South Carolina’s New Anti-Trans Law Sparks Outrage and Fear

Every parent can speak to a feeling of fear. Fear of a world that is dangerous and ever changing. Fear of losing their child or failing to protect them. This feeling is eternal, and has been part of the human experience since our inception.

Modern Fears

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In modern times, the fears of raising children extrapolate. Yes, there are minimized threats of children diving off cliffs or being attacked by wild animals. Nowadays, fears take on a much more abstract form.

The Most Dangerous Environment

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For many supportive parents raising queer children, the political landscape poses the largest threat. Many states have enacted policies that threaten youth who are genderqueer, impeding them from growing into their own identity.

A Bad Ban

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One of the states most recently added to this list is the state of South Carolina. Just ten days ago, the Senate of South Carolina voted in favor of banning all forms of gender-affirming care, erasing aid for trans and nonbinary kids.

No Common Ground

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This ban came after arduous battles put up by Southern Democrats. In an attempt to salvage liberties for genderqueer minors, Democrats in the state Senate pushed for the ban to only be against irreversible services, which ultimately failed.

Walking Out

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Democrats even united their efforts by attempting to walk out of the session. Doing so would’ve led to too few members to qualify for a vote, but this plan was ineffective due to technicality. The final vote totaled out to 27-8 based on the Republican majority.

Adults Only

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The new law restricts any form of gender-affirming care for patients under the age of 18, regardless of parental consent. This encompasses the prescribing of hormone replacement therapy, puberty blocks, and transitional operations.

Schools Unsafe

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The bill also touches on educational issues as well. The bill mandates that education providers must inform parents if their child wishes to identify using a different name or pronouns that do not align with their registered sex.

Helping Who?

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Legislation like this, to no surprise, places trans and nonbinary kids in a great amount of danger. Cultural attitudes in the South are not particularly accepting of LGBTQ+ people. Outing students could place them at risk for abuse at home or even homelessness.

No Time to Defuse

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South Carolina’s House of Representatives had passed the bill at the beginning of the year, but had not solidified its ruling. This gave opportunities to combat its approval in the Senate Chambers before enacting it into law, provided the Governor’s signature.

Squeaky Preacher

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In the Senate, many Republican members preached concerns lensed through shoddy biological arguments. “There are some things in the nature of creation — male and female is one of them — that gets beyond what you believe and I believe,” squealed Sen. Richard Cash.

Silver in the Wreckage

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All was not entirely lost, however. State Democrats managed to tweak the bill slightly prior to approval, psychologists and others employed in mental health to discuss the illegal procedures with clients and even propose locations where treatment can be given.

Medical Loophole

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Another amendment offered set conditions for some underaged patients to receive puberty blockers. However, the requirements to meet in order to be approved for the treatment are carefully worded, ensuring they are not used to promote the transition between genders.

Doing a Doctor’s Job?

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Some senators voiced their concerns of how far the government can go with policing parenting. Minority leader Brad Hutto stated that “Doctors have been trained to deal with children who are having issues like this. Government really has no role in this,”. 

What the Good Book Says

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Many might cite religious affiliations are at the heart of those in favor of the bill. However, some individuals like Sen. Tameika Isaac Devine made it clear that the bill felt far outside of what Christians should practice.

Love Thy Neighbor

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Devine commented “I am going to be compassionate. I am going to be empathetic and I’m going to try to understand. That’s what my God tells me… I’m not going to sit back and judge families going through scenarios I don’t know about.”

Confidence or Cockiness?

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Despite this, some think the ban is what South Carolina denizens want. “…put it alongside taxes, if you put it alongside infrastructure, if you put it alongside paying our school teachers or paying our law enforcement officers… It’s above them all,” Sen. Danny Verdin said confidently.

No Moral High Ground

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Polls may certainly be a good indicator for public consensus, however the real impact will be felt in the voting booth as state senators are up for election in 2024. And as queer rights progress, it’s a matter of time before South Carolina Republicans know who’s on the right side of history.

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