Trump Campaign for Black Voters Support Starts in Swing States

How Trump and Biden aim to secure swing state votes in the upcoming election. 

The Power of Swing States

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Swing states have never felt so important as they do in the upcoming presidential election. 

Targeting Key Voters

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Both Biden and Trump are targeting these swing states, hoping that they can secure the few thousands of votes that might make all the difference. 

Trump’s Shift in Strategy

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Knowing this, Trump has shifted his strategy and has started to battle for Black votes, a demographic who usually form a strong foundation in the Democratic party. 

Outreach in Michigan

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This Saturday, Trump spent the day in Michigan to target Black voters who have been feeling discontent with Biden’s presidency. 

New Coalition Announced

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Trump revealed his new coalition, “Black Americans for Trump” with backing from multiple powerful Black Republicans. 

Drawing Support from Black Politicians

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The supporters include South Carolina Senator Tim Scott and Florida Representative Byron Donalds.

Trump’s Declaration

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In a recent interview, Trump said, “I’m not racist”. 

Trump and his “Black Friends”

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Continuing, “I have so many Black friends that if I were a racist, they wouldn’t be friends, they would know better than anybody, and fast”. 

Raising Eyebrows

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During his weekend in Michigan, Trump spoke at a predominantly Black church in Detroit where he made multiple comments that raised some eyebrows. 

A Controversial Take

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Going against the data, Trump claimed that Black workers did much better under his presidency, stating that due to his harsh take on immigration the other minority jobs were available to them. 

Biden’s Past Policies

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He also reminded the crowd that during his time as a senator, Biden passed a law in 1990 that led to a much higher rate of Black incarceration. 

A Look Back

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In 2020, CNN collected data that showed Trump only received 1 out of 10 Black votes.

Recent Data

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But, more recent data is showing that Trump has over 20% of Black voter support in key battleground states. 

The Potential Impact

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If he is able to continue to garner support in cities like Detroit, Milwaukee and Philadelphia, he might be able to take home the majority of votes in their respective cities.  

Biden’s Counterattack

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The Biden campaign is not giving up in the face of Trump’s continued outreach to Black voters. 

Trump’s True Colors

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In response, Biden released a new advertisement focused on Trump’s most controversial situations. 

Central Park 5

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One such situation was Trump’s continuous demand for the death penalty for the Central Park 5, who were wrongfully convicted of a brutal rape in the 80s. 

Birth Certificate Debacle

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Trump also was very local about his thoughts on former President Obama, and started a hateful rumor that he was born in Kenya because of his skin color. 

We Have Not Forgotten

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The director of Black media for Biden’s campaign, Jasmin Harris, said “We sure haven’t forgotten Trump repeatedly cozying up to white supremacists and demonizing Black communities to his political benefit — because that’s exactly what he’ll do if he wins a second term”. 

Obama’s Thoughts

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Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel recently asked Barack Obama what he thought about Trump’s recent declaration of doing more for Black people than any other president in history, including Obama himself. 

The Retort

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Obama responded, “One thing he did, for example, was make them feel even better about the first Black president”. 

Growing Fears

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Jimmy Kimmel also asked Biden about what frightens him the most about a potential re-election of Donald Trump. 

The Scariest Part

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Biden responded that the Supreme Court is “one of the scariest parts”. 

Out of Balance

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Continuing, “The Supreme Court has never been as out of kilter as it is today, I mean never”. 

Trump’s Appointed Justices

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After Trump’s appointed Justices joined the ranks, the heavily conservative Supreme Court has placed restrictions on many civil rights. 

Only Time Will Tell

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The upcoming election will determine the next Supreme Court Justice, which has the power to shift the fate of the American citizen. 

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