TikTok Star Exposes Boss’s Anti-LGBTQ Views, Triggering Public Outcry and Demands for Action

One LGBT TikTok user has used his platform to expose a shocking bumper sticker on the back of his boss’s car that has offended almost everyone who watched it; now, people are calling for the boss to be fired.

Shocking Discovery On Boss’s Car

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In a viral video, TikTok user, Adam (@adamscottmateo), made a shocking discovery on the back of his boss’s car.

Worrying Workplace Drama

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Adam, who admitted to being part of the LGBT community, works in a restaurant in California, where his boss employed him as a manager.

Unleashing Outrage

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In a daring video, @adamscottmateo exposed an offensive bumper sticker on his boss’s car, displaying anti-LGBTQ propaganda.

Threatening to Expose

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The video’s comments section buzzes with suggestions for @adamscottmateo to unveil his boss’ identity and involve human resources, leading to a potential showdown.

Homophobic Sticker Exposed

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The bumper sticker in question features a rainbow flag with a line crossed through it, with a link to the website of a fascist movement underneath.

Standing Up Despite the Consequences

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Although Adam admitted he “may get fired for this one,” he still summoned the bravery to post the video online.

Calls to Quit

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Some comments on the video demanded that Adam quit his job, “Stop complaining, just quit,” one user roared.

The Real Dilemma – Should He Pay the Price?

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Adam shared his financial dependency on his job, captioning a follow-up video with, “Trust me guys, I’d love to quit,” before saying how the price of living in California stops him from being able to walk out.

Battling a Lost Cause

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Adam admitted that “his boss ‘is HR,'” implying there is little chance of winning this fight.

Revealing The Restaurant

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Adam then replied to those suggesting he name and shames the restaurant, saying he’s not prepared to have a lawsuit on his hands given his financial state.

TikTok Support His Decision

TikTok has flooded the comments with love for Adam; one even exclaimed, “We love you!!!”

Non-homophobic Job Offers?

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One user even offered Adam a job at her workplace, “What area in CA? My boss is hiring and is not a homophobic piece of trash.”

TikTok Offers Money to Get Adam Out

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To help get Adam out of his upsetting situation, some have offered him money so he can find his feet elsewhere, “Do you have a GoFundMe? I will donate so that you can get yourself out of there. Or cash app.”

What Does the Future Hold?

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What Adam did next in his career is unclear, but his boss was never exposed. Was this the right call?

Get Involved

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Should Adam have exposed his boss despite his financial worries? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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