Hate Strikes Twice: Stonewall Pride Flags Suffer Vandalism Yet Again

Repeated acts of vandalism mar Pride month celebrations at one of the most important LGBTQ+ monuments. 

Repeated Vandalism

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For the second year in a row, more than 150 Pride flags hung at the Stonewall National Monument were destroyed. 

Extent of the Damage

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In Greenwich Village, someone vandalized more than 160 flags inside and outside the monument. 

Trespassing and Vandalism 

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The assailant climbed the fence to enter the monument before committing the crime. 

No Arrests Yet

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The New York Police Department said that no arrests have been made yet. 

Response From NYC Councilmember

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A gay New York City councilmember, Erik Bottcher took to social media to show the vandalism, stating “Last night, bigots vandalized the Stonewall National Monument, snapping flag sticks and stealing ¾ of the flags around the perimeter of the park”. 

More Than One Incident

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Continuing, “Also someone burned Pride decorations at 22nd St. in Chelsea. Anyone who thinks this will intimidate our community is badly mistaken”. 

Strengthening Resolve

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Bottcher reminded the public, “Hateful acts like this merely strengthen our resolve”. 

Mayor’s Assurance

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Eric Adams, the New York City Mayor said, “Our administration wants every member of our LGBTQ+ community to know: we are here for you and our administration will always have your back”. 

Commitment to Justice

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Adams continued, “We will work in close coordination with the NYPD to identify and hold accountability whoever committed this heinous act”. 

Dedicated to Inclusivity

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Adams, a known supporter of the LGBTQ+ community joined in celebrating Pride month by hosting an event for LGBTQ+ activists and leaders at his personal residence. 

The Historical Significance

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The monument includes Christopher Park and the Stonewall Inn, where the 1969 riots started. 

Legacy of the Stonewall Riots

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Many people believe that the Stonewall riots were the start of the gay rights movement, and is commemorated each year in June for Pride month. 

Similar Incidents

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Before the vandalism took place, over 200 pride flags were stolen from the rotary club in Carlisle, Massachusetts. 

Early Morning Vandalism

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Before the sun rose on June 1st, 14 Pride banners were destroyed in Poulsbo, Washington. 

A Look at Last Year

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Last year, the Pride flags at Christopher Park were also destroyed at the start of Pride month. 

Arrests Made

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Upon investigation, the police found and arrested three men for the crime. 

Increased Hostility

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This year is already showing the increased hostility towards the LGBTQ+ community, with multiple incidents of harassment and hate speech already recorded. 

The Startling Statistics

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GLAAD Data from Pride month in 2023 showed that there were over 145 reported incidents of assault, harassment, and vandalism against the LGBTQ+ community across the country. 

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