Trump Patronizes Millions of Black Americans With ‘I’m Not Racist, I Have Black Friends’ Speech in Swing State Battle

President Biden intensifies efforts to beat Trump as key debate approaches. In a tight race hinging on swing states, Trump aims to weaken Biden’s support among Black voters.

Biden Uses New Campaign Strategy

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This Monday, President Biden launched a new campaign ad specifically designed for the battleground states. 

A Selfish Felon

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The new advertisement paints former President Trump as a selfish felon, who does not care about the American citizens. 

A Debate on Strategy

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It was launched after much debate between the Democratic party on how to handle Trump’s recent conviction as a felon. 

Internal Party Disagreement

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While some wanted to blast the news far and wide, other members thought it may be better to campaign on Biden’s merits as a leader rather than only take aim at Trump’s demise. 

A Response to Trump’s Bid for Black Voters

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The ad was also in response to Trump’s recent push for votes from Black Americans, who are a traditionally Democratic base. 

Trump’s Troubled Past

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Trump continues to seek black voters support, regardless of his deeply troubling past with topics of race and prejudice. 

Not Racist

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On Saturday, Trump launched his “Black Americans for Trump” coalition in Michigan, backed by prominent Black Republicans like Sen. Tim Scott and Rep. Byron Donalds. In a Semafor interview, Trump insisted, “I’m not racist. I have so many Black friends.”

Targeting Trump’s Trial

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At a predominantly Black church in Detroit, Trump claimed Black workers thrived more under his administration than Biden’s, despite this being false. He also criticized Biden’s support for a 1990s crime bill that led to high Black incarceration rates.

The Biden campaign countered by pointing to Trump’s past controversies, including his call for the death penalty for the wrongfully convicted Central Park Five and his birther campaign against Obama. Jasmine Harris, Biden’s Black media director, said, “We haven’t forgotten Trump’s history with white supremacists and demonizing Black communities.”

Change in Strategy

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CNN exit polls showed Trump won about 10% of Black voters in 2020, but a New York Times/Siena College poll now suggests he might gain over 20% in battleground states. Reducing Biden’s advantage in cities like Philadelphia, Detroit, and Milwaukee could bolster Trump’s chances in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

Wisdom, Courage, Character

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Mitch Landrieu, the Biden campaign co-chair said, “What this ad is about is about showing the American people about the issue that’s going to decide this campaign: wisdom, courage, character.”

Trump’s Response

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In response, Trump’s team said, “The contrast between President Trump’s strength and success versus Crooked Joe Biden’s weakness, failures, and dishonesty will be made clear on the debate stage next week”. 

Obama lashed out, at a fundraiser with Jimmy Kimmel, mocked Trump’s claim of helping Black people more than any president, saying, “One thing he did was make them feel even better about the first Black president.”

Blames Election Interference

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The Trump campaign also stands firm in their belief that the hush money conviction is solely due to election interference. 

Worries about Supreme Court

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One of Biden’s major worries about a possible Trump win is the Supreme Court and the possibility of him adding another hardline conservative justice. 

Obama Speaks Up

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Former President Barack Obama called out the Republican party, saying that they are about to vote for a man who was, “convicted by a jury of his peers on 34 counts”. 

Right Around the Corner

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With the first televised debate just around the corner on June 27th, the candidates are increasing their media presence and campaign promises. 

The Concerns

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Many people are concerned that 81-year old candidate Joe Biden will struggle to hold his own during the debate.

Targeting Biden

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Trump’s campaign strategy seems focused on ridiculing Biden for his age and questioning his mental faculties. 

Escalating Behavior

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But former President Trump has also gained some media exposure lately about his own mental stability, as his behavior continues to escalate before the upcoming debate. 

Trump’s Volatility

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His volatile behavior and his previous attempt to destroy the American democratic process on January 6th 2021, has voters doubting that he is more stable than Biden. 

A Look at the Polls

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With current data, Trump is polling well in the swing states while Biden is focused on staying ahead of the electoral vote count in order to win the election. 

Economic Concerns

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Biden faces an uphill battle as many Americans are upset about the state of the economy and the rising interest rates. 

Capitalizing on Discontent

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Trump is viewing this as an opening to rally the American people around him in hopes for a more stable economy, similar to his time in office pre-pandemic. 

Changing Debate Format

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The upcoming debate will look a bit different compared to debates of past elections. 

The Details

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Agreed upon by both Trump and Biden, the debate will be in a televised studio and not in front of a live audience, and it will have 2 commercial breaks.

Barred from Interacting

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During the breaks, the campaign staff are not permitted to interact with either candidate. 

Coin Flip for Placement

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They will also both speak at a podium, and their spot will be determined by a coin flip at the start of the debate. 

Muting Microphones

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Finally, they have both agreed to having their microphones muted when it is not their turn to speak on an issue. 

Preparing for Battle

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Both candidates are preparing for the battle, with President Biden heading to Camp David for a debate boot camp, and Trump hosting a policy forum with his advisors. 

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