Double Standards: Trump’s Attempt to Woo Queer Voters Despite Past Discriminatory Actions

As the election moves closer, former president Donald Trump makes a bizarre move, and attempts to gain support from the queer community he has discriminated against for years. 

Trump’s Desperate Bid

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In a desperate bid for LGBTQ+ voters to back his bid for presidency, Donald Trump has tried to tell members of the queer community he will increase their prosperity, while still championing his previous anti-LGTQ+ policies. 

Claims to Support “ALL Americans”

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Karoline Leavitt, a Trump campaign spokesperson said, “President Trump’s second term agenda will create a safer and more prosperous America for ALL Americans, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or creed!”

Log Cabin Republicans

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The coalition of LGBTQ+ Trump supporters, known as the Log Cabin Republicans are very vocal about their vote for Trump regardless of the safety and wellbeing of the rest of the queer community. 

“Malaise” Joe Biden

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Log Cabin Republican president, Charles Moran said “The economy and malaise Joe Biden and Democrats have brought are affecting gay families as bad as Latino families, as Asian families, as everybody else in this country”. 

No Portfolio to Show

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Moran continued, “So it’s not like we have to have this policy portfolio that we have to present to these different communities”. 

A Bold Claim

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“Under Donald Trump, your life was better, and it doesn’t matter what your skin color was, or your gender or your sexual identity.”

Tension Within the Republican Party

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Interestingly enough, the Log Cabin Republicans face hatred and hostility within their own political party, as many staunch Republicans do not recognize them as a part of the MAGA community. 

Fact-Checking Trump’s LGBTQ+ Record

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In response to the Trump campaign’s unfounded statements about life for LGBTQ+ people under his presidency, let’s take a look back at the facts 

Rolling Back Protections

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During his time as president, Trump banned transgender people from the military and destroyed the Obama-era protections against the queer population. 

Banning the Pride Flag

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Additionally, Trump created policies to eliminate outward displays and support for the LGBTQ+ community, and banned the Pride flag from flying at US embassies. 

Refusal to Recognize Pride Month

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Instead of recognizing June as Pride Month, as it has been celebrated since commemorating the Stonewall riots, Trump declared it the “National Homeownership Month” and the “Great Outdoors Month” . 

Trump’s Campaign Promises

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Trump and his supporters have not been quiet about his plans for a second-term presidency. 

Second Term Agenda

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While the policy he champions was written by the Heritage Foundation, Trump still has embraced the legislation and promised to do his best to enact it. 

The Heritage Foundation’s Hatred

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Some of these initiatives from the Heritage Foundation include more than a dozen ways to target transgender people and their rights, including a ban across the entire nation on transgender student athletes. 

Policing Gender

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Additionally, Trump plans to create a federal law that only considers and formally recognizes two genders. 

A Hot Topic of Debate

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Gender-affirming care for transgender minors has been quite the hot button issue for some time now. 

Consequences for All Involved

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Trump plans to outlaw the care, and will enforce prison time for anyone who is considered “complicit” in the care. 

1st Day Plans

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On his first day in office, Trump has said that he will start out by destroying all of the policies Biden enacted to protect the transgender community. 

A Look at Biden’s Allyship

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On the other side of the spectrum, President Biden has been a very vocal ally of the LGBTQ+ population both before his presidency and during it. 

Expanding Protections

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Biden expanded federal nondiscrimination protections for the community, and signed legislation to safeguard marriage equality. 

Increasing Hostility

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Acknowledging the rapid increase of hostility and anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in red states, Biden has condemned their threats and violence against the community. 

Denouncing DeSantis

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President Biden also publicly denounced controversial Republican, Ron DeSantis and his borderline obsession with backing his Don’t Say Gay laws in Florida. 

The Data

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Independent Center, a centrist think tank released data showing that 56% of the LGTBQ+ voters polled would vote for Biden, while 28% said that they were leaning towards voting for Trump. 

Swing Votes

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16% of the people polled said that they are still undecided, and could swing either way. 

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