Oregon the Latest to Experience Rise in Anti-LGBTQ During Pride Month

Law enforcement officials are treating the act of vandalism as a potential hate crime.

The Incident

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This week in Newberg, Oregon, a Pride flag was shot with a pellet gun shortly after being displayed in the window of a local library. 

Investigation Is Ongoing

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Police have chimed in to say that they are currently investigating the incident as a possible hate crime. 

Not the First, Likely Not the Last

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Unfortunately, this is not the first anti-LGBTQ+ attack during the first week of Pride month this June. 

All Over the Country

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There have been multiple instances of alleged anti-LGBTQ+  incidents across the entire country, only within the first few days. 

A Closer Look

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The Newberg Public Library shared photos of the alleged attack on social media sharing their disappointment, but that no one was injured. 

A Possible Hate Crime

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The Newberg-Dundee Police Department has said that the building did not show any other damage besides the window and the flag, but they are still treating it as a possible hate crime. 

Under Investigation

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Detective Robert Mitchell was not able to share if they believe the vandalism was done by only one person, or by a group of individuals.

The Mayor Speaks Out

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The Mayor of Newberg, Bill Rosacker said, “The act was an attack on the citizens of Newberg and will not be allowed to pass without consequences”. 

Confident They Will Find Justice

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Continuing to add that “there is a very good chance” that their investigation will identify the assailants soon, and that “there are cameras everywhere”. 

Off to a Rough Start

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Since the start of Pride Month this June, there have been many attacks against the LGBTQ+ community and queer symbols such as the Pride flag. 

Stolen Pride Flags

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At the end of May, more than 200 Pride flags were stolen from the rotary center in a small town in Carlisle, Massachusets. 

Vandalism on a Church

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A queer friendly Methodist church was vandalized in Mitchell, South Dakota. 

Hateful Language

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The assailants wrote “ABOMINATION” in large red letters, accompanied with a bible verse that condemns homosexuality. 

2023 Statistics

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In 2023, there were over 145 recorded incidents of harassment, assault, and vandalism against LGBTQ+ people and Pride events, as recorded by GLAAD.

Community Remains Strong

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President of GLAAD Sarah Kate Ellis, a LGBTQ+ media advocacy group, said “Attacks and threats on Pride symbols are meant to intimidate, harass, erase and silence LGBTQ people and our allies, but they are largely unsuccessful”. 

Showing Solidarity 

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Sarah Kate Ellis continued, “More people are attending Prides, more companies are sponsoring Prides, more communities are organizing and hosting Prides because they are amazing ways to show solidarity and support for all in the community and especially to express a community’s values of welcome, safety, diversity and acceptance”. 

Newberg’s Storied Past

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Newberg Oregon is no stranger to controversial opinions. In 2021, they voted to ban Pride flags, Black Lives Matter signs and various other “political” statements from schools. 

Slight Improvements

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Thankfully, this policy was revoked in 2023. 

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