RFK Jr.’s Transphobic Tirade Blamed on Brain Worm

What often impairs judgment? Many people work their lives to overcome severe prejudices and learned biases so they can become more accepting. However,  landing on the wrong side of history is not always the individual’s fault. Who’s to Blame In some cases, external factors must be considered to fully comprehend the situation. Horrific side effects … Read more

Rhode Island Shields Trans Rights With Bold New Legislation

When becoming a doctor, one is required to swear to do right by their patients. This swearing, known as the Hippocratic Oath, vows that medical professionals will do their best to also include their patient in as much as the decision-making process. Not So Simple Of course, this can become a Herculean task. Practicing medicine … Read more

South Carolina Enacts Drastic Anti-Trans Health Care Law

Every parent can speak to a feeling of fear. Fear of a world that is dangerous and ever changing. Fear of losing their child or failing to protect them. This feeling is eternal, and has been part of the human experience since our inception. Modern Fears In modern times, the fears of raising children extrapolate. … Read more

The Queer Financial Crisis – An Economic Struggle

What is the one thing almost everyone wishes they had more of? Money. The blood of consumerism and a key motivator for many. And while some may claim that money can’t buy happiness, others retort that it’s better to cry in a mansion than studio apartment. Standard Measures Of course, the easiest way to track … Read more

AI’s Growing DISCRIMINATION Against Marginalized Groups

Humans are innovators, gamechangers, and adaptors. Mankind has established itself to be a cut above the rest of its evolutionary relations. However, there is one primal aspect that humans cannot cleave themselves from: survival.  Natural Selection? The drive for survival is hardwired into our biology. Our brains focus on what is immediate and pressing, ignoring … Read more

Trans Minister Converts Georgia Conservatives to Acceptance

State sessions are coming to an end, if they haven’t already. During the time before their recess, legislators attempt to vote on as many bills as possible to avoid them from hanging in limbo. A New Era This political year, several states concluded their session by making modern history by not passing a single anti-LGBTQ+ … Read more

Eco-Warriors: More Female Leaders Can Save the Planet

Climate change: one of the hottest political topics often pushed by Democrats. It impacts everyone and the decisions they make. Be it food, clothes, transportation, or electronics. As climate change continues to reshape the world, more and more people are needed to help. Not Felt Equally But not all people feel the effects of the … Read more

Rising Number of Transgender Youths Fleeing US

There’s one in every family: an adventurous soul who packs up shop and moves abroad to start a new life. However, there is a significant demographic that makes up these globetrotters: trans people. Stepping Out Trans individuals, as well as concerned parents raising trans and nonbinary children, are actively pursuing a life outside of the … Read more

Georgia’s Assists Queer and Trans Workers With Disabilities By Elimination of Subminimum Wage

Georgia could very well become the next state to end the practice of subminimum wages for employees with disabilities. If passed, the appeal could mandate that every individual be paid minimum wage, regardless of ability status. A Harsh Reality While it may sound unbelievable, subminimum wage is a commonplace exception for minimum wage requirements that … Read more

No Place Left: What Happened to All the Lesbian Bars?

After a long week of work, one of the most common places they find themselves at is a bar. What better than sitting back, drinking with friends, and potentially meeting somebody new? For queer people, gay bars offer this in spades. Gay Bars Aplenty In most well-populated cities, it’s standard to have at least one … Read more

Proud: Sacramento Declared ‘Trans Sanctuary’ City

Traveling is often seen as exciting and adventurous. It is an opportunity for one to step outside their comfort zone and explore a new place. But for queer individuals, traveling often comes with an array of anxieties.  A Fear of Travel Many locations in the world are unsafe for LGBTQ+ travelers. With increasing horror stories … Read more

AI Discrimination Against People With Disabilities Revealed

AI is quickly taking the world by storm. It is being integrated into nearly every aspect of everyday life. From writing school essays to outlining business proposals, AI is humanity’s newest invention that seems like it’s here to stay. Controversy Spreads However, the employment of these systems is quickly sparking controversy, most notably in the … Read more

‘They/Them’ Pronoun Users Are LESS Likely to Be Hired

It may be falsely assumed that being non-binary is a new phenomenon that only resonates with a small group of people. However, around 1.2 million adults in the US identify as nonbinary. A large percentage of this demographic is under the age of 30. Young and Eager This means most non-binary individuals are early on … Read more

Genderqueer Migrants File Complaint Claiming Mistreatment at Colorado Detention Center

Over the past few years, ICE has garnished a notorious reputation for itself. Officers are claimed to treat undocumented migrants poorly and be insensitive to LGBTQ migrants.  Under Lock and Key At the Aurora immigrant detention center in Colorado, genderqueer migrants complained that they are treated poorly, and being subjected to long periods of lockdown. … Read more

“A Grave Violation of Dignity” – Vatican’s Scathing Opposition to Trans Rights Faces Backlash From LGBTQ Christians

Christianity may be slowly losing its grip on the modern world. Church attendance is down, and atheistic beliefs are rising. And in the Pope’s latest statement about trans right, devotion may quickly turn to distaste. A New Teaching The Vatican has released a doctrine stating that gender-affirming operations are a “grave violation of human dignity.” … Read more

Iowa REVERSES Equal Gender-Representation Statute

Iowa sparks national controversy as its gender balance mandate for decision-making bodies has been repealed. The statute, which had existed for more than 30 years, required state-funded committees and boards to maintain an equal representation of both sexes.  Governor’s Approval The decision to repeal was approved by Kim Reynolds, who is acting Governor. Debates have … Read more

Biblical Backlash: Homophobia Resurfaces Amid Dune Movie Hype

The release of the much anticipated Dune: Part Two has come and gone, but not without its own scandal. The original novel’s queer fanbase has been hoping for a less truthful adaptation, one that would be less harmful in queer representation. Raising Views and Concerns Denis Villeneuve’s Dune hit theaters in 2021, and fans eagerly … Read more

Race Row: AI Fails to Generate Interracial Couple Photos

Meta, a powerful multinational tech conglomerate, has recently had their developing AI receive allegations of significant racial bias. Specifically, it’s image generator being unable to produce photos of interracial couples. Meta’s Mega Problem The problem is not solely with romantic partners but has also been found when prompting for a group of friends or colleagues … Read more