Texas School District Criticized for Controversial ‘The Whiteness Project’ Curriculum

One school district in Texas faces scrutiny after a lesson plan titled “The Whiteness Project: Millennials” went viral. Here’s the whole story. 

A Picture of the Assignment Went Viral

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An account named “Libs of TikTok” posted pictures on the social media platform X of an assignment that students were given to complete. The title of the assignment was “The Whiteness Project: Millennials.”

The Whiteness Project

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Students were instructed to watch a video on the Whiteness Project’s website and then answer a number of questions “in complete and full sentences.” 

Complete Alone or With a Partner

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The students were allowed to complete the assignment “with a partner or on [their] own.”

Privileges of Whiteness 

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One question on the assignment read, “What privileges does Connor talk about having because of his whiteness?” Another question asked how Connor’s life might “be different” if he were “a person of color.”

Suit up and Show Up

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In the video, a man named Connor claimed that he “would be in jail if [he] was not white.” The man claimed he was arrested “more than 20 times” but never served jail time because he would “get a lawyer, suit up, and show up.”

Talking About Whiteness

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The first part of the assignment mentioned the “importance of talking about whiteness.” 

Colorblindness: The New Racism

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The second part of the assignment was about “Colorblindness: The New Racism.” One of the questions asked how “colorblindness” was a “form of white privilege.” 

What Is Colorblindness?

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Colorblindness is a racial ideology that suggests “the best way to end discrimination is by treating individuals as equally as possible, without regard to race, culture, or ethnicity.”

White Privilege Experience 

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Students were also asked to “free write” two paragraphs about their “own experience with whiteness and white privilege.” 

Texas Banned Critical Race Theory

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Texas passed a law prohibiting public schools in the state from teaching critical race theory to students.

The School District “Promptly Addressed the Matter”

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The school district released a statement saying one teacher “independently identified and shared the activity with a class of students.” The school district also said they “promptly addressed the matter with the teacher.”

Teacher Should Be Fired

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One person on X was shocked that some schools were “still trying to get away with this toxicity.” This person said, “The teacher should be fired and shouldn’t teach again.”

Broken Education System

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“Homeschooling is the only solution,” said one person. He thinks America’s “broken and obsolete public education system” can’t be fixed. 

Homeschool or Private School

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On Libs of TikTok’s post on X, many comments suggested homeschooling. One person said parents “carefully vet a private school or opt to home school.”

Against the Law

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One woman spoke out, saying, “This is against the law, not to mention RACIST. They are teaching these kids to be racist.”

Fostering Racism

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One person said, “Imagine making kids apologize for how they were born.” Someone else agreed, saying, “This is how you foster racism.”

Focus on the Basics

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According to many people, public schools should focus on the basics such as “math, science, and history.” One comment read, “Pushing any kid to feel bad for their skin color is backward. Real education doesn’t demonize.” 

We Are All Equal

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One person said they were “tired of the racism and teaching kids to hate themselves.” Their comment said, “We are all equal. Period. End of story.”

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