Nursery Honoring Anne Frank Faces Renaming in Diversity Push

In a move that has ignited controversy, a German nursery, known for the past 50 years as the “Anne Frank Kindergarten,” has decided to undergo a name change, deeming the current branding too political. Here’s the full story.

The Rename

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The Nursery located in the town of Tangerhütte will now be rebranded as the “World Explorer Kindergarten” to foster a more diverse and politically neutral identity.

No Political Background

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The decision to rename the nursery was explained by Linda Schichor, the kindergarten’s director, who said, “We wanted a name without a political background.”

The move was reportedly supported by a local council representative as part of a broader “conceptual overhaul” focusing on diversity.

The Criticism

The decision, however, has not been without its critics.

The International Auschwitz Committee, represented by Deputy Head Christoph Heubner, shared concern about the nursery’s willingness to forget one’s own history.

Forget One’s Own History

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Heubner said, “If one is prepared to forget one’s own history so easily, especially in these times of renewed antisemitism and Right-wing extremism, one can only feel fear and anxiety about the culture of remembrance in our country.”

A Global Trend

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The controversy unfolds amid a global trend toward reconsidering names and identities associated with historical figures or events.

In the aftermath of the Black Lives Matter protests, institutions worldwide, including universities in the United States and streets in England, have undergone renaming processes to foster inclusivity and address historical sensitivities.

A Sensitive Issue

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The decision of the Tangerhütte kindergarten, however, is seen as particularly sensitive due to its association with Anne Frank, the Jewish girl whose diary documented her experiences hiding from the Nazis during World War II.

Increasing Anti Semitism

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Critics argue that in the face of increasing antisemitism, particularly following the October 7 terror attack, Germany should prioritize maintaining and reflecting on its historical identity.

Crackdown Antisemitic Cases

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Germany, grappling with a surge in antisemitic incidents, has seen increased efforts to combat intolerance and discrimination.

Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck recently pledged to crack down on antisemitic cases, highlighting legal consequences for those engaging in such behavior.

The Repercussions

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He said, “Anyone who is German will have to answer for this in court. Anyone who isn’t German also risks losing their residence status. Anyone who doesn’t yet have a residence permit is giving grounds for deportation.”

Online Users Expressed Their Views

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Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One user wrote, “The whole thing is a ruse to placate migrants who come from a land that dislikes anything related to what Frank stood for. Also a 5-year-old does not even think about why the school they are going to was named the way it was.”

Liberal Germany

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Another user added, “Liberal Germany. Yep. Appease migrants coming to your country by erasing your own history. Makes perfect sense. Oh, and yes, you certainly can’t have young children learning from history, including the bravery of a young girl facing a racist, fanatical government.”

A Woke Name

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A third user commented, “Let’s just rename Germany a Woke name without political background and erase the whole War. Maybe, that place on the North Sea and Baltic Sea, near Poland.”

This Is Ridiculous

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A fourth user wrote, “Ridiculous. I absolutely disagree. Anne Frank’s story should resonate with all who have endured oppression, regardless of background, as her values were universal.”

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