California’s Push for Progress as LGBTQ and Diversity Issues Lead the Ballot

From same-sex marriage to climate programs and forced labor, here’s what’s on the ballot.

 Hot Button Topics

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The California ballot this year is targeting many hot button issues in the upcoming election, including same-sex marriage, shoplifting, and forced labor. 

Official Propositions

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The secretary of state in California assigned official proposition numbers to the suggested measures after the state Legislature added two more proposals onto the ballot. Let’s take a look at what California voters will decide later this year.

Proposition 2

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Proposition 2 asks for permission to borrow $10 billion for public school repairs and construction, with most of the money ($8.5 billion) going to elementary and secondary schools. The remaining money would be used for community colleges, excluding California State University or University of California systems. 

Proposition 3

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Proposition 3 removes the ban on same-sex marriage from the California Constitution. This was added to the constitution in 2008, but due to the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling, it has not been enforced since 2013. 

A Fundamental Right

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The strict language banning same-sex marriage is still in the constitution, which the proposition seeks to replace it with, “The right to marry is a fundamental right”. 

Proposition 4

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This proposition asks for permission to borrow $10 billion for climate programs. The majority of the money would pay for drinking water systems and to help California prepare for droughts and floods. Other programs that would gain funding include wildfire preparation and combating the rising sea level. 

Proposition 5

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Proposition 5 changes the state constitution to make it easier for local governments to borrow money, if they are using the money for affordable housing or public infrastructure. 

Current Spending Policies

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Currently local governments, with the exception of school districts, can only borrow money after a ⅔ majority vote. The proposition would lower that to 55% for these programs, including water and sewer systems, public transportation, libraries, internet and hospitals. 

Proposition 6

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This proposition would ban any form of forced labor in the California Constitution. Currently, the constitution only bans involuntary servitude or forced labor as punishment for a crime. 

Fighting for Change

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This exemption has raised some eyebrows over the years, and many advocates seek to help improve prison working conditions. 

Proposition 32

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California’s minimum wage is currently at $16 for most employees, and sits at $20 for fast food workers. This proposition would raise the minimum wage to $18, and healthcare professionals should see an increase to $25 an hour after a bill signed in 2023. 

Proposition 33

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Proposition 33 repeals a state law that prohibits cities and counties from capping rent on single-family homes, apartments, and condominiums built after 1995 in order to help prevent homelessness. 

Not Giving Up Yet

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This is not the first time this issue is on the ballot, as it faced fierce opposition in both 2018 and 2020 from landlord groups and the real-estate industry. 

Proposition 34

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This proposition would allow California’s Medicaid program to pay pharmacies for prescription drugs directly. Gov. Newsom has previously signed an executive order to do so, but this proposition would make it law if passed. 

AIDS Healthcare Foundation – Targeted

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It also requires healthcare professionals to spend all federal drug prescription programs on the patients directly, and not on other various expenses. The AIDS Healthcare Foundation has made a statement that they are being specifically targeted by this proposition due to their vocal support for rent control. 

Proposition 35

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This proposition would incentivize doctors working with Medicaid patients by offering them extra pay. The state organizations that provide these benefits would receive an extra portion of state taxes in order to increase their pay when working with low income people. 

Proposition 36

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Proposition 36, if accepted, would make shoplifting a felony charge for repeat offenders, and also increase penalties for drug charges including the synthetic opioid fentanyl. The proposition would also allow judges to offer court-mandated treatment for people with multiple drug charges.

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