Minnesota Faces Anti-Trans Backlash As America Experiences Rise in LGBTQ Hate

In Minnetonka Minnesota, a 17 year old transgender teen was allegedly assaulted after using the men’s bathroom at her school. 

The Alleged Assault

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At Hopkins High School in Minnetonka, a transgender student was allegedly assaulted by one of her peers after using the men’s bathroom. 

Details of the Injury

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The student, Cobalt Sovereign, was taken to the hospital where she discovered the assailant had broken her jaw. 

Treatment and Recovery

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She had to remain in the hospital for 2 days while the doctors repaired her jaw. 

Cobalt’s Account

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When interviewed by NBC affiliate KARE 11, Cobalt said that, “I was hit in the jaw and at the time one of my teeth exploded, pieces in my mouth. My jaw was broken in two places”. 

Invasion of Privacy

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Cobalt shared, “In the bathroom, he had looked over the stall directly where I was attempting to use the bathroom, and that is where he initially called me a f- (slur) in the first place”. 

Unprovoked Attack

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“He had no reason to have anything against me, I’ve never talked to him, never done anything negative to him. And I was insulted and then eventually hit in the jaw.”

Challenges With Gender Neutral Bathrooms

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While Hopkins High School does indeed have gender neutral bathrooms, Sovereign explained that they are often out of the way from her classes and usually occupied when she tries to use them. 

Choosing the Male Bathroom

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So instead of using her preferred bathroom, she uses the male restroom stating, “I would rather be uncomfortable than make other people uncomfortable by using the women’s bathroom”. 

Police Investigation

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The Minnetonka Police Department did not release a direct statement, but instead vaguely said that they were investigating a “possible hate crime”. 

School’s Response

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Hopkins High School stated, “Hopkins Public Schools is an inclusive community that values diversity and inclusion”. 

Commitment to Safety

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Continuing, “We will address any issues that compromise the safety and inclusivity of our school environment. We support and stand by any group that is marginalized, including our LGBTQ+ scholars and staff”. 

Community Rallies Together

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In response to the alleged attack, the community gathered together outside of the school and held a rally in support of Sovereign. 

Support From Representatives

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The first openly transgender legislator in Minnesota, Democratic State Representative Leah Finke joined the rally in support of the teen.

Broader Advocacy

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Finke posted a picture of herself at the rally speaking out against the alleged assault at Hopkins, as well as the death of another transgender student in Oklahoma. 

Historic Year for Anti-Trans Hostility

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The past few years have seen a record breaking amount of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation passed, specifically targeting the transgender community. 

The Case of Benedict

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In February, a 16 year old student named Benedict (he/him/they/them) died by suicide after a fight at his high school. 

Call to Action

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Finke said, “These attacks are too common, and the actions of institutions responsible for our kids are, consistently, underwhelming, negligent, and dangerous”.

A Plea for Prevention

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Continuing, “Cobalt lived. Thank goddess. Next (Benedict) did not. Please help us make sure there is no next time”. 

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