Eco-Warriors: More Female Leaders Can Save the Planet

Climate change: one of the hottest political topics often pushed by Democrats. It impacts everyone and the decisions they make. Be it food, clothes, transportation, or electronics. As climate change continues to reshape the world, more and more people are needed to help.

Not Felt Equally

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But not all people feel the effects of the climate crisis equally. In fact, there is one notable category that experiences climate-related impacts more than any ever–women, girls and marginalized communities.

Inside Knowledge

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Women who possess unique and critical information, especially involving their local area, are often missing from important meetings. This information, as well as having fair representation, are becoming more and more vital when it comes to combating climate issues.

Women Do Better

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In fact, in 2022, one study found that governing bodies with higher female representation also saw an increase in strict environmental legislation, such as lowering carbon emissions. 

Environmental Attitude

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The study was based on prior research that suggested women were more knowledgeable about environmental impacts than men. It also showed evidence that women had a been understanding of methods for alleviating ecological impacts.

Local Legends

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While the study pulled from governing bodies at all levels, researchers found this to be particularly true for local politics. Having women participate in natural resource management was tied to higher conservation efforts.

Leading For Tomorrow

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Reaching into the work environment, transparency about climate impact can also be tracked by the number of women in leadership positions.

A Safe And Green Space

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Women in the workplace often leads to a more open and collaborative space. Communal work requires societies to evaluate modern economic practices and cultural values. In order to transition away from non-green economies, every kind of person needs to be considered .

Going Green For Sexual Health

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Additionally, ecological health stretches into how sexual and reproductive healthcare take place. Creating a more robust healthcare system would allow for considerations of how pollutants and contaminants can lead to increased fertility issues.

Don’t Underestimate

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While it could seem easy to dismiss, this reaction should be checked swiftly. These considerations would never occur without the addition of women in positions of power. Without modern feminist efforts, achieving a green future would be too far gone.

UN Support

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An all-inclusive sustainable future is not just one found in the hopes and dreams of activists. Large-scale legislative bodies, like the UN, are actively working to integrate these outcomes. The UN has gender equality under one of its 17 sustainability goals.

One Goal, All Women

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Quoted from the UN’s page about the 17 sustainable goals, 5.a cites “Undertake reforms to give women equal rights to economic resources, as well as access to ownership and control over land and other forms of property, financial services, inheritance and natural resources.”

South American Sustainability

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One case that can corroborate studies is how in the Ecuadorian Andes indigenous women are practicing sustainable agricultural management. The project, titled the Páramo Project, is seeking ways to redeem farming lands.

Bringing Back To Life

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The land was previously damaged due to overuse, but thanks to women-led efforts, the community has seen major revitalization in the area. Movements such as this not only provide environmental relief, but also defy stereotypes that may hinder women in forms of labor.

No Women, All Problems

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“The Páramo Project shows us that without women, it’s not possible to talk about solutions to climate change and sustainable development,” says UN Women Representative in Ecuador, Bibiana Aido.

Universal Evidence

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These movements are not unique in location and industry. Norah Magero, an engineering professional from Kenya notes the inclusion of women in technology. “Women-led actions need to be sufficiently and equitably funded to achieve a just, green transition,”.

Applauding Efforts

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Magero continues, commenting that everyone should “recognize, applaud, publish and cheer on the brave women who have constantly advocated and promoted equitable, gender-focused and just climate action measures,”. 

What Can Be Done?

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In all of these global actions, it can be overwhelming for the individual to determine what they can do. Those asking themselves this question could focus on supporting female-led sustainable corporations.

One Small Step

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If this step seems too grand to take, then the most powerful action one can take is using social media to lift up these organizations. These platforms allow a space for everyone to voice their opinion, and further their efforts in solving one of humanity’s greatest threats. 

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