Proud: Sacramento Declared ‘Trans Sanctuary’ City

Traveling is often seen as exciting and adventurous. It is an opportunity for one to step outside their comfort zone and explore a new place. But for queer individuals, traveling often comes with an array of anxieties. 

A Fear of Travel

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Many locations in the world are unsafe for LGBTQ+ travelers. With increasing horror stories of hate-crimes both abroad and domestically, it can be difficult for queer people to find a destination where they can feel safe to be themselves.

A New Safe Haven

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Sacramento seeks to change that. As of now, Sacramento cements its LGBTQ+ friendly reputation by declaring itself to be a “trans sanctuary” city. 

Unanimous Approval

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The decision to adopt its new title came from the City Council of Sacramento. The vote passed unanimously in an attempt to provide a sense of safety to trans individuals, pushing for a further notion of inclusion for all people.

In Accordance With the State

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Sacramento’s vote for trans inclusivity is not unprecedented. Since September 2022, the entire state of California has been designated a sanctuary state. This is the result of passing Senate Bill 107, under the approval of Governor Gavin Newsom.

Playing Political Chess

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The idea of establishing a sanctuary state serves as a political move. Families looking for gender affirming medical care for their trans children can not face legal repercussions if they are coming from other states.

Rivaling States

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Some of the states that currently prohibit gender affirming treatment (with varying provisions and exceptions) include Florida, Alabama, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona.

Fair Share of Resources

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Katie Valenzuela, who is a Sacramento Council Member and the main proponent of the city’s resolution, indicates its importance. By being a sanctuary city, local resources cannot be banned from assisting trans people in receiving the care they need. 

More Than for Denizens

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Valenzuela stated that when it comes to providing all forms of healthcare, “This is more than just protecting the people who live here.”

With Open Arms

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She continued by saying “This is also about protecting people who come here from other communities to ensure that we’re not aiding law enforcement activities in their home jurisdiction who may seek to criminalize their quest for healthcare.” 

Keeping It Safe

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The resolution heralds a new political practice known as “corrective action”. This measure protects against other local officials who might seek to undercut resources for LGBTQ+ people. 

Mayoral Backing

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Mayor Darrell Steinberg affirmed Valenzuela’s statement, commenting, “We debate the many issues in our city, but there’s no shade of gray when it comes to civil rights,”. Before the vote, he mentioned that Sacramento serves as a beacon for human rights.

Political Pride

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The city has notable points in regards to queer activism and history. Sacramento is the place where the first openly gay politician, Harvey Milk, was elected.

A History of LGBT Rights

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Additionally, Sacramento is home to the CARES foundation, which provides assistance with those living with HIV. Sacramento also has one of the first openly gay neighborhoods in US history, known as the Castro District.

Drawing Parallels

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In regards to the city’s new resolution, several keen observers can draw parallels with immigration policies. Sacramento is currently working towards minimizing collaboration with ICE. However, some believe that the resolution is more symbolic than practical.

Something’s Missing

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While declaring itself a sanctuary, efforts to bridge economic shortfalls are still needed. This results from the fact that many trans individuals, especially youth, endure homelessness and poverty due to discrimination.

Nonprofits to the Rescues

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In order to counteract this, nonprofits like Sacramento LGBTQ Community Center are working tirelessly to fight these problems. The organization offers transitional housing for queer youth who have been kicked off of their homes because of their sexuality or gender identity.

Closing the Gap

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There is a level of discrepancy when it comes to helping homeless queer youth. Legal protection against queer homelessness often fails to reflect reality, especially for trans people of color.

Global Hate

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The Human Rights Campaign echoes these sentiments. It is also crucial to note that hate crimes in the current political climate, hate crimes against trans individuals, are at an all-time high.

Walk the Walk

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Regardless of the new resolution, a lot of work must be done in order to ensure true safety and security for genderqueer individuals. Only time will tell if the city can actually live up to its newly garnered expectations.

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