“A Grave Violation of Dignity” – Vatican’s Scathing Opposition to Trans Rights Faces Backlash From LGBTQ Christians

Christianity may be slowly losing its grip on the modern world. Church attendance is down, and atheistic beliefs are rising. And in the Pope’s latest statement about trans right, devotion may quickly turn to distaste.

A New Teaching

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The Vatican has released a doctrine stating that gender-affirming operations are a “grave violation of human dignity.” The new doctrine, a document titled Dignitas infinita, has been in the works for 5 years.

Not So Dignified 

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The Dignitas Infinita also included other topics, such as surrogacy, deeming it to be the same degree of offense as gender-affirming surgery. It has been available to the public since Monday, April 8th of this year.

A Stepping Stone

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Releasing the new doctrine is theorized to be an attempt to reconsolidate the Catholic Church. For years, leaders of the faith have been torn over a myriad of global problems, ranging from social justice to climate change. 

Not Alone In Persecution

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Vatican ruling also remains cemented in its opposition to euthanasia and abortion, and now fully stands as an opponent to the notion that one’s gender is anything but permanent.

So-Called Evidence

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“Evidence” for the ruling is pulled directly from the book of Genesis. Catholics believe God created man and woman in biological nature, and to alter divine plans would be attempting to “make oneself God”. 

Scalpels Down

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It was at least mentioned that it is possible to have surgery to fix “genital abnormalities” but stressed that “such a medical procedure would not constitute a sex change in the sense intended here”.

“Despicable”, Say the Pope

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Passages from the teaching also warn against surrogacy, feeling that the dignity of both the parent and child is “despicable”. This was the exact working Pope Francis used during a speech delivered back in January of this year, encouraging a ban on the practice.

Making Amends?

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In efforts to salvage the tenuous relationship with the queer community, there is an additional portion about not criminalizing homosexuality. Many are unsure of how this teaching will be accepted globally. 

A History of Opposition

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Throughout Church history, building a connection with LGBTQ people has never been top priority. Many Catholics who identify as such believed a new era would be ushered in with the seemingly accepting current pope. 

Benevolent Benediction

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In fact, Pope Francis is seen by many to be an approachable and benevolent spiritual leader, citing his sermon to trans Catholics where he preached that the Catholic Church must welcome every one of God’s children. 

Spiritual Backlash

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But in his graciousness, he declared gender theory to be the “worst danger” and an “ugly ideology” that interferes with God’s natural plan. Pro-LGBTQ Catholics have already launched heavy criticism against Monday’s new teaching.

Public Disapproval

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Many queer activists hold it to be outdated, hateful, and contradicting, especially in its proposed aim to recognise the “infinite dignity” for humanity. They also harbor concerns that it could incite anti-trans violence and further discrimination against the demographic. 

Other Preachers Weigh In

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“While it lays out a wonderful rationale for why each human being, regardless of condition in life, must be respected, honoured and loved, it does not apply this principle to gender-diverse people,” Francis DeBernardo of New Ways Ministry, a pro-LGBTQ+ congregation.

To Be Human Is to Err

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Several trans-Catholics have also condemned the document’s publishing, calling it “hurtful” and empty of real-world conditions. The new doctrine makes little distinction between being trans and intersex, incorrectly conjoining the two identities.

Not Backed by Science

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Since Pope John Paul the 2nd, the Church has boasted that none of its teachings contradict what science discovers. However, evolutionary biology seems to support the existence of all LGBTQ+ members, hypothesizing they bring advantages in communal child-rearing.

A Political Pope

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The Vatican’s latest decree comes at a time where trans people face overwhelming persecution, especially in the United States. And while some say that it was a sense of divine timing, others propose that the Pope’s motives may be more political rather than theological.

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