“I Don’t Want Him To Be Gay” – UFC Star Refuses to Send Son To School Amid Fears of Indoctrination

Bryce Mitchell announces he will be homeschooling his son to avoid the alleged indoctrination in public schools.

Mitchell’s Headlining Video

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Bryce Mitchell posted a video on Instagram while holding his infant son, alarming many with his brash remarks about public education in the United States. 

Setting the Scene

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Known for his mixed martial arts career, Mitchell did not hold back in his Instagram video nor his caption, shot on the fighter’s couch while still in his boxers. 

Refusing Healthcare for Infant Child

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The video starts with Mitchell sharing that his son is very healthy and doing well, before immediately telling his 500,000 followers to refuse vaccines and life-saving bloodwork collected at birth. 

Outdated Takes

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His reasoning for refusing bloodwork and vaccines for his child? To prevent them from getting autism from the straight “poison” in the vaccines, a theory that has been repeatedly disproved false. There is no connection between vaccines and autism. 

Threats for DHS to Get Involved

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After hospital employees told Mitchell that DHS may step in if he continues to refuse medical care for his newborn son, he tells his followers that they need to be ready to die protecting their child if they follow his path.

The Caption

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His caption says, “i was told dhs was gunna come get my kid cause i didnt let the doc stick him with a needle. dont let these threats of violence scare u. be prepared and b happy to die for ur kids. thats wat its gunna take to get our freedom back”. 

Thug Nasty

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Mitchell, also known as “Thug Nasty” then began to discuss how the American public education system is indoctrinating the youth. 

“I Don’t Want Him to Be a Communist”

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Mitchell says, “We’re going to have to home-school all our kids or they’re all going to end up turning gay,” continuing, “That’s the reason I’m going to home-school Tucker, because I don’t want him to be a communist. I don’t want him to worship Satan. I don’t want him to be gay”. 

Edgar Allen Poe vs. Bible

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Mitchell continues to explain his need for homeschooling, ranting, “They took it out of the schools and replaced it with Edgar Allen Poe, who shacked up with his cousin. My son ain’t going to be reading no Edgar Allan Poe, OK? He’s going to be reading the Bible.”

Mitchell’s Other Hot Takes – The Earth Is Flat

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This is not the first time that Mitchell has shared his controversial thoughts, as he also believes the Earth is flat regardless of all scientific and visual proof. Many wonder if he will include that in his future homeschool curriculum.

 Public Reaction 

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As expected, the people who have seen the video fall into two camps: one in disbelief at the way he can confidently say things that have no evidence, and one group praising him for his “brave” remarks. 

Former Fighters Showing Support

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Both the former UFC fighter Sean Strickland and Jorge Masvidal commented in support of Mitchell, while another commenter was more taken aback by Mitchell’s lack of pants. 

Controversy Continues

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The sports world has been in headlines recently for other anti-LGBTQ+ and sexist remarks, adding Mitchell’s video to a pile of other controversial takes. The Chief’s kicker Harrison Butker made national news after his commencement speech focused on traditional gender roles and banning abortion went viral. 

No Comment

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Since the incident, neither Mitchell’s team nor the UFC have publicly responded to requests for comments.

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