Drag Queen Pattie Gonia Takes the Senate By Storm in Daring Political Move

The famous Dr. Seuss book “The Lorax” cautions readers against what happens when humans mistreat the environment. The book is meant to teach kids to be guardians of nature in their own unique way. But what if fiction became factual?

Drag Defense

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This question was answered by world renowned drag queen, Pattie Gonia. While most drag performers are seen on the stage, Pattie’s work often takes on a different form. Pattie takes to social media.

A Queen Against Climate Change

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 She is a passionate advocate for justice and sustainability, using her digital platform to reach a large number of people. Pattie Gonia’s content generally focuses on highlighting the intersectionality of queerness and the environment.

A Sentinel in the Senate

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Sneaky snapshots of the drag artist were taken in the basement of the senate basement on April 16th. In true Pattie Gonia fashion, the photos in question showed her wearing an arboreal ensemble, inspired by the nature is often fighting on behalf of.

A Queen Raising Questions

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Many were perplexed by the presence of Pattie Gonia, not being familiar with who she is and what she does. Additionally, the puzzling outfit did little to resolve confusion.

Allies From Within

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One member of Congress was familiar with her work, however. Democrat congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, often dubbed as AOC. The New York legislator was fast to snap into action, putting conservative nay-sayers in their place.

Clapping Back for the Queen

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“That’s not just someone, that’s a queen,” retorted to Cortez to some less than welcoming tweets from fellow congress members. She continued, stepping up for the activist.

Praise From a Politician

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“I know Pattie Gonia when I see her and y’all just aren’t put on to their genius yet. Wonderful artist and really impressive work in climate, LGBTQ+ advocacy and racial justice.” These are all political problems that both Pattie and Cortez share viewpoints on.

Making the Rounds

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Pattie confirmed in an interview with PinkNews that her presence in the senate was done with political intent. Pattie noted that her reason for being in the Senate building was to meet with legislators.

Fighting Deforestation

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Her primary goal was to discuss an amendment to help in prohibiting actions that lead to deforestation. “Right now, 370,000 acres of mature old-growth forests are on the chopping block,” Pattie commented.

Art Meets Government

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“I was on the hill, dressed as an old-growth tree, meeting with lawmakers to encourage them to do the right thing by our forests and recommend a Forest Plan amendment that protects [them]…” she continued.

To Preserve, to Protect

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Last December, there was a proposed amendment designed to offer sanctuary to many of the nation’s most mature forests. This would place them under preservation protection, meaning that they cannot legally be logged for commercial purposes.

128 Reasons 

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If the proposal were to be accepted, its implementation would help with establishing 128 forest-land management plans. These plans are becoming more and more crucial as the symptoms of climate change continue to worsen.

A Sneak Peak 

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The outfit Pattie was sporting had been seen before by fans on her Instagram in early April. Many of the looks she wears incorporate sustainable elements such as recycled materials or ethically sourced fabrics.

New Age Activism

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Many may wonder why it’s necessary for a drag queen to be involved in politics. However, the queer community has a long history of advocating for those who can’t fight for themselves. Pattie honors this history in a new age of activism.

A Single Demand

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When asked what she wants from the federal government, she commented “In the US, the Forest Service was created to see our forests as a crop for harvest. I want to encourage the Forest Service to change into protecting our forests which are one of the best climate solutions.

Doing It in Style

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She went on to say: “Plus, someone had to serve a look in those hallways. Everyone else’s outfits were boring and people look so sad. The tree put a smile on people’s faces. Well, everyone but Republicans.”

Speaking From the Chair

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Comments also came from Brenda Mallory, who is the White House’s chairperson of environmental quality. She stated that forests “absorb carbon dioxide equivalent to more than 10 percent of our nation’s annual greenhouse gas emissions”.

Universal Unrest

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While Pattie may be unique in her approach to activism, her concerns are universal. As the US furthers its efforts against climate change, more individuals are making their voices heard. Voices that are restless, fighting for a greener future. 

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