Trans-Supporters Clash With Republicans Over Participation in Women’s Sports

GOP leaders lash out at the Biden Administration over transgender student protections. Biden Continues to Postpone Title XI Update GOP states are rallying together against the Biden administration, saying that he cannot keep putting the anti-trans legislation on hold simply because it is an election year.  Ongoing Struggles Biden’s plan to prohibit an all encompassing … Read more

Oklahoma Parent Arrested As Trans Rights Debate Rages On

Schools are meant to be more than a place of learning. They provide opportunities for social development and self-discovery. They open minds up to the complexities of the world in a safe and organized way. Rising Tensions in Schools Educational institutions across the globe serve multiple efforts and open their doors to all kinds of … Read more

Toxic Parent: 20 Adult Scars of Growing Up With an Overbearing Father

Ever felt like your dad’s alpha tendencies were a bit… overwhelming? Having an alpha-dad can leave a profound impact, shaping our behaviors, relationships, and self-perception. Let’s explore twenty long-lasting effects of dominant parenting and how to navigate its aftermath with resilience and self-awareness. 1. Struggle With Authority Growing up under the influence of an alpha-dad … Read more

18 Things You NEED to Know About LGBTQ+ Dating

Dating in the queer community can feel like navigating a new exciting city—there’s a lot to explore but you’re not quite sure where to start. Are you about to meet someone from an app, through friends, or perhaps a charming encounter at your favorite bookstore? No matter how you two met, making that first date … Read more

20 Ways We Are Letting Down Our Military Veterans in America

The valor of military service extends beyond the confines of combat. Supporting the U.S. military and its veterans extends beyond Memorial Day (last Monday in May). It involves a commitment to recognizing and honoring their service every day. How can we actively show our appreciation and provide meaningful support to our servicemen and women? 1. … Read more

New York to Honor Stonewall Rioters With LGBTQ+ Monument and Historic Station Name Change

To honor the historic Stonewall Riots, New York officials are renaming the closest subway station to the Christopher Street-Stonewall National Monument station, and the National Park Service plans to open the Stonewall National Monument Visitor Center in 2024.  Stonewall Uprising and Its Significance The Stonewall Riots, also known as the Stonewall Uprising, began on June … Read more

From Woke to Nope: 21 Ways Millennials Are Turning Right-Wing in America

Millennials, a generation often typified by progressive attitudes and left-leaning politics, are showing a surprising trend: a shift towards right-wing ideologies. What’s prompting this pivot among young Americans who once hailed as the vanguard of liberal values? 1. Economic Self-Interest As they age and accumulate wealth, some millennials find conservative fiscal policies more appealing. Tax … Read more

How June Became Pride Month and the Rainbow Became Our Flag

Pride month has finally arrived, but what does that mean, and where did it come from? This month, there are parades and parties to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community’s achievements, but let’s find out why. A Celebration and Protest Pride Month is both a celebration and a protest, honoring the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer … Read more

21 Ways LGBTQ Rights in America Are Going Backwards

In recent times, the United States has witnessed a troubling rollback in LGBTQ rights across various states. These developments are not just legislative setbacks; they signify a deepening crisis in civil liberties and human rights. 1. Texas Enforces Harsher Trans Laws Texas has hardened its stance with draconian laws that severely restrict transgender individuals’ rights … Read more

20 Ways the Bible Tells Americans: Women Aren’t Equal

How has the Bible influenced American views on gender equality, and why does this matter today? As a society that strives for equality, understanding historical perspectives is crucial to addressing ongoing issues. 1. Male Headship The Bible explicitly places men in positions of authority over women, especially within family and church structures. This has historically … Read more

Gender-Identity Crisis: Why American’s CAN’T Agree

The discussion of gender identity in the United States is intensifying, influenced by a complex web of social, political, and cultural factors. Here is a more provocative examination of the factors contributing to the current state of the debate. 1. Rise of Non-Binary Identities The visibility of non-binary identities has surged, challenging traditional gender norms … Read more

#MeToo Failed to Make REAL Changes in America

The #MeToo movement highlighted widespread sexual harassment and abuse, especially at work, and brought some improvements. However, many problems it aimed to address are still deeply rooted and continue to affect people daily. Have you noticed any changes since the #MeToo movement? 1. Persistent Workplace Harassment Despite increased awareness, sexual harassment in the workplace continues, … Read more

Incels: Who Are They and Why Do They Hate America’s Women?

Delve into the ominous world of incels, a community rife with toxicity and misogyny. Here are the crucial insights into who incels are, why they harbor virulent hatred towards women, and the profound dangers they pose to society. 1. Definition of Incel Incel, short for “involuntarily celibate,” form a disturbing subculture characterized by entitlement, bitterness, … Read more

Toxic Love: 20 Devastating Effects of Overbearing Parents on Adult Life

trauma man

Ever felt like your parents were a bit… too involved? Overbearing parents can leave a lasting impact, shaping our behaviors, relationships, and even our sense of self. Let’s explore twenty long-term effects of helicopter parenting and how to navigate the aftermath with grace and self-awareness. 1. Difficulty Making Decisions Constant parental intervention can breed indecisiveness, … Read more

Georgia’s Aggressive Anti-LGBT Legislation Goes Further Than You Think

Georgia’s ruling party has introduced draft legislation that targets LGBT rights, with new bans on same-sex relationships in films, television, and advertising. Outlawing Marriage and Adoptions Georgia’s new ban will not only bad the depiction of same-sex couples in media but also aim to outlaw same-sex marriage registration and adoption by non-heterosexual couples. The Speaker … Read more

Defying Doctrine: First Openly Transgender Catholic Vocation Finds Vocation in Kentucky

Thought to be the first openly Transgender person working in the Catholic Diocese, Brother Christian Matson shares his story.  Living in Truth While celebrating Pentecost with his church community in Kentucky, Christian Matson made the brave decision to publicly share his identity as a Transgender person.  Time to End the Rejection Matson said, “I was … Read more

Punishable By Death: LGBTQ Rights Under Siege in Uganda Amid New Anti-Homosexuality Law

Same-sex intercourse is punishable by life in prison, and sometimes death, in Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Act.  All Eyes on Uganda Advocacy groups from around the world are tuning into the current anti-LGBTQ+ climate in Uganda.  Sharp Increase in Homophobic Activity  In the last 9 months alone, there have been over 1,000 recorded cases of arrests, torture, … Read more

21 Toxic Habits Men Still Get Away With Over and Over

Despite advances in societal awareness and the progress spurred by movements like #MeToo, certain toxic behaviors by men continue to persist, often unchallenged. This list examines the specific actions and attitudes that remain prevalent, raising questions about what still needs to change. How can identifying these behaviors help us confront and address them more effectively? … Read more

15 Ways America Is Failing Our Women Every Day

Despite progress in many areas, the United States still falls short in addressing several critical issues affecting women. These shortcomings impact women’s health, economic status, and overall well-being. How can awareness and advocacy drive improvement and ensure fair treatment for all women? 1. Wage Gap Women in the U.S. continue to earn less than men … Read more

America’s Fallen: 15 Ways We Are Failing Our Military Veterans

While the United States often expresses pride and gratitude for its military veterans, there are significant areas where it fails to provide adequate support. These shortcomings can have serious consequences for those who have served. How can recognizing these issues help us push for better treatment and services for our veterans? 1. Insufficient Mental Health … Read more

10 Hot Tips Every LGBTQ Traveler Needs to Know

This guide aims to provide practical advice and insights for LGBTQ+ travelers, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey. From choosing LGBTQ+-friendly destinations to understanding local customs, this guide covers essential aspects to help you travel with confidence and peace of mind. 1. Choosing LGBTQ+-Friendly Destinations When planning your trip, researching LGBTQ+-friendly destinations is crucial. Cities … Read more

Not Welcome: 21 Times the Pope Let Down the LGBTQ Community

Throughout history, the relationship between the Vatican and the LGBTQ community has been complex and often contentious. Here are 21 instances where actions or statements from the papacy have sparked anger and controversy among LGBTQ individuals and their allies: 1. Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage Legislation Popes have consistently spoken against same-sex marriage, including Pope Francis … Read more

New Washington Law on Parental Rights Sparks Outcry Over ‘Forced Outing’ Concerns

The state law, covering different areas of parental consent and access to counseling records and education, has already faced backlash from multiple organizations.  Blocking Order Denied A new law in Washington state focused on parental rights is moving forward after a judge refused to issue an emergency blocking order.  The Focus on Parental Rights The … Read more

21 Ways American Politics Has Become a Popularity Contest

As we go through 2024, it’s clear that populist politics are changing how things work in American politics. This movement connects with everyday people and challenges those in power, affecting everything from policies to how people feel about politics. 1. Anti-Elite Rhetoric Politicians win support by attacking the “elite,” claiming they don’t understand or care … Read more

Immigration: 21 Ways America Could Do Better

Sick of the same old immigration debates? Let’s cut through the noise with some smart, effective strategies that could actually make a difference. Isn’t it about time we did something that works? 1. Enhance Border Security Infrastructure Upgraded technology and increased manpower at key border points can help prevent illegal crossings. Investing in surveillance drones … Read more

21 Signs the USA Has Become a Cancel Culture

Sick of the cancel culture circus? You’re not alone. Cancel culture has become an American staple, but is it really making things better? Here’s a look at how deep this trend goes. 1. Social Media Outrage Platforms like Twitter and Instagram are hotbeds for public outrage, where a single tweet can ruin reputations. Just ask … Read more

10 Films That Challenged Racism and Sparked a Movement

The power of cinema to reflect, shape, and inspire societal change is undeniable. Over the years, numerous films have played a pivotal role in highlighting the struggles, triumphs, and resilience of Black individuals and communities. Here are ten films that have not only inspired black history but have also made significant contributions to the conversation … Read more

A Threat to America’s Progress: 20 Reasons Trump Risks America’s Diversity

Donald Trump’s potential return as President poses significant risks, especially to the most vulnerable and diverse groups in America. What might his policies mean for the progress of minority communities and social justice? 1. Threats to LGBTQ+ Rights Trump’s presidency saw attempts to roll back LGBTQ+ protections, such as banning transgender individuals from military service. … Read more

20 Disturbing Hidden Institutional Homophobias in the U.S.

Are you okay with how deep-seated biases against LGBTQ+ individuals are woven into American policies and laws? Here are 20 glaring examples of institutional homophobia that might make you think twice about the state of equality in our nation. 1. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell From 1994 until its repeal in 2011, this military policy barred … Read more

Never Forget: 21 Reasons to Honor Our Military Today and Every Day

The U.S. military is more than just a formidable force; it’s a cornerstone of American society that contributes in numerous ways beyond national defense. These men and women serve with courage and commitment, shaping the nation’s character and safeguarding its freedoms. How can we better appreciate and recognize the multifaceted contributions of our armed forces … Read more

18 Signs the Anti-LGBTQ Agenda Is Back in a Big Way in America

Across the United States, anti-LGBTQ+ policies are having a significant impact, influencing various aspects of everyday life and societal norms. Here’s how these policies are reshaping America, touching not just the LGBTQ+ community, but everyone. 1. School Environments Anti-LGBTQ+ policies in schools mean less support and fewer resources for LGBTQ+ students, which can lead to … Read more

The Truths About US Immigration: 21 Policies You Should Know About

The discussion around U.S. immigration policies is more than a political debate—it’s a series of decisions that directly impact millions of lives, including yours. Whether it’s the economy, cultural diversity, or the basic human rights of migrants, these 21 points will help you understand the real effects of these policies. 1. Workforce Impact Immigrants, especially … Read more

Living Through It: 18 Heartbreaking Stories of LGBTQ+ Struggles in Conservative America

The struggle for LGBTQ+ rights in America is not just political—it’s deeply personal. Below are real stories from across the nation that illustrate the ongoing challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community. These are more than headlines; they’re glimpses into the lives of people fighting for acceptance and equality. 1. A Denied Prom Experience In Mississippi, … Read more

“Don’t Say Gay” – 20 Ways LGBTQ+ Is Battling to Be Seen and Heard in America Right Now

The battle for LGBTQ+ rights in the United States has witnessed significant milestones, yet resistance persists, shaping the landscape of equality. How can progress continue in the face of these ongoing challenges? 1. Legislation Banning Transgender Athletes Several states have implemented laws that prevent transgender athletes from competing in sports aligned with their gender identity, … Read more

Racism Versus Reality: 18 Reasons Racial Profiling Still Exists

Racial profiling has become a contentious issue, stirring debates on whether it’s a necessary security tactic or a blatant discriminatory practice. But at what cost does security come if it undermines fundamental rights? 1. Historical Roots and Persistent Issues Racial profiling has deep historical roots, often reflecting long-standing prejudices that continue to manifest in modern … Read more

Slay Your First Queer Date: 15 Ways to Make It Memorable

So, you’ve got a first queer date on the horizon—exciting, right? But how do you ensure it’s memorable for all the right reasons? Here’s a step-by-step guide to crafting an unforgettable experience while respecting boundaries and fostering a genuine connection. 1. Set the Right Tone With Your Invitation Keep it chill but clear. Whether it’s … Read more

UK Push for Biological Sex Law Change to End ‘Confusion’

The United Kingdom’s Conservative party has pledged to amend the Equality Act so that a person’s sex is defined by their “biological sex” if they win the upcoming general election. Addressing Confusion This amendment to the Equality Act is meant to address the “confusion” that surrounds the United Kingdom’s female-only spaces and businesses. Impact on … Read more

Unfair Fight: 15 Ongoing Battles for LGBTQ+ Rights STILL Happening in America Today

Despite significant progress in LGBTQ+ rights in many parts of the world, queer individuals still face invisibility and discrimination in various aspects of their lives. From legal protections to healthcare access and representation in media, there are numerous areas where LGBTQ+ rights are overlooked, perpetuating systemic inequalities and erasing queer experiences. 1. Legal Recognition of … Read more

Misogyny in the Machine: UNESCO Exposes AI’s Gender and Sexuality Discrimination

Humans are innovators, gamechangers, and adaptors. Mankind has established itself to be a cut above the rest of its evolutionary relations. However, there is one primal aspect that humans cannot cleave themselves from: survival.  Natural Selection? The drive for survival is hardwired into our biology. Our brains focus on what is immediate and pressing, ignoring … Read more

What Is Demisexuality? 16 Clues That Might Resonate With You

Demisexuality falls within the gray area of the sexuality spectrum, where emotional connection is a prerequisite for sexual attraction. Demisexuality focuses on deep emotional bonds before any sexual interest develops. It’s not about being “picky”; it’s about needing a real connection. Are you wondering if this resonates with you? 1. Do relationships often start as … Read more

American Pride Divide: Maryland School’s Controversial Call on Pledge of Allegiance and Pride Flags

The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE) successfully pressured Twin Ridge Elementary School in Frederick County, Maryland, to reverse its policy that forced students to participate in the Pledge of Allegiance. However, another district in Maryland is debating whether they should ban flags other than the American flag. Stand and Recite Initially, Twin Ridge … Read more

Unholy Divide: 21 Ways the Church STILL Doesn’t Offer Equality in America

Despite some progress, many churches still fall short when it comes to equality. Here’s a look at how different denominations in the U.S. continue to struggle with equality.  1. Segregated Congregations Despite strides towards integration, many churches remain racially segregated, reflecting broader social divisions within communities. 2. Leadership Roles Limited to Men In many denominations, … Read more

Sinking Reputation: Jaws Actor’s Homophobic, Sexist, and Transphobic Comments Come Back to Bite Him

Actor Richard Dreyfuss, famous for his role as marine biologist Matt Hooper in Jaws, is making headlines after speaking at a Massachusetts celebration for the 1975 blockbuster Jaws and making demeaning comments about women, LGBTQ+ people, and diversity during his speech. Speaking With a Fan During the Jaws celebration, a fan yelled, “We love you!” … Read more

18 Reasons Female-Only Spaces Are Sacred in America

The debate over access to female-only spaces remains heated in 2024, amidst growing concerns about safety, privacy, and respect for women’s rights. Here are critical reasons, backed by recent incidents and legislative developments, why many argue for the preservation of these spaces. 1. Safety in Shelters In 2023, a Boston women’s shelter faced criticism after … Read more

Beyond LGBTQ: 18 Lesser-Known Sexual Identities You Should Know About

The acronym LGBTQ+ has brought visibility and representation to many, but it doesn’t capture the full spectrum of human sexual diversity. If you don’t feel quite at home within the traditional categories, maybe one of these lesser-known orientations resonates more closely with your experiences. 1. Pansexual Pansexuals are attracted to individuals regardless of their gender. … Read more

Queer Mavericks: 10 LGBTQ Icons Who Shattered Norms and Changed the World

The fight for LGBTQ+ rights and recognition has been marked by the bravery, resilience, and creativity of countless individuals. Among them, some have risen to iconic status, using their platforms to push boundaries, challenge societal norms, and pave the way for future generations. Here are ten groundbreaking LGBTQ+ icons whose contributions have forever changed the … Read more

Trump Is Bad News for Women in America: 25 Policy Setbacks

Trump’s tenure has seen significant setbacks for women in multiple areas, from health care access to workplace protections. Here are 25 key ways his policies have negatively impacted women’s rights and well-being: 1. Abortion Ban Advocacy In 2016, Trump called for an abortion ban with “some form of punishment” for women. This stance was too … Read more

Must-Visit LGBTQ+ Hotspots: Top 10 Destinations for American Travelers in 2024

 From bustling metropolises known for their groundbreaking rights movements to tranquil retreats offering an open-minded atmosphere, the world is full of destinations that cater to the LGBTQ+ traveler. The LGBTQ+ Community Traveling as a member of the LGBTQ+ community can be a powerful experience. It’s an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, explore the richness … Read more

The Battle Over Trans Athletes: 21 Reasons America CAN’T Agree

Is it fair for transgender women to compete in women’s sports? Supporters say it protects fair competition and opportunities for girls, while critics argue it’s pure discrimination. Let’s break down the key points of this contentious issue. 1. The Fairness in Women’s Sports Act This act is designed to restrict transgender women from competing in … Read more

Be Proud: 21 Loving Ways to Stand Up and Support Your LGBTQ Child

Navigating parenthood involves love, understanding, and sometimes, learning how to support an LGBTQ child through their unique journey. Embracing your child’s identity is crucial to their well-being and mental health. Here are 21 parenting tips to help you provide the understanding, acceptance, and support your LGBTQ child needs. 1. Listen Without Judgment Create a safe … Read more

25 American Taboos That Deserve Social Acceptance

In a world where norms and values are constantly evolving, it’s time to challenge the status quo and embrace practices that foster inclusivity, understanding, and personal freedom. Here’s a list of 25 things that should be more socially acceptable, aiming to break down barriers and celebrate diversity. 1. Men Showing Emotion Expressing feelings should be … Read more

18 Groundbreaking Moments in Transgender History That Changed the USA

Discover the pivotal moments that have defined the transgender community’s fight for acceptance and rights. These 18 milestones, a mix of triumphs and trials, highlight a powerful journey of resilience. 1. Christine Jorgensen’s Transition, 1952 Christine Jorgensen became the first American widely known for undergoing gender confirmation surgery, bringing transgender issues into the public eye. … Read more

Hidden Black History: 15 LGBTQ Events That SHOOK the Nation

Black history and LGBTQ+ history intersect in powerful ways, revealing stories of individuals, events, and changes that have shaped movements and cultures. These milestones highlight the resilience, creativity, and activism within the Black LGBTQ+ community. 1. Stonewall Riots, 1969 Marsha P. Johnson, a Black transgender woman, played a pivotal role in the Stonewall uprising, a … Read more

America’s New Culture War: 19 LGBTQ Rights Under Siege

The battle over LGBTQ+ rights in America is intensifying, with both advances and setbacks. How do you stand in the face of these contentious issues? 1. Bathroom Bills Legislation that dictates which bathrooms transgender individuals can use remains a focal point of contention, symbolizing wider resistance to transgender rights. 2. Religious Freedom Restoration Acts These … Read more

21 Immigration Realities Shaping the Culture of America

Here’s a look at 21 ways in which immigration has left an indelible mark on how America welcomes and wows its visitors, blending scholarly insight with engaging storytelling. 1. Diverse Culinary Scenes From the streets of New York to the alleys of San Francisco, immigration has turned America into a foodie’s paradise, offering authentic dishes … Read more

Don’t Bother: 16 Countries to Avoid Due to LGBTQ Rights Record

In an alarming number of countries, being LGBTQ can mean risking imprisonment, torture, or even death. This stark reality highlights the extreme dangers faced by LGBTQ individuals in certain parts of the world. Here are 16 countries where simply being yourself is a punishable offense, underscoring a global human rights crisis. 1. Nigeria Nigeria enforces … Read more

Trailblazers: 10 Black Icons Who Altered History Forever

Throughout history, countless Black individuals have risen against adversity, challenging societal norms and breaking barriers in various fields. Their courage, perseverance, and dedication to justice and equality continue to inspire generations. Here are ten of the most inspirational Black figures whose legacies light the path for future leaders. 1. Nelson Mandela His journey from 27 … Read more

LGBTQ Hotspots: 21 Most Welcoming Beach Locations on the Planet

As we embrace 2024, the world continues to grow more inclusive, and the LGBTQ+ community has more options than ever for beach destinations that are not only welcoming but also celebratory of diversity. These destinations offer a blend of beautiful coastlines, vibrant nightlife, and inclusive communities, making them perfect for LGBTQ+ travelers seeking sun, sand, … Read more

Tennessee Governor Quietly Signs Away Women and Trans Rights

Governor Bill Lee signed more controversial bills focused on protecting the near absolute ban on abortion in Tennessee. Limiting Freedom Republican Governor Bill Lee recently approved multiple bills in Tennessee, all targeted at access to abortion as a minor, and limiting their ability to access gender-affirming care.  His Silent Stance The Governor did not sign … Read more

Guess Who’s Back: But Will She Be Welcome in Hollywood?

Disgraced former talk show host and lesbian icon Ellen DeGeneres is back in the news thanks to a new show called “Ellen’s Last Stand…Up Tour” beginning this month in Los Angeles, California. Back in the Spotlight After a two-year-long break, Ellen returns to the spotlight at the Coronet Theater in West Hollywood with her first … Read more

White Privilege: 12 Ways It’s Still Prevalent in Modern America

White privilege refers to the societal advantages that benefit individuals who are perceived as white, beyond what is commonly experienced by non-white people under the same social, political, or economic circumstances. Here are 12 key points to deepen the understanding of white privilege and encourage a dialogue towards equity and inclusion. 1. Invisible Backpack of … Read more

We Say Gay: Jacksonville Sends Defiant Message to Gov. DeSantis Over Pride Celebrations

After Florida directed state-owned bridges to be lit in red, white, and blue for “Freedom Summer” and avoid the usual Pride bridge lighting, seventy people gathered to light up the Main Street Bridge in Jacksonville, Florida, with the pride flag colors. Celebrating Pride The night before Pride Month began in downtown Jacksonville, Florida, seventy people … Read more

Minnesota Strikes Back: “Censorship Has No Place in our Libraries” as Book Bans Outlawed

Just before Pride month, Minnesota lawmakers gave schools funding with new provisions to end the constant back-and-forth between banning books in schools by creating legislation that bans banning books. A Lack of Funding Despite their attempts and pleas to receive more state funding, Minnesota school districts are only getting minimal new funding after the state’s … Read more

America’s 19 Most Absurd Traditions Other Countries Don’t Get

America’s rich and diverse cultural tapestry, but some traditions leave the rest of the world scratching their heads. From quirky customs to seemingly bizarre rituals, some American traditions often baffle outsiders. 1. Black Friday Madness The day after Thanksgiving sees Americans lining up before dawn to score discounted goods, often leading to chaotic scenes of … Read more

20 Bizarre American Phrases That Leave Foreigners Baffled

Discovering American English can feel like wandering through a linguistic maze, especially with regional idioms that might puzzle outsiders. From New York City’s streets to Appalachia’s hills, each area has its own unique language. Here, we uncover 20 regional expressions from across the United States that might leave you scratching your head or laughing at … Read more

21 Unspoken Rules of Being Truly American

Being American comes with its own set of unwritten guidelines — quirky, yet quintessential to the fabric of society. From BBQ etiquette to remote control diplomacy, here are 21 unspoken rules that every true American knows and abides by. 1. Thou Shalt Never Pass up a Free Sample Free food? Count us in! Whether it’s … Read more

Polarizing the Press: 18 Ways US Media Is FUELING American Division

As we digest our daily media, we must ask ourselves: Does it represent us fairly, or does it simply reinforce stereotypes? 1. Stereotypical Language Media often resorts to stereotypical language that pigeonholes entire groups, perpetuating outdated and harmful views. 2. Limited Diversity in Writers The glaring lack of diversity among media writers limits the perspectives … Read more

America’s 17 Most LGBTQ-Hostile States Battling for Progress

Across America’s vast and varied landscape, the LGBTQ+ presence is uneven, with many areas reflecting not just an absence of community but a backdrop of active resistance against queer rights. This guide, while hopeful, doesn’t shy away from the stark realities faced in states where the notion of LGBTQ+ scenes feels more aspirational than actual. … Read more

19 Reasons People Want to Keep LGBTQ Education in Schools

Education on LGBTQ+ issues within schools has sparked heated debates. Is this a necessary step towards inclusivity or an undue influence on students? 1. Representation Matters Teaching about LGBTQ+ history and rights ensures representation and promotes a more inclusive society. Isn’t it time all students saw themselves reflected in their curriculum? 2. Combatting Bullying LGBTQ+ … Read more