Texas Democrat Rebel Faces Major Blow on Gender-Affirming Care Vote

After breaking away from her own political party to vote against transgender healthcare, the Democratic lawmaker was defeated before she began. 

Losing the Primary

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Texas Democrat Representative Shawn Thierry lost in the primary election for the coveted south Houston seat after making quite the controversial decision. 

Thierry’s Previous Track Record

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For the past four terms, Rep Shawn Thierry has almost a flawless track record when it came to voting with the Democratic party on major issues. 

Against Republican Policies

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These issues included voting against intense immigration methods pushed by the Republican Governor Greg Abbott, as well as a ban of college run diversity programs. 

Her Controversial Speech

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In 2023, Rep Shawn Thierry received major backlash after defending a ban on gender-affirming care for minors in a 12 minute speech to the Texas House of Representatives. 

A Vocal Stance

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While there were 3 other Democrats who also voted for the ban on gender-affirming care, they were not nearly as vocal as Theirry. 

Electoral Defeat

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As a result, Rep Shawn Thierry lost by a startling double digits on Tuesday to competitor Lauren Ashely Simmons. 

Shift in Support

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In response to Thierry’s speech last year, many of her previous supporters ended up voting for Simmons. 

Former Mayor’s Statement

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The former Houston Mayor, Annise Parker said, “Her vote was why she had a race, but when she doubled down and went really down the rabbit hole of misinformation, it energized folks in the LGBTQ community”. 

Switching Sides

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Annise Parker, now the president and CEO of the LGBTQ+ Victory Fund, switched her vote to Simmons after the controversy. 

Simmons’ Prospective Victory

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Simmons is believed to be the eventual winner in the November election of the largely Democratic district in Houston. 

Campaign Silence

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Thierry’s campaign has not yet released a statement about the loss of the primary. 

Thierry’s Justification

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But last year in her speech against gender-affirming care, Thierry said, “I am making a decision to place the safety and well-being of all young people over the comfort of political expediency”. 

Her Core Belief

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Continuing, “It is my core belief and conclusion that we should remain consistent in the premise that children must be given special provisions under the law as they cannot fully appreciate the long-term consequences of their actions”. 

A Glance at the Nation

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Thierry is not the only Democrat to vote against gender-affirming care for minors across the nation. 

Democrats Remain Dedicated

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While the Democratic party remains dedicated to LGBTQ+ visibility and human rights, some lawmakers have remained silent against the anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric from the GOP. 

Simmons’ Endorsements 

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Endorsed by the Human Rights Campaign and Equality Texas, Simmons has the support of the LGBTQ+ community in Texas and beyond. 

The Human Rights Campaign Takes Action 

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In order to help secure her seat, the Human Rights Campaign called and texted over 2,000 people in support, and the Equality Texas group hosted events in her honor. 

Doubling Down

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Political consultant Grant Martin, said it was not only Thierry’s vote, but how she doubled down on her thoughts on Fox News while receiving donations from multiple Republican groups. 

Sending a Clear Message

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A Rice University political science professor Mark Jones said, “This sends a clear message to Democratic elected officials that if you break with the party on key issues, … you really run the risk of getting primaried and removed from office”. 

A Purge and Litmus Test

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Jones continued, “It’s the same type of purge and litmus test we’ve seen in the Republican Party recently”. 

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