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Top 25 States Making Money in Tourism Revenue

Tourism plays a significant role in the U.S. economy, with certain states leading the charge by turning their unique attractions into major sources of revenue. Let’s explore which states are leading in tourism income and how they’re doing it. Did your state make the list? 1. California: Tourism Revenue Powerhouse California is a leader in … Read more

21 Times Biden Stood Up for LGBTQ+ Rights

President Joe Biden has made LGBTQ+ rights a central theme of his career, especially during his presidency. His administration has actively sought to restore and expand protections that were eroded or outright dismantled in previous years. With a history of vocal support, Biden’s advocacy offers a stark contrast to policies that marginalize LGBTQ+ communities. How … Read more

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Navigating the waters of acceptance can be tough, especially when it involves someone close who struggled to accept your sexual orientation. Repairing such a relationship doesn’t happen overnight, but with patience, understanding, and genuine effort, bridges can be rebuilt. 1. Open the Dialogue Start by reopening communication. Choose a comfortable setting and express your willingness … Read more

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21 Things You Can ONLY Do in America

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20 Disadvantages of Positive Discrimination

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20 Sexist Behaviors of the 70s That Are Unacceptable Today

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21 Warning Signs of LGBTQ Tokenism

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21 States Struggling to Keep Their Residents From Fleeing

Certain states are witnessing a significant exodus as residents seek better opportunities and lifestyles elsewhere. Here are 21 states experiencing notable population declines as people pursue greener pastures. 1. California Despite its allure, California is experiencing a significant outflow of residents due to high living costs, housing affordability issues, and concerns about wildfires and droughts. … Read more

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21 Things We Should Say More to Our LGBTQ+ Friends

It’s time to shatter the silence, ignite the flame of solidarity, and unleash a torrent of affirmations that echo through the corridors of love and acceptance. So strap in, because we’re about to embark on a journey that challenges norms, sparks conversations, and celebrates the beautiful mosaic of identities within our LGBTQ crew. 1. “I’m … Read more

21 Reasons Why Trump Is a TERRIBLE Choice for LGBTQ+ Community

Donald Trump’s presidency was a stark exhibit of regressive policies and divisive rhetoric, particularly impacting the LGBTQ+ community. His tenure was marked by a systematic dismantling of rights and protections, which had been hard-won over years of advocacy. 1. Reversal of Transgender Protections Trump’s administration revoked critical Obama-era protections that allowed transgender students to use … Read more

Speak Love, Not Shame: 21 Relationship Phrases to Avoid

Hey everyone, let’s talk about something that’s not only common but also incredibly destructive in relationships: shaming language. Now, you might not always recognize it when it happens, because sometimes these phrases are thrown around during heated moments or even masked as ‘just joking.’ But understanding what shaming language looks like is crucial to maintaining … Read more

15 Reasons for Flying the Pride Flag

Flying the Pride flag is more than just a colorful display; it’s a powerful symbol of visibility, acceptance, and rights for the LGBTQ+ community. As the flag soars, it sends a message of inclusion and support, breaking through the static of indifference and challenging the status quo. 1. Advocating Visibility Raising the Pride flag makes … Read more

21 Influential LGBTQ+ Voices Leading the Way on Social Media

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Proud: Sacramento Declared ‘Trans Sanctuary’ City

Traveling is often seen as exciting and adventurous. It is an opportunity for one to step outside their comfort zone and explore a new place. But for queer individuals, traveling often comes with an array of anxieties.  A Fear of Travel Many locations in the world are unsafe for LGBTQ+ travelers. With increasing horror stories … Read more

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Affirmative action can be a hot-button topic, shrouded in misconceptions and heated debate. It’s designed to address systemic inequalities and create more balanced opportunities across education, employment, and beyond. Here’s a breakdown of the essentials to help clarify what affirmative action involves and why it matters. 1. Definition and Purpose Affirmative action refers to policies … Read more

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21 States Where Social Security Stays Tax-Free

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$1000 a Month Living Across the U.S. – From Big to Small

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15 U.S. Cities for Your Retirement, No Millionaire Status Required

Retirement doesn’t have to break the bank. These cities offer affordability without compromising on quality of life, making them ideal for retirees on a budget. Below are the cities and the estimated amount you’ll need to retire in each comfortably. #1. Knoxville, Tennessee Estimated Retirement Savings Needed: $600,000 Knoxville boasts a low cost of living, … Read more

15 Celebrities Who Boldly Came Out

The closet door has been swinging open with increasing frequency as more celebrities embrace their truth with pride and joy. Here’s a roll call of stars who’ve stepped into the light, showing everyone that being true to oneself is the ultimate role to play. Remember, it’s not just about coming out; it’s about letting the … Read more

The Best 25 BAME Quotes of All Time

Unveiling wisdom and resilience, this collection highlights 25 powerful quotes from BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic) individuals whose voices and insights continue to inspire change, challenge norms, and celebrate diversity. From historical figures to contemporary leaders, their words resonate with strength, offering perspectives that enlighten and motivate. 1. Martin Luther King Jr. “The time is … Read more

21 Queer-Friendly Housewarming Gifts

Hey lovely people! So, your friend just moved into a new space and you want to gift something fabulous, right? Here’s a curated list of stylish housewarming gifts that aren’t just chic but celebrate the rich diversity and spirit of the queer community. Each piece is thoughtfully chosen to add personality and a modern twist … Read more

21 Signs of Being Transgender

Hey friends, families, and loved ones! Whether you’re a friend, a parent, or someone’s significant other, understanding the signs that someone might be transgender can be an important step in supporting their journey. It’s all about creating a loving, accepting space where they can truly be themselves. So let’s walk through some signs that might … Read more

‘They/Them’ Pronoun Users Are LESS Likely to Be Hired

It may be falsely assumed that being non-binary is a new phenomenon that only resonates with a small group of people. However, around 1.2 million adults in the US identify as nonbinary. A large percentage of this demographic is under the age of 30. Young and Eager This means most non-binary individuals are early on … Read more

Top 10 Queer Dating Apps for Your Perfect Match

Oh, hello gorgeous! Are you ready to find your people, your community, your future coffee date or maybe even your forever snuggle buddy? Well, you’re in luck because I’m here to spill the tea on the best queer dating apps that will have you saying, “Yas, queen!” faster than you can flip your hair. These … Read more

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Top 15 Budget-Friendly States to Live

Looking for a lifestyle upgrade without the hefty price tag? Across the U.S., there are hidden gems where affordability aligns with quality living. From states with the lowest living costs to those offering significant tax benefits, these 15 destinations promise a fulfilling life that won’t drain your bank account. 1. Mississippi: The Southern Belle Mississippi … Read more

Top 10 States with Alarming Health and Addiction Challenges

America’s health landscape is diverse, with some states facing more significant health challenges than others. Join us as we delve into the top 10 states grappling with major health issues, exploring their causes and current initiatives. 1. Mississippi: Fighting Obesity and Heart Disease Mississippi is known for its southern charm, but it has a big … Read more

Price Check: Analyzing Retirement Costs in 18 U.S. States

Retirement planning can vary significantly depending on your chosen retirement destination. It’s essential to understand the financial landscape of popular retirement states in the U.S. to gauge how much you may need to save. Here’s a detailed breakdown to help you prepare for your golden years with confidence. 1. Florida In Florida, where the sun-soaked … Read more

Tax Transition: 10 Trump-Era Tax Policies Set to Expire by 2025

During Donald Trump’s presidency, the U.S. tax system saw major transformations, with several set to conclude by 2025. These changes have broad implications for individuals, families, and businesses alike, making it crucial to understand their impact as the expiration date approaches. 1. Individual Income Tax Rate Reductions Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) … Read more

18 States Hitting Social Security Benefits the Hardest

When you think about retiring, you might picture relaxing and traveling during your golden years. Social Security benefits help with this, but taxes can change depending on where you live. In some states, you might end up paying more taxes on your benefits. Let’s check out the 18 states where retirees face higher taxes on … Read more

21 Signs Your Friendship Could Ignite into Love

Friendships are the backbone of our social lives, providing support, laughter, and memories. But sometimes, the line between platonic and romantic can blur, leaving you wondering if there’s more brewing beneath the surface. Could those long, laughter-filled talks and accidental touches mean something more? Let’s explore the signs that your friendship might be edging into … Read more

Transgender and Feminism: 21 Clash Points You Never Knew You Needed

In a world where gender politics flood our feeds, navigating the tides between transgender rights and feminist movements is no small feat. For the liberal-minded among us, this intersection poses intriguing questions: How do we champion inclusivity while safeguarding the rights of women? Despite the loud voices and the compelling narratives from trans activists, many … Read more

25 Feminist Movements That Changed the World

Ever glanced at the world and thought, “Wow, we’ve come a long way”? Well, grab your favorite snack, because we’re about to stroll down the memory lane of feminist movements that didn’t just ask for change—they demanded it, with a side of sass and a whole lot of smarts. From the daring dames of the … Read more

Feminist Facts: 15 Common Misconceptions Explained

Diving into the murky waters of misconceptions, it’s clear that the word “feminism” often gets tossed around more carelessly than confetti at a wedding. But what does it really stand for? Is it a secret society of women plotting world domination, or could it possibly be about… equality? Let’s unravel the myths that have clung … Read more

Best 25 Quotes to Empower Women

Check out 25 quotes that cut through the noise, delivering straight-up wisdom from women who’ve made their mark. These aren’t your average motivational posters; they’re reality checks, battle cries, and lessons learned from the front lines of female experience. 1. Malala Yousafzai “We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back.” 2. Ruth … Read more

18 Must-Watch LGBTQ+ Shows Streaming Now

Streaming platforms have become a beacon for LGBTQ+ storytelling, offering a diverse range of narratives that challenge, celebrate, and contextualize queer experiences. These 18 series not only entertain but also enrich our understanding of the LGBTQ+ community. 1. “Pose” Dive into the vibrant ballroom culture of New York City during the ’80s and ’90s with … Read more

18 Reasons Americans Are Opting Out of Military Service

The decision to join the military is more about money now than ever. Here’s why fewer Americans are signing up, and how finances play a big role. 1. Stagnant Wages The starting pay for an enlisted soldier is significantly lower compared to private sector jobs requiring similar levels of education and responsibility. For example, a … Read more

15 Transgender Actors Making Waves in Hollywood

In a landscape craving authenticity and diversity, transgender actors are making their mark on Hollywood. Through their talent and courage, they’re not only challenging norms but also facing backlash with grace, turning it into an opportunity for dialogue and education. Here are 15 transgender actors who are reshaping how the world sees gender and identity … Read more

20 LGBTQ Icons Who Changed History

Diving into the annals of history reveals a spectrum of LGBTQ heroes who’ve championed equality, pushed for social change, and made monumental contributions to arts, science, and politics. Their stories, often overshadowed or rewritten, offer powerful lessons in resilience and courage. Here’s 20 trailblazers who’ve left indelible marks on the world. 1. Marsha P. Johnson … Read more

Top 25 LGBTQ Quotes That Illuminate Love and Acceptance

Discover a collection of powerful and inspiring quotes from a diverse group of LGBTQ+ individuals, spanning both history and the modern day. These words capture the essence of pride, struggle, love, and the relentless pursuit of equality. 1. Harvey Milk “Hope will never be silent.” 2. Marsha P. Johnson “You never completely have your rights, … Read more

20 Surprising “Gender Norms” Across the Globe

In our ever-evolving world, gender norms and roles vary dramatically across cultures. While some might seem familiar, others are so unique that they’ll have you doing a double-take. Here’s a fascinating look at some of the most surprising gender norms from around the globe. Buckle up for a wild ride! 1. Skirted Scholars In Samoa, … Read more

LGBTQ Reality Check: 15 Most Common Misconceptions

In today’s digital age, misinformation spreads faster than the truth, and the LGBTQ community often finds itself at the center of unfounded myths and misconceptions. These untruths can perpetuate discrimination, hinder progress, and muddy the waters of understanding and acceptance. Let’s debunk 15 of the most common myths about the LGBTQ community. 1. “Being LGBTQ … Read more

Farewell to NYC: 23 Reasons Driving New Yorkers Away

New York City: a dazzling mosaic of culture, energy, and ambition. Yet, even the most glittering metropolises have their challenges, and recent years have seen some New Yorkers pondering life beyond the iconic skyline. Here’s a look at why some residents are exploring new possibilities, driven by a mix of personal, economic, and lifestyle factors. … Read more

City Survival: 22 American Cities Struggling with Homelessness

Homelessness in America isn’t just about not having a roof over your head — it’s a complex tapestry of economic, social, and political challenges. These 22 cities, each tell a story of struggle, resilience, and the quest for solutions amidst skyrocketing rents, scarce affordable housing, and systemic barriers. 1. Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles is … Read more

Top 15 States with the Most Affordable Childcare

Balancing a budget is tricky, especially with kids in the picture. For families across the U.S., affordable childcare isn’t just a nice-to-have—it’s essential. Here’s where the search for budget-friendly childcare meets its match, in states where the cost of care leans more toward wallet-friendly. Ready to make the move? 1. Mississippi: Affordability in the Magnolia … Read more

California Exodus: 16 New Laws Pushing Residents Out

California, known for its sun-soaked beaches, tech innovation, and cultural diversity, is also becoming famous for a slew of new legislation that’s causing some residents to reconsider their stay. Here’s a closer look at the new laws on the books for 2024 and why they’re sparking controversy and migration. 1. The Tech Tax In an … Read more

Top 15 States Where Living Costs Are Highest

Navigating the American dream of homeownership often collides with the stark reality of the cost of living, especially in the country’s most unaffordable states. This exploration extends to daily expenses that can leave wallets feeling significantly lighter. From the daunting figures on home price tags in bustling cities to the unexpectedly high totals at grocery store checkouts in seemingly serene suburbs, we’re taking a closer look at what makes these 15 states challenging.

America’s Top 14 Most Expensive States

In the United States, affordability remains a pressing issue for many residents, with certain states facing particularly high costs of living. This analysis delves into the economic realities of the nation’s top 14 most unaffordable states, uncovering the factors contributing to their financial burdens. 1. Hawaii Hawaii consistently ranks as one of the most unaffordable … Read more

20 Ways Boomers Altered Economic Dynamics

The Baby Boomers: a generation that rocked the economy like a hurricane, leaving behind a trail of financial challenges for those caught in the aftermath. As they strutted through the economic landscape, their moves were bold, but the footprints? Monumentally deep. Let’s dive into the 20 seismic shifts they initiated, making the American Dream a … Read more

22 Critical Factors Hindering the American Dream

The American Dream feels more out of reach than ever, especially for younger generations. What once seemed attainable with hard work now faces obstacles at every turn, from soaring college costs to the elusive goal of homeownership. Here’s a rundown of why it’s harder to achieve that dream today, especially when comparing the experiences of … Read more

California’s Taxing Tale: 23 Ways Residents Foot the Bill

California: the land of sunshine, innovation, and, well, some of the highest taxes in the United States. From the beaches of Los Angeles to the tech hubs of Silicon Valley, residents find themselves navigating a complex landscape of state taxes. Here’s a rundown of 23 taxes that might make Californians and onlookers alike do a … Read more

21 States Where Squatters Can Legally Settle In

Discover how squatters’ rights, or adverse possession, are more than just legal jargon—they’re stories of unexpected twists in the world of real estate. From sunny California to the historical landscapes of Pennsylvania, here’s how these laws could turn the tables on homeowners and squatters alike. 1. California: Sunshine and Surprise Tenants In California, squatters only … Read more

Colorado’s 21 Pride-Worthy Achievements

Colorado, situated at the core of the American West, embodies diversity and beauty. With its majestic mountains and forward-thinking cities, the Centennial State boasts numerous reasons for its residents to hold pride. This piece explores 21 unique aspects that highlight Colorado’s distinctiveness.

From Best to Worst: Ranking 20 States for Ideal Living Conditions

Exploring the vast and varied landscape of the United States, this list ranks states from the absolute best places to plant your roots to those requiring more love and attention. Let’s dive into the rankings, exploring what each state offers and where it might fall short, all without the frills of pros and cons subheadings.

Bisexual Curiosity: 14 Questions to Explore Your Feelings

Exploring your sexuality can sometimes feel like solving a mystery where you’re both the investigator and the enigma. Bisexuality, with its range of attractions, can add an extra layer of complexity (and uncertainty) to the puzzle. Whether you’re questioning if you’re bisexual, pansexual, or simply appreciating the diversity of human attraction, here are 14 questions … Read more

Gender Journeys: 20 Ways Your Identity Can Shift Over Time

Whether you’re stepping out in new shoes or stepping into your truth, here’s a closer look at the dynamic journey your gender identity can take through the twists and turns of life. Let’s explore the myriad ways you might find yourself evolving, reshaping, and embracing the full spectrum of your identity. 1. Self-Recognition Realizing that … Read more

25 Careers Still Lacking Female Representation

In a world that’s increasingly aware of the need for gender equality, it’s both surprising and disheartening to see many industries still lagging in female representation. Here’s a dive into 25 job areas where women are notably absent, shedding light on the why and spotlighting those who are breaking the mold. 1. Construction Workers Women … Read more

Genderqueer Migrants File Complaint Claiming Mistreatment at Colorado Detention Center

Over the past few years, ICE has garnished a notorious reputation for itself. Officers are claimed to treat undocumented migrants poorly and be insensitive to LGBTQ migrants.  Under Lock and Key At the Aurora immigrant detention center in Colorado, genderqueer migrants complained that they are treated poorly, and being subjected to long periods of lockdown. … Read more

Rule Rewriters: Top 22 Trends Illuminating Millennial Influence

In an era where avocado toast becomes the symbol of a generation and “side hustle” enters the daily lexicon, Millennials are reshaping the economic landscape with their distinct preferences and values. Let’s dive into 22 trends driven by this influential cohort, painting a picture of a generation set on rewriting the rules across various aspects … Read more

Financial Benefits: 10 Reasons Single Women Excel Financially

While couples may enjoy shared expenses and tax benefits, women flying solo experience unique financial advantages that can foster wealth and stability. Here are 19 reasons single women can enhance their financial well-being, highlighting the empowerment and economic wisdom of independent living. 1. Complete Financial Control Singles have the reins on their finances, making decisions … Read more

21 Factors Fueling Millennials’ Resentment Toward Boomers

Hey Millennials, ever feel like you’re living in a game where the rules were made just to make you lose? You’re not alone. Sandwiched between generations, you find yourselves scrutinizing the legacy left by Boomers. It’s a world where economic, environmental, and social paradigms have shifted, leaving many to navigate a landscape they weren’t fully … Read more

21 Reasons Why Gen Z Is Dubbed the Lost Generation

Imagine standing on the edge of a cliff, not just any cliff, but the precipice of the future. That’s where Generation Z finds themselves today. Born into a whirlwind of technological revolution, climate change, and global pandemics, this generation has been handed a cocktail of challenges that no other generation has had to face in … Read more

Top 25 Queer-Friendly Cities in America

Ever wondered which cities in the U.S. roll out the rainbow carpet, celebrating diversity not just during Pride but all year round? From coast to coast, these urban havens offer vibrant LGBTQ+ communities, landmark legal protections, and a calendar packed with events that make every day feel like Pride. Here’s where you can find your … Read more

Gender Divide: 25 Job Areas Lacking LGBTQ Representation

In an era where diversity and inclusion are increasingly spotlighted, the underrepresentation of LGBTQ individuals in certain job sectors stands out as an area needing attention and action. Here’s an exploration into 25 job areas where LGBTQ representation is noticeably lacking, shedding light on the challenges and initiatives aimed at fostering a more inclusive workplace … Read more

Non-Binary Reality: 15 Misconceptions About Non-Binary Individuals

In a world where everyone’s an expert after a 5-minute scroll through social media, misconceptions about non-binary identities spread faster than the latest dance craze. Let’s set the record straight, shall we? For those who might not know, non-binary folks are those who don’t exclusively identify as male or female. Simple, right? Well, let’s dive … Read more

“A Grave Violation of Dignity” – Vatican’s Scathing Opposition to Trans Rights Faces Backlash From LGBTQ Christians

Christianity may be slowly losing its grip on the modern world. Church attendance is down, and atheistic beliefs are rising. And in the Pope’s latest statement about trans right, devotion may quickly turn to distaste. A New Teaching The Vatican has released a doctrine stating that gender-affirming operations are a “grave violation of human dignity.” … Read more

21 Challenges That Cast a Shadow on Peak Millennials’ Futures

In the swirling mix of economic forecasts and demographic data, a storm is brewing for today’s 32-year-olds. As they step into the sunset years, they’ll find a world unprepared for their mass retirement, strained healthcare systems, and a younger generation too few to bear the economic load. Let’s explore why peak millennials might not have … Read more

Love Alarm Bells: 25 Signals Your Relationship May Be in Trouble

Ever feel like your love life’s playing out more like a suspense thriller than a romantic comedy? You’re not alone. Before you plot your next move, let’s decode those sneaky signals that your duo’s dynamite might just be a dud. Grab your detective hat—we’re uncovering the 25 tell-tale signs that scream “exit stage left” from … Read more

Transgender Truth: 15 Shocking Myths Exposed

In the realm of social justice and equality, transgender issues have taken center stage, yet they’re often shrouded in misinformation and stereotypes. Let’s debunk some of the most common and dangerous myths about transgender people. Our journey will navigate through misconceptions with a critical, yet informative lens, aiming to clear the fog with facts and … Read more

Immigrant Sanctuary Crisis: Taxpayers Left to Foot the Bill as Government Funding Dries Up

Sanctuary cities in the United States face financial challenges as they prioritize protecting undocumented immigrants while struggling with federal funding shortfalls. In this listicle, we spotlight 20 cities, examining their federal support, the financial gaps they confront, and insights from their mayors. 1. New York City, NY New York City received a total of $7.64 … Read more

State Showdown: Best U.S. States for Every Life Milestone

Choosing where to live is a significant decision that impacts various aspects of your life. With data-backed insights, we’ve curated a list of the best states for different life stages. From career opportunities to retirement havens, each state offers unique advantages supported by research, making your decision easier. Best State for Young Professionals: Massachusetts Massachusetts … Read more

Iowa REVERSES Equal Gender-Representation Statute

Iowa sparks national controversy as its gender balance mandate for decision-making bodies has been repealed. The statute, which had existed for more than 30 years, required state-funded committees and boards to maintain an equal representation of both sexes.  Governor’s Approval The decision to repeal was approved by Kim Reynolds, who is acting Governor. Debates have … Read more