal. 2. Single-Use Plastics Many Americans are pushing for a ban on … Read more

Los Angeles: Homophobic “No Cruising” Street Signs Finally Removed Amid Protests

After 27 years of protest and community upset, homophobic neighborhood signs that read “No Cruising Zone” were finally removed in Los Angeles. Safety Concerns Initially installed in the 1990s, the signs were put up after the city received several complaints about gay men “cruising” in the area and how this was causing safety concerns. Reading … Read more

21 Mistruths About Americans the Rest of the World Believe

Americans are often the subject of wild assumptions and exaggerated stereotypes. Are these misconceptions affecting how the world views the average American? 1. All Americans Are Obese Despite the rising obesity rates, not every American is overweight. Many are health-conscious and actively engage in fitness routines and balanced diets. 2. Americans Only Eat Fast Food … Read more

15 Black Memoirs That Challenge America’s History and Culture

Dive into the lives of some of the most fascinating BAME individuals through their memoirs. Each story is a window into personal triumphs, struggles, and invaluable lessons about culture, identity, and resilience. Are you ready to be inspired and educated by these powerful voices? 1. “Becoming” by Michelle Obama Explore the profound journey of former … Read more

21 Countries’ Doors Still Wide-Open to Americans

 Here are 21 countries that not only roll out the welcome mat for American visitors without a visa but also promise to stretch your dollars till they scream for mercy. These destinations offer a much-needed respite from the usual wallet-wringing escapades. So pack your bags, and prepare to outsmart the travel system that seems designed … Read more

15 Reasons for America’s Right-Wing Political Surge

In the United States, a noticeable trend towards right-leaning political ideologies has emerged, driven by various factors shaping public opinion and influencing voter behavior. 1. Opposition to Government Overreach Concerns over government overreach and encroachment on individual freedoms have led many Americans to align with right-wing parties advocating for limited government and personal liberty. 2. … Read more

Florida Elects First Openly Gay Latino Politician

It’s no secret that the US is quite divided when it comes to political opinions. Being one of the most populated countries in the world, over 300 million fight for their personal political agenda across all democratic platforms. A War of Two Camps While there is a nuance to every idea, nearly all public debates … Read more

Proud or Prejudiced? America States According to LGBTQ Rights – Where Does Yours Stand?

The landscape of LGBTQ+ rights in the United States is diverse and complex, with each state offering varying levels of legal protections. This detailed guide provides an overview of specific laws and rights across different regions. New England – Comprehensive Protections States: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut These states have legalized same-sex … Read more

Enough Already: 17 USA Slogans We’re SICK of Hearing

Political slogans are meant to inspire and unite, but sometimes they overstay their welcome, becoming clichés that lose their initial power. Are these slogans still effective, or is it time for new messages? 1. “Make America Great Again” Originally used by Ronald Reagan in the 1980s and famously revived by Donald Trump in 2016, this … Read more

18 Controversial Women Who Divided America

In today’s heightened political climate, several female figures stand out for their influential and often divisive roles. These women are admired by some for their steadfast principles and criticized by others for their controversial stances, embodying the spectrum of American political discourse. 1. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez As a young congresswoman from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is … Read more

Pride and Heritage: 18 LGBTQ+ Landmarks You CAN’T Miss

Exploring the rich tapestry of LGBTQ+ history is a journey every ally and community member should embark on. What better way to connect with this vibrant history than by visiting the landmarks that tell its stories? 1. Stonewall Inn, New York The Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village is widely considered the birthplace of the modern … Read more

Sickening: Russia Goes Next Level on Anti-LGBTQ Measures

Russia is increasing its crackdown on LGBTQ activism and literature as part of a broader anti-LGBTQ+ agenda that is rapidly spreading throughout the country. Banning Activism The increased efforts to suppress the LGBTQ+ community is part of a full ban on “LGBT Activism” enacted in 2022 that was built on pre-existing discriminatory laws and prejudices. … Read more

Indiana Faces Lawsuit for Canceling Pride Festival, Critics Argue First Amendment Violation

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit against the town of Loogootee, Indiana because it believes that the town violated people’s First Amendment rights by rescinding their approval for a Pride festival. Reversing Decisions Organized by a local LGBTQ+ advocacy group called Tri-State Alliance, the town initially granted permission for the festival before the decision was … Read more

Ban on Military Drag Shows: Gay Congressman Lashes Out at GOP Ruling

Mark Pocan, a gay democrat congressman, is in the headlines this week for criticizing Marjorie Taylor Greene and the GOP for attempting to create a ban against drag shows on military bases.  Defense Authorization Debate A proposed amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) seeks to ban drag performances on military bases and sparked … Read more

Vetoed: Louisiana Judge Blocks Biden’s Newest Protections for Trans Student

A federal judge in Louisiana has blocked the Biden administration’s Title IX rules that were meant to create protections for LGBTQ students because these rules overstepped the bounds of federal authority and interfered with state laws. Impacting Gender Identity The ruling specifically impacts policies related to gender identity, such as who is allowed to participate … Read more

21 Reasons LGBTQ Voters Remain Undecided on Voting For Biden

As we edge closer to another election, many in the LGBTQ+ community remain skeptical about President Biden’s leadership. Have his policies truly reflected the promises made to this vibrant and diverse community? 1. Slow Progress on Key Promises Despite campaign promises, many in the LGBTQ+ community feel that progress on significant issues like anti-discrimination protections … Read more

20 Countries Where Americans Are Not Welcome

If you’re looking to stay within the comfort of familiar values, or perhaps to challenge them, here are 19 countries where you might need to think twice. 1. China China’s government heavily controls media and public opinion, contrasting sharply with American values of free speech. However, its community-focused society values collective well-being over individual success, … Read more

Diversity Washing: 21 Firms Who SAY They’re Doing More to Support LGBTQ+ Culture

In today’s progressive corporate world, championing LGBTQ+ inclusion isn’t just about equality—it’s also about enhancing brand reputation and engaging in a bit of virtue signaling. Here’s a salute to the 21 American companies that are not only embracing diversity but are also leading the charge in promoting an inclusive culture. Ever wondered who is setting … Read more

Queen BAME: 21 Ways Beyoncé Brought It for Black America

Beyoncé isn’t just a queen of pop; she’s a cultural force who has profoundly impacted Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities across America. Wondering how she’s used her platform to make a difference? Here’s the rundown. 1. Elevating Black Culture in Mainstream Media Beyoncé consistently showcases Black culture in her music videos, performances, and … Read more

California’s Cowboy Culture Has Always Been Part of Black History

California’s cowboy culture has deep roots that extend into Black history, showcasing a diverse heritage often overlooked in mainstream narratives. Did you know how intertwined these histories are? 1. Early Black Ranchers Black ranchers were among the first to establish cattle ranching in California during the early settlement days, contributing foundational techniques and traditions to … Read more

Queer Exodus: 15 States LGBTQ+ Americans Are Leaving in Vast Numbers

With changing laws and social attitudes, many LGBTQ+ Americans are leaving states that feel less supportive. Here’s a list of 15 states from which they’re moving away in 2024. 1. Texas Due to restrictive laws targeting transgender youth healthcare and participation in sports, Texas has seen many LGBTQ+ families and individuals move to states with … Read more

21 Most-Inclusive Cities in America – How Diverse Is Yours?

Discover top U.S. cities where BAME professionals thrive due to robust job markets, cultural inclusivity, and strong support networks. 1. Atlanta, GA Atlanta is a hotspot for Black professionals with a strong presence of Black-owned businesses and educational institutions. It hosts numerous cultural events celebrating African-American achievements, providing a supportive community atmosphere. 2. Houston, TX … Read more

Game Changers: 18 LGBTQ+ Athletes Revolutionizing the World of Sports

Have you ever wondered who the trailblazers of LGBTQ+ representation in sports are? These athletes have not only excelled in their sports but also significantly influenced the LGBTQ+ community’s visibility and acceptance. Let’s dive into the lives and legacies of these groundbreaking individuals. 1. Billie Jean King A titan on the tennis court, Billie Jean … Read more

21 Things You Will Only See in Texas

Texas isn’t just a place on the map—it’s a way of life. Ever wonder what makes Texans so darn proud? Here are 21 uniquely Texan things you just can’t experience anywhere else. 1. Celebrate Texas Independence Day March 2nd is a big deal here. Texans celebrate with parades, festivals, and a hearty dose of state … Read more

Juneteenth: White and Black Americans Should Stand Together and Celebrate

If you’re an American, Juneteenth isn’t just a date on the calendar—it’s a part of your history that really should matter to you. Here’s why both White and Black Americans should stand together in honoring this significant day. 1. It’s American History Juneteenth isn’t just Black history; it’s American history. Acknowledging this day helps everyone … Read more

20 States That Have Regressed LGBTQ Rights

Recent years have seen a troubling wave of legislative actions aimed at curbing LGBTQ rights across the United States. These measures have had profound political ramifications and dire consequences for the lives of many individuals. 1. Texas Reinforces Anti-Transgender Legislation In Texas, 2024 saw the introduction of severe restrictions on transgender healthcare and sports participation. … Read more

Behind the Mask: Life Lessons I Learned From Life in Drag

Living life in drag has not only transformed my wardrobe but also my perspective. Ever wondered what it’s like to walk a mile in these glittering heels? 1. Confidence Is King Strutting onto a stage with all eyes on you can be terrifying, but drag taught me the art of unshakeable confidence. Every performance is … Read more

Not Sorry: 12 LGBTQ+ Leaders Proud to Be Rewriting Political History

From city halls to Capitol Hill, these LGBTQ+ politicians are breaking barriers, championing equality, and shaping the future of American politics. Let’s celebrate their courage, resilience, and unwavering commitment to making a difference. 1. Tammy Baldwin As the first openly gay person elected to the U.S. Senate, Tammy Baldwin has been a tireless advocate for … Read more

RFK Jr.’s Transphobic Outburst Blamed On An Unexpected Reason

What often impairs judgment? Many people work their lives to overcome severe prejudices and learned biases so they can become more accepting. However,  landing on the wrong side of history is not always the individual’s fault. Who’s to Blame In some cases, external factors must be considered to fully comprehend the situation. Horrific side effects … Read more

18 Read-Before-You-Die LGBTQ Autobiographies

Exploring the depths of personal struggle, triumph, and identity, LGBTQ+ autobiographies and memoirs offer readers a profound insight into the lives of individuals who have navigated the complexities of gender, sexuality, and societal acceptance. Which memoirs and autobiographies truly capture the essence of the LGBTQ+ experience in America? 1. “Becoming Nicole” by Amy Ellis Nutt … Read more

Hate Strikes Twice: Stonewall Pride Flags Suffer Vandalism Yet Again

Repeated acts of vandalism mar Pride month celebrations at one of the most important LGBTQ+ monuments.  Repeated Vandalism For the second year in a row, more than 150 Pride flags hung at the Stonewall National Monument were destroyed.  Extent of the Damage In Greenwich Village, someone vandalized more than 160 flags inside and outside the … Read more

15 States LGBTQ+ Americans Are Moving to in Droves

As 2024 unfolds, LGBTQ+ Americans are moving to states that are not only safe but also welcoming. Here are 15 states that have become popular new homes for the community. 1. California California remains a beacon for LGBTQ+ individuals with its robust protections, inclusive healthcare policies, and vibrant community support networks in cities like San … Read more

Trans Rights Controversy: Republican States Clash with Biden Administration

The Biden administration has made groundbreaking revisions to Title IX rules so that they now include protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in education. Republican Reactions As a reaction to these new Title IX protections for the transgender community, Republicans have responded with a series of lawsuits against the Biden administration. … Read more

Gender-Change Surgery Costs Included in State Health Plans in Virginia

The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia, has issued a landmark ruling that will require state-run health insurance plans to cover gender-affirming surgeries for transgender people, a first in U.S. history for such a federal appellate court mandate. The decision centered on employee health plans in North Carolina and West Virginia, two … Read more

Freedom and Resilience: Juneteenth Facts You Need to Know

You’ve heard of Juneteenth, but do you actually know what it’s all about? This celebrated day holds deep significance in the fabric of American history, representing freedom, resilience, and the ongoing fight for equality. 1. The Origin Story Juneteenth marks the day on June 19, 1865, when Major General Gordon Granger landed in Galveston, Texas, … Read more

Trans-Supporters Lash Out at Biden Over Student Protections

GOP leaders lash out at the Biden Administration over transgender student protections. Biden Continues to Postpone Title XI Update GOP states are rallying together against the Biden administration, saying that he cannot keep putting the anti-trans legislation on hold simply because it is an election year.  Ongoing Struggles Biden’s plan to prohibit an all encompassing … Read more

New York Honors Rioters With Stonewall LGBTQ+ Monument and Historic Station Name Change

To honor the historic Stonewall Riots, New York officials are renaming the closest subway station to the Christopher Street-Stonewall National Monument station, and the National Park Service plans to open the Stonewall National Monument Visitor Center in 2024.  Stonewall Uprising and Its Significance The Stonewall Riots, also known as the Stonewall Uprising, began on June … Read more

Biden’s Transgender Protection Law, Texas Makes 75th Legal Challenge

The state of Texas has officially initiated legal action against the Biden administration for a new rule that would protect people’s access to gender transition care.  Providing Care The contested rule from the Biden administration mandates that health providers and insurance companies provide gender-affirming care without discrimination. Background on the Rule The rule, issued by … Read more

Signs Your Partner Is Suffering Childhood Trauma

trauma man

When someone you care about is silently struggling with past trauma, it’s not always easy to spot. Here’s how you might begin to notice that something deeper is affecting them. 1. Intense Emotional Reactions They might overreact to things that seem trivial to others, a potential sign that certain triggers are at play. 2. Avoidance … Read more

25 Reasons America Is the Envy of the Rest of the World

America is often seen as the land of opportunity and innovation, inspiring admiration and envy from people around the globe. What makes the United States such a standout nation? 1. Hollywood Hollywood is the epicenter of global entertainment, producing films and TV shows that captivate audiences worldwide. The glamour and fame associated with Hollywood stars … Read more

Texas Democrat Rebel Faces Major Blow on Gender-Affirming Care Vote

After breaking away from her own political party to vote against transgender healthcare, the Democratic lawmaker was defeated before she began.  Losing the Primary Texas Democrat Representative Shawn Thierry lost in the primary election for the coveted south Houston seat after making quite the controversial decision.  Thierry’s Previous Track Record For the past four terms, … Read more

20 Queer Icons Who Fearlessly Changed America

Looking for some inspiration? These 20 LGBTQ+ American heroes have fearlessly broken barriers, challenged stereotypes, and paved the way for progress. Who’s your favorite trailblazer? 1. Harvey Milk The first openly gay elected official in California, Milk’s advocacy and political leadership continue to inspire LGBTQ+ activists worldwide. 2. Marsha P. Johnson A key figure in … Read more

20 Unmissable LGBTQ Documentaries That Will Blow Your Mind

The following documentaries provide a rich and varied perspective on the lives, struggles, and triumphs of the LGBTQ+ community in America. Each film offers a unique insight into the historical and contemporary issues faced by LGBTQ+ individuals. 1. “Paris is Burning” (1990) This groundbreaking documentary offers a vibrant snapshot of the 1980s Harlem drag ball … Read more

Retiring Americans Are Flocking to Live in These 10 Locations

The quest for an idyllic retirement leads many Americans beyond domestic borders, driven by desires for better climates, enriching cultures, and often, a more affordable lifestyle. The following countries not only promise a picturesque setting for the golden years but also offer straightforward visa processes for retirees. 1. Mexico Mexico’s vibrant culture, stunning beaches, and … Read more

18 Most Queer-Friendly Cities Across the USA

Looking for a welcoming community where you can be yourself? These 18 cities across America are known for their vibrant LGBTQ+ scenes, inclusive policies, and supportive communities. Whether you’re planning to relocate or just looking for a vacation destination, these cities have something for everyone. 1. San Francisco, California A historic LGBTQ+ hub, San Francisco … Read more

21 Major Red Flags of Narcissistic Behavior

Ever felt like something was off while dating someone new? What red flags helped you realize you might be dealing with a narcissist? 1. Love Bombing Early On He showered me with compliments and gifts right from the start, making it all seem like a fairy tale. But this intensity felt overwhelming and insincere, tipping … Read more

21 States Where Racial Tensions Are Reaching Crisis Point

In a nation marked by increasing diversity, pinpointing where racial tensions are escalating is more relevant than ever. Are we ready to address and understand these conflicts? 1. Minnesota Minnesota’s racial tensions were globally highlighted after the death of George Floyd in May 2020, leading to worldwide protests. Minneapolis continues to face challenges in policing … Read more

Pride and Progress: 18 Landmark Moments for LGBTQ+ Rights in the U.S.

The LGBTQ+ community has fought tirelessly for recognition, acceptance, and equal rights throughout American history. From Stonewall to marriage equality, these milestones have reshaped the cultural landscape and paved the way for progress. Let’s take a look at 18 pivotal moments that have left an indelible mark on American society. 1. Stonewall Riots The Stonewall … Read more

20 Ways American Society Gaslights Women Daily

Heard of gaslighting? It’s when someone messes with your head to make you doubt yourself, impacting self-perception and autonomy. But did you know that women often face this not just in relationships, but also from society? 1. Questioning Professional Competence Women’s abilities in professional settings are frequently undermined or questioned, making them doubt their qualifications … Read more

From Nope to Woke: 21 Signs You’re Embraced a Woke World

Have you caught yourself smirking at the word “mainstream” lately? If you’re navigating the tightrope of modern societal norms while rolling your eyes, congratulations—you might just be the epitome of woke. Let’s traipse through the minefield of your enlightened existence, shall we? After all, being woke in the UK isn’t just about sipping ethically sourced … Read more

Seething: 20 Things That INFURIATE Boomers

Navigating the generational divides of our time reveals a list of modern trends and evolving social norms that seem specifically designed to challenge the patience of many Boomers. Here’s a look at 20 aspects of contemporary life that often ruffle the feathers of the Boomer generation. 1. Smartphones at Dinner The common sight of every … Read more

“Love Thy Neighbor” – Ms. Rachel, Social Media Educator’s Comeback to Conservative Backlash to Pride Post

protest, lgbt

Social media sensation Ms. Rachel reiterates that she is dedicated to including the LGBTQ+ community on her platform regardless of intense backlash from Conservative followers.  Ms. Rachel’s Vocal Support Known as Ms. Rachel online, Rachel Griffin Accurso made headlines this week after sharing support for the LGBTQ+ community to kick off Pride Month.  Celebrating Pride … Read more

Living as a Trans Male Is Lonelier Than Being a Woman

Transitioning has been a life-changing experience for me, but it hasn’t come without its challenges. From shifting dynamics with friends and family to navigating new social and professional landscapes, being a trans male has brought unexpected hurdles. I want to share some of my personal experiences to highlight the realities of my journey and to … Read more

Ranked: How Does Your State Fair in LGBTQ Acceptance?

From states with minimal protections to those leading in equality, this list starts with the least supportive and ascends to the most progressive in terms of LGBTQ+ acceptance and rights. 1. Mississippi, Alabama, South Dakota These states have some of the most restrictive policies for LGBTQ+ rights in the country, with bans on transgender athletes … Read more

Baffled: 20 Things That Totally Perplex Baby Boomers

Navigating the generational divide can be as entertaining as it is bewildering, especially when it comes to leaving our beloved Boomers scratching their heads in bemusement. Here’s a look at 20 surefire ways to perplex a Boomer. 1. Mention Cancel Culture Explain how someone can be ‘canceled’ and watch the puzzlement as they try to … Read more

White Men Are Reporting Feeling Disadvantaged in Modern America

Navigating today’s rapidly changing social landscape, white men encounter a set of unique challenges and perceptions that can sometimes feel like disadvantages. Here’s a look at 20 such scenarios where the traditional societal dynamics might not favor them as much as in the past. 1. Affirmative Action Programs aimed at correcting historical imbalances in employment … Read more

21 Disturbing Trends in the Suppression of LGBTQ+ Freedoms

While significant progress has been made in advancing LGBTQ+ rights in America, challenges persist. This list explores 21 instances where the rights of the LGBTQ+ community have been suppressed, impacting their equality and well-being. 1. Conversion Therapy Legalization Several states still allow the harmful practice of conversion therapy, which attempts to change a person’s sexual … Read more

Trans Military Wife, Miss Maryland USA Has Brutal Comeback for Critics

The most recent Miss Maryland, Cambodian American immigrant Bailey Anne Kennedy receives major anti-trans backlash after being crowned.  The New Miss Maryland USA Bailey Anne Kennedy broke records this year as an immigrant transgender woman and military wife winning the coveted Miss Maryland USA.  A Historic Win After immigrating from Cambodia to the United States … Read more

LGBTQ+ Rights Under Threat: Georgia Unveils Restrictive Legislation

The country of Georgia sees a disheartening shift in anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, affecting their possible future as a member of the European Union.  LGBTQ+ Rights Take Another Hit During Pride Month Last Tuesday, the Georgian government introduced a new bill aimed at limiting LGBTQ+ rights and freedoms.  The Georgian Dream – for Who? The Georgian ruling … Read more

How Black History Is Still Being Sidelined in the USA Today

Discussing Black history can be uncomfortable and complex, reflecting a challenging aspect of America’s past and present. Here’s a look at 20 reasons why some Americans might shy away from delving into Black history, each revealing layers of societal, educational, and personal dynamics at play. 1. Discomfort With Past Injustices The brutal realities of slavery, … Read more

20 Times Fairytales Undermined Women’s Progress

Once upon a time, in a land not too far from our own, fairytales spun stories of magic, daring quests, and princesses with hair strong enough to double as a ladder. 20 times fairytales didn’t do women any favors:  1. Damsels in Distress The go-to plot device: a woman in trouble waiting for a man … Read more