Transgender Treatment Poll Reveals How Americans Really Feel

While moral debates persist, a majority stand against legislative bans on gender-affirming treatments for minors. A Country Divided The United States of America has long been known as a country divided.  Hot Button Topic The topic of transgender rights and gender-affirming care is no exception for a hot debate among American citizens.  A Look at … Read more

Feminist Icon: 20 Ways Taylor Swift Inspires American Women

Taylor Swift isn’t just a global pop icon; she’s a powerful voice for women across America. From her lyrics to her actions, here’s how Taylor Swift is turning the volume up on women’s empowerment. 1. Celebrating Female Friendships Taylor’s music videos and public appearances highlight the strength of female friendships, showing young women the importance … Read more

Kamala Harris Labels Trump “Racist” For Suggesting His Legal Case Appeals to Black Voters

Vice President Kamala Harris calls Trump’s attempts at appealing to Black voters “insulting’ and “racist,” but recent polls indicate minority voters are supporting Trump more with each passing day. Trump’s Claims and Reactions As part of his strategy to attract minority support, Trump claims that his legal struggles resonate with Black voters who see him … Read more

California’s LGBTQ+ Law Bans Schools From Outing Trans Kids to Parents

parent child protest LGBTQ book

Gov. Gavin Newsom has just signed a groundbreaking bill that makes California the first U.S. state to ban schools from outing transgender students to their parents. Legislation Overview Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1955, the SAFETY Act, which prohibits California schools from outing transgender students to their parents without students’ consent.  The Dignity of … Read more

25 American History Questions Most People Get Wrong

Think you know your American history inside and out? Let’s put that knowledge to the test with some basic questions that surprisingly often stump many. Here are 25 simple questions that can sometimes leave us scratching our heads. 1. Who Was the First President of the United States? Most know George Washington was the first … Read more

21 Black History Facts American Schools Won’t Teach You

America’s Black history is often overlooked or misrepresented. What are the hidden truths that need to be acknowledged and understood? 1. The True Scale of the Atlantic Slave Trade The transatlantic slave trade forcibly brought over 12 million Africans to the Americas. This massive human trafficking operation’s scale and brutality are often understated. 2. Black … Read more

Trump’s ‘Black Friends’ Speech May Have Offended MILLIONS of Americans

President Biden intensifies efforts to beat Trump as key debates approach. In a tight race hinging on swing states, Trump aims to weaken Biden’s support among Black voters. Biden Uses New Campaign Strategy This Monday, President Biden launched a new campaign ad specifically designed for the battleground states.  A Selfish Felon The new advertisement paints … Read more

21 Reasons Black Women Want Kamala Harris as President

Kamala Harris represents a powerful symbol of hope and progress for many Black women. But what makes her the ideal candidate in their eyes, especially when the alternatives are less than inspiring? 1. Breaking Barriers Kamala Harris embodies the breaking of racial and gender barriers. Her presidency would be a historic milestone, not just for … Read more

Outlawed: 21 Things Americans Want Banned in the US

The landscape of American preferences is ever-evolving. What are some surprising things Americans would like to see disappear from their country? 1. Robocalls Unwanted robocalls have plagued Americans for years, interrupting their daily lives. The desire to ban these incessant calls is nearly universal. 2. Single-Use Plastics Many Americans are pushing for a ban on … Read more

21 Life-Saving Reasons Why America MUST Demand Gun Control

Gun violence in America continues to be a pressing issue that demands urgent action. Why should stricter gun control be a priority for the nation? 1. High Gun-Related Death Rates In 2020, over 45,000 Americans died from gun-related injuries. This alarming statistic underscores the urgent need for stricter gun regulations. 2. Frequent Mass Shootings The … Read more

21 Lies About Americans That Everyone Thinks Are True

Americans are often the subject of wild assumptions and exaggerated stereotypes. Are these misconceptions affecting how the world views the average American? 1. All Americans Are Obese Despite the rising obesity rates, not every American is overweight. Many are health-conscious and actively engage in fitness routines and balanced diets. 2. Americans Only Eat Fast Food … Read more

Republican National Convention Puts Anti-LGBTQ Rhetoric on the Agenda

This year’s Republican National Convention (RNC) saw a strong focus on anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric, with several high-profile speakers targeting transgender and non-gender-conforming individuals. Trump’s Return to RNC What may have been the most memorable moment from the RNC was Trump’s entrance, accompanied by Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.,” and marked with his official acceptance as … Read more

Bringing It: 21 Ways Beyoncé Changed Black America Forever

Beyoncé isn’t just a queen of pop; she’s a cultural force who has profoundly impacted Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities across America. Wondering how she’s used her platform to make a difference? Here’s the rundown. 1. Elevating Black Culture in Mainstream Media Beyoncé consistently showcases Black culture in her music videos, performances, and … Read more

The End of Chivalry: How Women Made Men Fear Them

Chivalry is dead, but who killed it? In today’s hyper-sensitive environment, traditional gestures like opening doors and giving compliments have become risky business for men. Are women making men too afraid to be polite, or has the shift in societal norms gone too far? 1. Opening Doors Opening doors for women was once seen as … Read more

Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas Receives Decision on Her Olympic Fate

Lia Thomas loses her legal battle before the Olympics, banning her from participating in Paris.  Lia Thomas Ruled Ineligible US Olympic hopeful Lia Thomas is no longer eligible to participate in the upcoming Paris games after losing a legal case against World Aquatics.  The Legal Challenge Lia Thomas, the first transgender athlete to ever win … Read more

20 Reasons American States Won’t Pay Slavery Reparations

Slavery reparations have been a contentious topic for years, with many advocating for justice and compensation, while others vehemently oppose the idea. Here are 20 reasons why America won’t pay slavery reparations: 1. Economic Strain The American economy is already burdened with national debt exceeding $31 trillion. Allocating funds for reparations could exacerbate the economic … Read more

Indiana Town Backs Out of Pride Festival – Now It’s Getting Sued

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit against the town of Loogootee, Indiana, because it believes that the town violated people’s First Amendment rights by rescinding their approval for a Pride festival. Reversing Decisions Organized by a local LGBTQ+ advocacy group called Tri-State Alliance, the town initially granted permission for the festival before the decision was … Read more

California’s Black Cowboys – 20 Facts Western Movies Didn’t Teach You

California’s cowboy culture has deep roots that extend into Black history, showcasing a diverse heritage often overlooked in mainstream narratives. Did you know how intertwined these histories are? 1. Early Black Ranchers Black ranchers were among the first to establish cattle ranching in California during the early settlement days, contributing foundational techniques and traditions to … Read more

Overruled: Louisiana Blocks Proposed Trans Protections

A federal judge in Louisiana has blocked the Biden administration’s Title IX rules that were meant to create protections for LGBTQ students because these rules overstepped the bounds of federal authority and interfered with state laws. Impacting Gender Identity The ruling specifically impacts policies related to gender identity, such as who is allowed to participate … Read more

Racial Battleground: 21 States Close to Boiling Point

In a nation marked by increasing diversity, pinpointing where racial tensions are escalating is more relevant than ever. Are we ready to address and understand these conflicts? 1. Minnesota Minnesota’s racial tensions were globally highlighted after the death of George Floyd in May 2020, leading to worldwide protests. Minneapolis continues to face challenges in policing … Read more

Anti-LGBTQ Rhetoric Rife At Republican National Conference

This year’s Republican National Convention (RNC) saw a strong focus on anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric, with several high-profile speakers targeting transgender and non-gender-conforming individuals. Trump’s Return to RNC What may have been the most memorable moment from the RNC was Trump’s entrance, accompanied by Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the U.S.A.,” and marked with his official acceptance as … Read more

21 Signs You Could Be Dating a Narcissist

Ever felt like something was off while dating someone new? What red flags helped you realize you might be dealing with a narcissist? 1. Love Bombing Early On He showered me with compliments and gifts right from the start, making it all seem like a fairy tale. But this intensity felt overwhelming and insincere, tipping … Read more

Diversity Initiatives Slashed by Another Major US Company in Trend Away From Inclusion

Another one bites the dust as one of the country’s biggest agricultural machinery retailers joins a growing list of companies to say farewell to diversity, equity, and inclusion policies in the workplace.  Dropping DEI The conservative backlash against DEI – diversity, equity, and inclusion – initiatives and ‘woke’ corporate messaging has continued to spread. Now, … Read more

Trump’s Popularity Claimed to Have Risen Among Some Americans Since Surviving Assassination Attempt

The recent shooting at a Trump rally in Pennsylvania has sparked a unified outcry from the African American community, as the assassination attempt seems to have garnered him even more support from black voters. Context of the Shooting The shooting occurred at a rally for former President Donald Trump in Butler, Pennsylvania, where attendees gathered … Read more

Why America Needs Gun Restrictions Now More Than Ever

The recent assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump has reignited the debate over gun control in America. This tragic event is one of nearly 300 mass shootings in the U.S. this year alone. As we reflect on the historical impact of presidential shootings, will this latest incident finally push for stricter gun laws? 1. … Read more

21 Ways America Needs to Stand Up and Defend Its Freedoms

America’s freedoms are under siege, and it’s high time we toughen up. Are we going to stand by and watch our rights erode, or are we going to fight back? 1. Enforce Stronger Immigration Policies America needs to enforce stricter immigration policies to protect its borders. Illegal immigration has surged by over 30% in the … Read more

The ‘Never-Trump’ Guy Lands VP: Anti-LGBTQ Senator Vance Went From Trump’s Foe to Biggest Fan

Former President Donald Trump has chosen Senator J.D. Vance as his vice-presidential running mate for the upcoming election, but many are questioning this decision due to Vance’s past criticisms of Trump and his stance on LGBTQ+ issues. VP J.D. Vance At this year’s Republican National Convention (RNC), former President Donald Trump officially selected Ohio Senator … Read more

Divine Division: Christians Still Battling Over Same-Sex Marriages Within the Church

Churches worldwide are struggling with internal conflicts over whether or not they should introduce blessings for same-sex couples, leading to significant dissent and threats of full-blown schisms.  Background and Decision Many churches, especially within the Church of England, are holding controversial votes regarding the introduction of blessings for same-sex couples, leading to significant internal conflict.  … Read more

16 Hidden Black History Facts Americans Won’t Tell You

There are many significant aspects of Black history that often go untold or overlooked in mainstream American education and discourse. Here are some crucial facts and events that deserve more attention: 1. The First Black President Barack Obama, elected in 2008, is often celebrated as the first Black president of the United States. However, John … Read more

21 Wacky Texas Traditions You Must Try

Texas isn’t just a place on the map—it’s a way of life. Ever wonder what makes Texans so darn proud? Here are 21 uniquely Texan things you just can’t experience anywhere else. 1. Celebrate Texas Independence Day March 2nd is a big deal here. Texans celebrate with parades, festivals, and a hearty dose of state … Read more

LGBTQ+ Americans Are Flooding to These 15 States

As 2024 unfolds, LGBTQ+ Americans are moving to states that are not only safe but also welcoming. Here are 15 states that have become popular new homes for the community. 1. California California remains a beacon for LGBTQ+ individuals with its robust protections, inclusive healthcare policies, and vibrant community support networks in cities like San … Read more

Texas Confronts Biden’s Gender Transition Protection Law

The state of Texas has officially countered the Biden administration’s new rule that would protect people’s access to gender transition care.  Providing Care The contested rule from the Biden administration mandates that health providers and insurance companies provide gender-affirming care without discrimination. Background on the Rule The rule, issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission … Read more

21 Signs Biden Failed to Win LGBTQ+ Voters

As we edge closer to another election, many in the LGBTQ+ community remain skeptical about President Biden’s leadership. Have his policies truly reflected the promises made to this vibrant and diverse community? 1. Slow Progress on Key Promises Despite campaign promises, many in the LGBTQ+ community feel that progress on significant issues like anti-discrimination protections … Read more

Being Trans Is Harder Than Being a Woman – Here’s Why

Transitioning has been a life-changing experience for me, but it hasn’t come without its challenges. From shifting dynamics with friends and family to navigating new social and professional landscapes, being a trans male has brought unexpected hurdles. I want to share some of my personal experiences to highlight the realities of my journey and to … Read more

Minnesota Elects Another Openly Gay Politician, Defying Anti-LGBTQ Waves in US

The small town of Pine City, Minnesota, has just elected its first openly gay mayor, Kent Bombard, highlighting the state’s growing progressive values and its commitment to LGBTQ+ representation across the United States.  Historic Election Pine City, Minnesota, has made history by electing its first openly gay mayor, Kent Bombard, and marking a significant step … Read more

21 Ways DeSantis Is Taking Florida Backward in Equal Rights

Ron DeSantis has positioned himself as a conservative warrior, but many of his policies are seen as regressive, especially concerning LGBTQ+ rights, race relations, and women’s rights. Here are 21 ways his administration is taking Florida backward: 1. Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation DeSantis has supported and signed multiple anti-LGBTQ+ bills, including the controversial “Don’t Say Gay” bill. … Read more

18 Reasons Reparations Are Long Overdue in America

The debate over reparations for Black Americans is complex, but there are numerous reasons why some say reparations are long overdue. What do you think? 1. Historical Injustices of Slavery Slavery was a brutal and dehumanizing system that forcibly brought millions of Africans to America. They were subjected to inhumane treatment, unpaid labor, and a … Read more

20 Things Florida Has That the Rest of the USA Wants

Florida is a state unlike any other, with its unique blend of culture, environment, and quirks. Here are 20 things that make the Sunshine State stand out: 1. The Florida Man Phenomenon No other state has the legendary “Florida Man” stories. From bizarre crimes to outlandish behavior, Florida headlines are uniquely entertaining. It’s like the … Read more

21 Ways the Far-Left Have Let Down Liberals

The far-left has often been blamed for alienating moderate voters and pushing the Democratic Party to the fringes. Here are 21 ways their actions have hurt the broader left-wing cause, especially concerning the influence of the trans lobby and its impact on politics. 1. Defunding the Police The “Defund the Police” movement has alienated many … Read more

20 Racist Phrases You Didn’t Know Were Offensive

Did you know that some of the most common phrases you use every day have deeply racist origins? This isn’t just about being “politically correct”—it’s about understanding the history behind our words and striving for more inclusive language. How many of these phrases have you unknowingly used, and what can we do to change this? … Read more

21 Things Only a True American Will Understand

Sorry to those who have been here for decades, but there are some things only a true American will understand. Here’s a list of 21 uniquely American experiences and sentiments that define us. 1. The Way We Felt On 9/11 The collective shock, grief, and unity felt on September 11, 2001, is something deeply ingrained … Read more

Chappell Rejects Biden’s Invitation to Sing at LGBTQ Event

Singer-songwriter and proud LGBTQ+ advocate Chappell Roan says they received an invitation from President Joe Biden’s White House to perform at an LGBTQ+ Pride event but refused it because not enough has been done for the LGBTQ+ community. Who Is Chappell Chappell Roan is from Willard, Missouri, and is an American singer-songwriter known for her … Read more

Idaho Bar Owner Shuns Pride Month, Offering Straight Men Free Beer

The Old State Saloon in Idaho will provide free beer to heterosexual males on “Hetero Male Mondays”. New Holiday Creates Controversy As LGTBQ+ people and allies kick off Pride Month this June, a bar in Idaho has created their own holiday in response.  History of Pride Month First celebrated as the 1-year commemoration of the … Read more

Oregon’s LGBTQ Vandalism Soars During Pride Month

Law enforcement officials are treating the act of vandalism as a potential hate crime. The Incident This week in Newberg, Oregon, a Pride flag was shot with a pellet gun shortly after being displayed in the window of a local library.  Investigation Is Ongoing Police have chimed in to say that they are currently investigating … Read more

15 Non-Taboo Terms Your Mom Still Won’t Say Loudly

Does your mom get flustered over certain words that are totally normal to you? You’re not imagining it. Here are 15 terms that still make her squirm despite them being part of everyday conversations. 1. Lesbian Despite Ellen DeGeneres and countless others bringing the term into the mainstream, your mom still whispers “lesbian” like it’s … Read more

Biden Doubles Down on Diversity Support For Small Businesses Amid Nationwide Cull

This past Pride month, Isabel Casillas Guzman, President Biden’s U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Administrator, delivered a key message on the importance of supporting small businesses and criticized the attacks on diversity programs.  SBA Chief’s Visit to Lake City Isabel Casillas Guzman, the SBA chief, recently visited Lake City, South Carolina, and several other cities … Read more

Trans Ex-Military WINS Miss Maryland and Sends This Message to Critics

The most recent Miss Maryland, Cambodian American immigrant Bailey Anne Kennedy receives major anti-trans backlash after being crowned.  The New Miss Maryland USA Bailey Anne Kennedy broke records this year as an immigrant transgender woman and military wife, winning the coveted Miss Maryland USA.  A Historic Win After immigrating from Cambodia to the United States … Read more

Kansas NFL Team Notably Absent From Pride Celebrations

Despite the public celebration of hundreds of celebrities and organizations, including the NFL itself, one NFL team has notably refrained from publicly celebrating Pride Month. Kansas City Chiefs and Pride Month Where team after team of various sports organizations have jumped at the opportunity to celebrate Pride Month with posts declaring their unity with the … Read more

How Trump Will Target Black And Minority Voters This Election

Trump increases effort to win over Black and Hispanic voters amidst unfavorable poll numbers. Third Time’s the Charm Preparing to accept the Republican Presidential nomination for the third time, former President Donald Trump is desperately trying to expand his coalition, specifically targeting two minority groups to help him do so.  The Key to Success Trump … Read more

20 Reasons Americans Give for Ditching Christianity

The trend of Americans leaving Christianity has been rising, with many people providing diverse and compelling reasons for their departure. Here are 20 reasons that Americans give for walking away from their faith. 1. Disillusionment with Church Leadership Scandals involving church leaders, such as financial misconduct and sexual abuse, have eroded trust. Many feel that … Read more

Stolen Heritage: 21 Things White People Claim As Their Own

Ready to cringe at how much cultural appropriation is masked as American innovation? Here are 21 things white Americans have co-opted, rebranded, and often butchered, ignoring their rich and diverse origins. It’s time to set the record straight. 1. Yoga Yoga, which originated in ancient India over 5,000 years ago, has been commercialized in the … Read more

Gay Hacker Group Leak Trump’s Plans For Project 2025

A group of gay furry hackers known as SiegedSec breached a conservative think tank’s data, exposing their information and leading to a heated exchange between SiegedSec and the Executive Director of the Heritage Oversight Project. The Conservative Think Tanks The Heritage Foundation is a conservative think tank known for its influence on Republican policies and … Read more

CNN Latest to Slash ‘Race and Equality’ Team as More American States Reject DEI

CNN has just quietly disbanded its “Race and Equality” team, which has people questioning CNN’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as similar programs are being slashed across the United States. The End of CNN’s Race and Equality Team CNN quietly dissolved its “Race and Equality” team, originally formed in the wake of George … Read more

Rejecting Woke: 21 Signs Millennials Are Becoming Right-Wing

Millennials, a generation often typified by progressive attitudes and left-leaning politics, are showing a surprising trend: a shift towards right-wing ideologies. What’s prompting this pivot among young Americans who once hailed as the vanguard of liberal values? 1. Economic Self-Interest As they age and accumulate wealth, some millennials find conservative fiscal policies more appealing. Tax … Read more

Texas Lawmaker Brutally Defeated on Gender-Affirming Care Vote

After breaking away from her own political party to vote against transgender healthcare, the Democratic lawmaker was defeated before she began.  Losing the Primary Texas Democrat Representative Shawn Thierry lost in the primary election for the coveted south Houston seat after making quite the controversial decision.  Thierry’s Previous Track Record For the past four terms, … Read more

20 Ways Your Bible Teaches Sexism

The Bible, a foundational text for many, contains passages that have historically been interpreted in ways that might foster what is today identified as toxic masculinity. This critical look explores how certain Scriptures might support restrictive gender norms and behaviors. 1. Assertion of Male Dominance Genesis 3:16 states, “Your desire shall be for your husband, … Read more

Biden’s Black Allies Bolster Support Ahead of Election

How Black lawmakers are bolstering Biden’s campaign amid growing criticism. The Political Firewall After his poor debate performance, President Joe Biden is now counting on one very important political firewall to help him win the election: the leaders of the Congressional Black Caucus.  A Call to Step Down Monday saw a large increase in congressional … Read more

Sacred Injustice: 21 Ways Christian Churches Divide America

Despite some progress, many churches still fall short when it comes to equality. Here’s a look at how different denominations in the U.S. continue to struggle with equality.  1. Segregated Congregations Despite strides towards integration, many churches remain racially segregated, reflecting broader social divisions within communities. 2. Leadership Roles Limited to Men In many denominations, … Read more

Racial Profiling: 18 Factors Fueling Its Ongoing Existence

Racial profiling has become a contentious issue, stirring debates on whether it’s a necessary security tactic or a blatant discriminatory practice. But at what cost does security come if it undermines fundamental rights? 1. Historical Roots and Persistent Issues Racial profiling has deep historical roots, often reflecting long-standing prejudices that continue to manifest in modern … Read more

Kentucky Redefines Faith: Transgender Catholic Pursues Life’s Vocation in the Church

Thought to be the first openly Transgender person working in the Catholic Diocese, Brother Christian Matson shares his story.  Living in Truth While celebrating Pentecost with his church community in Kentucky, Christian Matson made the brave decision to publicly share his identity as a Transgender person.  Time to End the Rejection Matson said, “I was … Read more

Massachusetts Anti-LGBTQ Rally Crossed a Line During Pride

Just before the Massachusetts Pride event, an anti-LGBTQ+ rally made a daring statement. Now, similar hate crimes across the United States continue to rise. Stolen Flags Between the last Sunday and Monday of May in Carlisle, Massachusetts, over 200 pride flags were stolen from a central display just before the city’s local pride event and … Read more

Holy Inequality: 20 Ways the Bible Claims Women Are Worth Less Than Men

How has the Bible influenced American views on gender equality, and why does this matter today? As a society that strives for equality, understanding historical perspectives is crucial to addressing ongoing issues. 1. Male Headship The Bible explicitly places men in positions of authority over women, especially within family and church structures. This has historically … Read more

Trump’s Project 2025 Could Radically Change LGBTQ Rights in America

Project 2025 is a detailed plan created by the Heritage Foundation for Donald Trump that hopes to radically reshape civil liberties, particularly affecting LGBTQ rights, education, healthcare, and military policies.  Overview of Project 2025 Project 2025 is a 900-page blueprint developed by the Heritage Foundation and other conservative allies for Donald Trump if he wins … Read more

Forced to Come Out: Washington LGBTQ Kids Face New Parental Consent Law

The state law, covering different areas of parental consent and access to counseling records and education, has already faced backlash from multiple organizations.  Blocking Order Denied A new law in Washington state focused on parental rights is moving forward after a judge refused to issue an emergency blocking order.  The Focus on Parental Rights The … Read more

Immigration Overhaul: 21 Ways to Make America’s Borders Fairer

Sick of the same old immigration debates? Let’s cut through the noise with some smart, effective strategies that could actually make a difference. Isn’t it about time we did something that works? 1. Enhance Border Security Infrastructure Upgraded technology and increased manpower at key border points can help prevent illegal crossings. Investing in surveillance drones … Read more

A Whole Generation of Americans Are Getting BANNED From Bars

Bars across the country are implementing age restrictions to keep out Gen Z. But what’s causing this backlash? Here’s why they’re getting banned, and trust us, it’s not just because of their questionable fashion choices. 1. Lack of Tipping Gen Z’s tipping habits, or lack thereof, are frustrating bartenders. The average Gen Z-er tips just … Read more

20 Reasons Why a Trump Presidency Could REVERSE Equality Efforts

Donald Trump’s potential return as President poses significant risks, especially to the most vulnerable and diverse groups in America. What might his policies mean for the progress of minority communities and social justice? 1. Threats to LGBTQ+ Rights Trump’s presidency saw attempts to roll back LGBTQ+ protections, such as banning transgender individuals from military service. … Read more

Florida Defies DeSantis with ‘We Say Gay’ Jacksonville Celebrations

After Florida directed state-owned bridges to be lit in red, white, and blue for “Freedom Summer” and avoid the usual Pride bridge lighting, seventy people gathered to light up the Main Street Bridge in Jacksonville, Florida, with the pride flag colors. Celebrating Pride The night before Pride Month began in downtown Jacksonville, Florida, seventy people … Read more

Americans Are Not Doing Enough to Support Their LGBTQ Community

A look back at the road previous LGBTQ+ activists took to get here, and how it led to the celebration we have today. What Is Pride Month?  LGBTQ+ Pride is a month-long celebration and commemoration of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer+ community and the people within it. More Than a Celebration More than … Read more

America Needs Immigration – 21 Hard Facts You Need to Know

The discussion around U.S. immigration policies is more than a political debate—it’s a series of decisions that directly impact millions of lives, including yours. Whether it’s the economy, cultural diversity, or the basic human rights of migrants, these 21 points will help you understand the real effects of these policies. 1. Workforce Impact Immigrants, especially … Read more

Minnesota Is Clear: “Censorship Has NO Place in our Libraries”

Just before Pride month, Minnesota lawmakers gave schools funding with new provisions to end the constant back-and-forth between banning books in schools by creating legislation that bans banning books. A Lack of Funding Despite their attempts and pleas to receive more state funding, Minnesota school districts are only getting minimal new funding after the state’s … Read more