Maine Makes Moves to Be a Trans Sanctuary City Amid Surge in Anti-LGBTQ

Medicine is considered to be one of the core facets to any society. It’s something everyone needs, but not everyone gets. And those working in the field are underpaid while risking their own safety in order to care for their patients.

It All Starts With Congress

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Unfortunately, much of the progress needing to be made in medicine won’t come from the labs or hospitals. Rather, it has to start within the chambers of legislators.

Maine Making Moves

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While there has been tremendous effort in recent years to establish a more accessible and holistic healthcare system, little improvement has been seen. However, in the state of Maine, things seem to be taking a turn for the better.

Controversial Signature

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Change came from the office of Janet Mills, acting Governor, last Tuesday when she signed LD 227. The bill grants sanctuary to out-of-state providers and patients seeking two controversial practices: abortions and trans affirming healthcare.

Trans Haven

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The state of Maine can now serve as a safe haven for those in need of medical practices that are illegal in their home state. The law also grants them security that the patient faces certain legal consequences for seeking aid beyond state lines.

16 Down, 44 to Go

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Maine is now the 16th state to make such a declaration, cementing its attempts to improve reproductive and gender-affirming care. It is certainly a monumental step forward, but not everyone feels so jubilant.

2nd Time’s a Charm

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A previous version of the bill had originally been proposed but failed after a significant increase from online threats. The threats were issued by staunch transphobes and far right conservatives. 

Raising the Shield

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LD 227 is publicly heralded as the shield bill, and for good reason. The law solidifies reproductive rights and trans medical support as part of the state constitution. It also nullifies any and all legal actions that can be taken against those from out of state seeking aid.

Lawsuit Proof

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Subpoenas, warrants for arrest, and actions both civil and criminal from other states are flat out dismissed. As long as the healthcare takes place inside the state of Maine, there are no legal actions that can be taken to persecute any individuals.

Warding Off Bad Spirits

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The shield bill also defends healthcare providers who could be subject to insidious actions taken on by insurance companies and medical boards not based in Maine.

Terrifying Tactics

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This protects workers and patients from efforts to economically impede finding care in the Pine Tree State. All in all, it grants total coverage and protection to those engaging in what right-wing parties consider to be abominable practices.

Incorporating Equal Practices

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Maine’s shield bill is so resilient due to its integration of the World Professional Association of Transgender Health’s Standards of Care. The association outlines high caliber methods for assisting trans people within a medical setting.

Now More Than Ever

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Air-tight legislation like LD 227 is necessary to safeguard against discrimination. While it might seem unreasonable for persecution to transcend state borders, the United States Senate Finance Committee provides evidence that suggests otherwise.

Calling From Across the Country

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Reports from the committee reveal that several attorneys general tried to collect medical records on trans youth and women who had had abortions. The attorneys general were from the states of Missouri, Texas, Indiana, and Tennessee.

Texas the Terrorizer

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Out of the states above, the most aggressive efforts originated from the Attorney General of Texas. Several undisguised attempts to persecute trans youth included letters being sent to Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Flooding Inboxes

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The letters in question threatened unrelenting legal action, which the hospital chose to settle outside of court. Texas judicials have not been the only ones to express inciteful intentions in response to pro-trans actions.

Explosive Response

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LD 227 had been originally labelled as “transgender trafficking bill”, concerning extreme alt-right political thinkers that trans people would be shuttled to the state permanently. This escalated to the bomb threats previously mentioned above.

A Speedy Exit

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The threats were unified under a anti-trans slogan of “death to pedophiles”, which resulted in the Maine capitol building undergoing an evacuation. Much of the animosity was brewed through conservative influencers on Tiktok.

A Welcomed Change

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Persevering through the threats of violence, Democrats persevered to pass the proposed bill. And as a result, while some may be infuriated, others are celebrating the success.

Being the Example

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Executive Director of EqualityMaine, Gia Drew, said “This bill couldn’t come into effect at a better time, as more than 40% of states across the country have banned or attempted to block access to reproductive care, which includes abortions, as well as transgender healthcare…”

Ripening Rights for All

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With states battling states and the public growing ever more extreme in their approach to politics, there is much to fear. But in all the fear and chaos, progressive rights are beginning to blossom. Hopefully soon the US will see them come into full fruition.

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