Pride STOLEN In Massachusetts: Community Sends Strong Message to LGBT Community

Just before Pride Month kicked off, 200 Pride flags were stolen from a rotary in Massachusetts. 

Before Pride Even Began

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On May 27th, days before the beginning of Pride Month, more than 200 Pride Flags were stolen in Carlisle Massachusetts. 

The Press Release

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Carlisle Police Chief Andrew Amendola released a press release after the incident, providing more information. 

Asking for Public Assistance 

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In the report, they say, “The Carlisle Police Department is actively investigating the theft, and is asking the public for assistance.” 

“We Are Taking this Very Seriously”

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Chief Amendola added, “We are taking this very seriously. It is unfortunate, as Carlisle is an inclusive community, and we want everyone to feel safe and welcomed here”. 

Community Comes Together

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In response to the incident, the Carlisle community banded together in support of the LGBTQ+ residents, and they had a much larger turnout than they expected.

Solidarity Grows

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The co-organizer of the Pride event Rachel Gore told NBC Boston, “The community response has been overwhelming. People have come out in solidarity”. 

Only Just Beginning

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This is not the first event this Pride Month that targeted the LGBTQ+ community, nor will it be the last. 

Shocking Statistics

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Last year, a nationalist group in Idaho issued threats of gun violence and incited riots. During Pride Month in 2023, there were 145 reported incidents of harassment, assault, and vandalism against the LGBTQ community

Looking Back

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Also in 2023, a 16 year old was arrested for assault and charged for a hate crime after they attacked two transgender students. Drag queen story hours have been under fire for months, even facing legal repercussions in some states. 

In the First Week

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Since the start of Pride Month in 2024, there have been reported attacks and vandalizing of queer friendly spots, including a Methodist church. 

Inflammatory Rhetoric

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Inflammatory rhetoric has been a massive part of the race for the upcoming presidential election, leading many to think that the hateful speech is inciting the increasing hostility. 

Possible Escalation

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It also worries members of the LGBTQ+ community that the hate speech will allow for more conservative extremist groups to feel empowered enough to escalate the attacks. 

A Grave Warning

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Both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have released their own warnings to the LGBTQ+ community that the Pride Month events may be a target for terrorists.

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