Controversy Erupts Over Pediatrician’s Push for Gender-Neutral Medical Terms, Sparking Public Debate

In a presentation at the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition, Dr. Ilana Sherer, a pediatrician from Dublin, California, advocated for the adoption of more inclusive and gender-neutral terminology in pediatric care. Here’s the full story.

A Controversial Proposal

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Dr. Sherer proposed to refer to the female reproductive organ as an “innie,” or “front hole.”

Renaming Organs

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She also proposed to call breasts “chest” or “chesticles” and recommended to call the male reproductive organ “outie,” “junk,” “strapless,” or “bits.”

Treatment for Body Dysphoria

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In the presentation, Dr. Sherer also covered “nonpharmacologic treatment for body dysphoria” for Trans boys and girls.

Dr. Sherer also shared how to question patients about their gender, including what pronouns they prefer, their gender identity and sexual orientation, and whether they identify as neither male nor female.

Ask Children About Their Intimate Relationship

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According to Dr. Sherer, to learn more about the sexual orientation of the child, physicians should inquire about their intimate relationship and ask what “parts of your body do you use/have you used for sexual pleasure.”

Advocates’ Argument

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Advocates argue that such gender-inclusive language lets individuals who may not identify strictly with traditional gender norms feel more comfortable seeking medical care and discussing their bodies openly.

The Concerns

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However, some medical professionals voiced their concerns about the potential consequences of adopting these new terms.

Dr. Leonora Regenstreif, a family physician in Canada, shared the importance of using clinical, anatomical language in medical discussions, steering clear of potentially provocative or confusing terms.

Health Providers Don’t Need to Be Cool

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She said, “Health providers don’t need to be “cool.” We can just politely and respectfully use clinical, anatomical language. Kids might giggle or snicker but they will likely be even more put off if we try to “match” their word choices, which may be based on adult or inappropriate online resources.”

Unintended Consequences

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Dr. Julia Mason, a pediatrician in California, shared similar reservations, saying that simplicity and clarity are paramount in pediatric care.

She raised concerns about incomplete information leading to unintended consequences, particularly in cases related to sexual health and behavior.

The Public Shared Their Views

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Commenters expressed their thoughts on the incident.

One wrote, “Trans women are not women! Trans men or not men! SCIENCE proves that! Check the bones. LGB minus the T!”

American Academy of Idiots

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Another added, “I propose renaming the American Academy of Pediatrics – ‘American Academy of Idiots’.”

Ignore This Trash

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A third commented, “This is obviously stupid. On purpose. It’s all a game we’re living in. Eventually, we’ll all have to ignore this trash…”

Eliminating Biological Reality

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A fourth wrote, “No. Inclusivity does not require eliminating biological reality. I propose for the doctor to lose her doctors license and to be put into a psych ward”

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