Drag Performers Undeterred in the Face of Surging Hostility as Pride Month Begins

A new national group of drag performers has been born with the promise to protect and promote their art this Pride Month. 

Qommittee Is Here to Fight Back 

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Qommittee, a national group of drag performers, has announced their creation right before Pride month, ready to defend themselves and their art. 

Drag Is “Under Attack” 

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Their opening remark shows their dedication. Qommittee shares, “Drag is joy, but it’s under attack. Our very existence, our self-expression, our art — all of it is being threatened. And we’ve had enough.”

A Look Inside the Qommittee

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To date, Qommittee includes 10 drag performers who have experienced the hostility currently targeting the drag community on a personal level. 

A Dark Past

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The Qommittee all share a history of violence against them, ranging from their venue being firebombed, to working at establishments targeted by gunmen, Club Q and Pulse Nightclub. 

Fighting Tooth and Nail 

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In their first press release, Qommittee said, “We’ve always had to fight tooth and nail for our place in this world. But now, we’re also battling a tidal wave of hate.”

Their Goal

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The Qommittee President B Williams (also known as Blaq Dinamyte) stated, “The Qommittee stands as a kind of a central hub for other communities across the country, the performance communities across the country, to find resources to help them, whether it is negotiating with venues or … helping defend against the many protests against drag shows that we’ve seen”. 

The Legal Complications 

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As more and more legislation is enacted against drag performers and extremist conservatives continue to attack the art form, it has never been more important for the community to have a safe and supportive place, and provide the help they may need if they are targeted. 

Florida’s Harsh Stance

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Florida was one of the first states to villainize drag, claiming that drag performers “groom” children with their performances, brunches and story hours. 

Story Hours

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For context, drag story hours are simply where drag performers read age-appropriate story books to children, often in public queer-friendly places. 

Not the First, Not the Last

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The targeted legislation that began in Florida has begun to spread across other states. Five states have enacted legislation restricting drag performances, but some have luckily received resistance in the courts. 

Time for the Fans to Speak Up

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Scott Simpson, a community organizer who helped bring the Qommittee together, reminds the public that drag is more than a performance; it is an entire flourishing industry that needs its fans more than ever. 

Come Together

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Simpson said, “The time to really come together is now. The time to come together is when we’re having joyful moments together”. 

Join the Revolution!

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Simpson declares, “I mean, drag’s the revolution. And we want to keep the revolution going”.

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