Tennessee Governor Quietly Signs Away Women and Trans Rights

Governor Bill Lee signed more controversial bills focused on protecting the near absolute ban on abortion in Tennessee.

Limiting Freedom

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Republican Governor Bill Lee recently approved multiple bills in Tennessee, all targeted at access to abortion as a minor, and limiting their ability to access gender-affirming care. 

His Silent Stance

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The Governor did not sign the legislation in front of a cheering crowd, supporting his attempt at a total abortion ban. Instead, he signed the bills into law quietly and without public commentary. 

One Track Mind

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Gov. Bill Lee has never been quiet about his hatred for abortion, and has dedicated much of his time in office to further restricting access to the procedure. 

The Abortion Legislation 

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With this legislation, Tennessee will become the second state that stops any adult who “intentionally recruits, harbors, or transports” a pregnant minor seeking an abortion without parental consent. 

New Legislation Begins July 1st

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The law (along with the legislation on gender-affirming care) will go into effect on July 1st. If convicted, it will be a Class A Misdemeanor with almost a one-year prison sentence. 

“Parents Rights”

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Stacy Dunn, the President of the Tennessee chapter of Right to Life shared her support for the new legislation. Dunn stated, “Parents have a right to be involved with their daughters’ wellbeing. The abortion industry has no right to keep parents in the dark at a time when their daughters are so vulnerable and could possibly be in danger”. 

Tennessee’s Hot Takes

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The current legislation is not the first time that Tennessee has shown its dedication to “parental rights” on hot topics. They are the first state to now also penalize adults who aid minors in receiving gender-affirming care without consent from their guardians. 

It Didn’t Work the First Time

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The bill is written as almost an exact copy of a previously attempted “anti-abortion trafficking” proposal. The bill includes a vast range of possible violations, including sharing information online to a minor about where and how they can find gender-affirming care. 

Idaho’s Attempt and Failure

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Idaho was the first state to enact a law similar to the  “abortion/gender-affirming care trafficking” legislation, which was subsequently blocked when a reproductive rights group fought back and sued. 

Planned Parenthood Speaks Out

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Ashley Coffield, CEO of Planned Parenthood said that their organization is in “consultation with our lawyers about how to comply with the law if we need to comply with it or whether we can challenge the law.”

Breaking Down the Current Legislation 

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Currently, Tennessee has banned abortions at all stages of pregnancy with very few exemptions. And the so-called “exemptions” are decided by doctors who must use their subjective  “reasonable medical judgment” when deciding the outcome of the pregnant woman’s situation. 

Minors Impregnated by Guardians Deemed NOT and Exemption

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Perhaps the most shocking part of the legislation, is that the exemptions do not include minors who have been raped by their guardians. 

A Futile Gesture

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The legislation instead vaguely says that the biological father (rapist) of the minor cannot pursue civil action on the matter. 

Time to Fight Back 

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The women of Tennessee are not laying down and accepting the new laws. A group is currently suing in order to clarify the law, and is patiently waiting to see if it can be stopped. 

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