Transgender Woman Alleges Discrimination by Department Store Over Service Refusal

This trans woman was appalled by the way she was treated in a Nordstrom store recently, where she claims a worker refused to serve her because she’s trans and a woman of colour. She then reveals the worker happily helped a white woman shortly after the incident.

Shopping Discrimination Shocks Internet

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Licca alleges that she faced discrimination at Nordstrom, a well-known American department store, when an employee refused to assist her due to her transgender identity.

Licca recounted her experience in a TikTok video revealing how as a transgender woman of colour, she is discriminated whenever she goes out. 

Disturbing Shun From Worker Leaves Trans Woman Helpless

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She described how, upon entering Nordstrom, an employee directed her to seek help from someone else when she tried to exchange an item. 

Despite no other staff being available in the department, the employee pointed at her and instead went to assist an “affluent white woman.”

“She Wanted Nothing to Do With Me” Says Shocked Customer

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“The way she treated me was incredibly rude. She made it clear she wanted nothing to do with me,” Licca shared.

“I was treated with such disrespect.”

Licca reached out to the store, and they responded with an email apology. 

The Tension Didn’t Stop There

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While Nordstrom mentioned the possibility of transferring the employee to another department, they did not confirm the action.

In response, a Nordstrom spokesperson addressed the situation on TikTok, expressing deep regret: “We are so sorry to hear about your experience. The behavior you described is completely unacceptable, and we have zero tolerance for any form of discrimination.”

Call That an Apology?

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In a follow-up video, Licca responded to the apology, labelling it as mere words and deeming it inadequate.

The apology from Nordstrom stated, 

“Please know that I take this matter very seriously and offer my sincere apologies,” before saying they expect their employees to show a, “welcoming and valued experience for all customers. 

“If a salesperson fails to meet this expectation, we may reassign them to a role that does not involve direct customer interaction.”

An Outpouring of Support

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Licca received an outpouring of support from TikTok users who viewed her videos. 

One commenter expressed frustration, “Baby! She saw your confidence you built up and she just couldn’t take it. She’s insecure! Hoping everything goes well for you.”

Another vowed never to shop at Nordstrom again, I’m so sorry that you were treated that way. I won’t be shopping @nordstrom again.”

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