Biden’s Misstep while Clashing with LL Cool J After Controversial Racial Comment Sparks Critique

President Joe Biden was speaking at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s annual Legislative Conference when he butchered a famous rapper’s name and called him a racial slur. Here’s the whole story.

Biden Announces Award Recipients

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At the conference, President Biden honored recipients of an award recognizing individuals who have made “significant contributions to society.” One of the award recipients was rapper LL Cool J.

Biden Uses Historically Racial Term

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During his speech, Biden referred to LL Cool J as “LL J Cool J” and then made the situation worse by referring to him as “boy.”

Historically, White men would refer to Black men as “boys” to suggest they were not equal. 

Compliment Backfires

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After referring to LL Cool J as “LL J Cool J,” Biden tried to compliment him, but it backfired. In his latest gaffe, Biden said, “By the way, that boy has got – he’s got – man has got biceps bigger than my thighs.”

“Absolutely” a Racist Word

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Biden immediately received backlash over the statement. Radio host Charlamagne tha God said the term “boy” is “absolutely a White racist word when used in a certain context.”

He said, “When the word ‘boy’ is used to refer to an adult Black man and the speaker is White, it takes on a whole different meaning.”

He Knew It Was Wrong

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Charlamagne also argued that Biden knew he had used a racial term because “he corrected himself.”

Almost as soon as Biden called JJ Cool J “boy,” he was stumbling through his words to correct what he said.

The Audience Laughed

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In the audio clip Charlamagne played on his podcast, The Breakfast Club, the audience can laugh after Biden gets LL Cool J’s name wrong.

Charlamagne questioned why the audience laughed and said, “They should have been correcting him on the spot.”

You Do Not Say “Boy”

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Former Fox News host Trish Regan weighed in on Biden’s statement, saying, “You do not say ‘boy’ when referring to a well-grown man, especially a Black man, because it harkens back to days of slavery and there’s a lot of connotation.” 

The President Is Insensitive

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On her podcast, The Trish Regan Show, Regan said, “If you’re a normal person and you have a little bit of sensitivity chip, which clearly this president does not have, you do not say things like this.” 

Not the First Time

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This wasn’t the first time Biden used the term “boy” to refer to a Black man.

Earlier this year, Biden referred to Maryland Governor Wes Moore as “boy.”

Biden Calls Black Governor ‘Boy’

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President Biden praised Governor Moore, saying, “He’s the real deal, and the boy looked like he could still play. He got some guns on him.”


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Critics were outraged to hear Biden use the historically racial term.

One person on the social media platform X called President Biden “pathetic” and said he’s supposed to be “our so-called leader.”


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Many commenters called President Biden “racist,” and one person said that Biden has been “racist his entire career.” Someone on X said, “Biden’s true thoughts always come flowing out when he’s not reading from a prepared script.”

Offensive and Inexcusable

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Some people feel that Biden is “making a total mockery” of the United States and that his actions were “offensive and inexcusable.”

Pure Cringe

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Another X user said the way Biden was “oblivious” to what he said was “pure cringe.”

Age and Term Limits for Politicians

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Biden’s “mental ability” to serve as President has been under scrutiny for a while, and his latest gaffe didn’t help his case.

Critics are calling for age and term limits for politicians. 

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