Scrutiny Over Central Bucks Superintendent’s $700K Severance Deal Raises Eyebrows Among Democrats

Controversy has arisen in Pennsylvania’s Central Bucks School District as Democrats contest a $700,000 exit package for Superintendent linked to the outgoing board’s “Moms for Liberty” connections. Here’s the full story.

Bad Publicity

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A Pennsylvania school board, recently in the spotlight for controversial decisions like banning books, Pride flags, and transgender athletes, approved a last-minute $700,000 exit package for Superintendent Abram Lucabaugh, a move contested by the newly elected Democratic majority aiming to restore calm to the Central Bucks School District. 

Legal Fees and Infighting

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The district, encompassing approximately 17,000 students across 23 schools, has been embroiled in infighting since the 2020 pandemic, resulting in $1.5 million in legal and public relations fees. 

Moms for Liberty

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Democrats, now holding a 6-3 majority, are determined to challenge the severance package added to the agenda only the night before the outgoing board, known for implementing policies aligned with the “Moms for Liberty” conservative slate, left office.

In the News for the Wrong Reasons

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Karen Smith, a re-elected Democrat, expressed the community’s fatigue with the district’s tumultuous atmosphere, stating, “People are really sick of the embarrassing meetings, the vitriol, they’re tired of our district being in the news for all the wrong reasons.” 

Nothing to See Here

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The severance package, which includes over $300,000 for unused time and a controversial ban on investigations into Lucabaugh’s tenure, raised concerns among Democrats, prompting a legal challenge. 

Illegal Raise

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Lawyer Brendan Flynn argued that the payout violates a 2012 state law capping severance pay for school superintendents, highlighting the recent 40% salary increase given to Lucabaugh in July. 

$50,000 Signature

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Lucabaugh’s package includes $50,000 for signing the deal, health insurance for his family until June, and a provision allowing him to retain his district-issued laptop after wiping it off school records. 

Evidence Kept

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U.S. District Judge Timothy Savage, however, nullified the laptop provision, emphasizing the need to preserve potential evidence. 

Hard to Imagine

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Witold “Vic” Walczak, legal director of the ACLU of Pennsylvania, remarked on the contract’s peculiarities, stating, “It’s hard to imagine a lawyer drafted that contract. No lawyer would think that a school board could insulate an employee from any kind of of court action or criminal investigation.”

“A Slap in the Face”

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High school senior Lily Freeman, a vocal critic of board policies on LGBTQ issues, expressed disappointment in the spending priorities, labeling the severance package a “slap in the face.” 

Better Spent Elsewhere

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Freeman, known for her public remarks challenging the board’s decisions, emphasized the district’s need for improved resources, such as better WiFi. 

Moving Forward

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As the legal battles persist, the new Democratic majority hopes to bring about a more harmonious period for the Central Bucks School District, free from the controversies that have plagued it in recent years.

“Moms Against Liberty”

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The news led to an outcry online, with one commenting, “Their name should be ‘Moms Against Liberty’. Just another of a number of right wing nut groups trying to overthrow our democracy. Thankfully, voters are catching on to their lies and rhetoric.”

Paid What You’re Worth

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Others online pointed out the financial aspect of the deal, with many speaking out against such a large sum being awarded.

One such comment read, “The golden parachute this guy is looking forward to could fund the actual education of many since lately the schools are failing so many kids. Jeez, the guy is only a pencil pusher not a neurosurgeon.”

Corruption Rules All

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However, some spoke out in favor of the outgoing board, with one commenter posting, “PA is doomed. They keep on letting these corrupt democrats win. Just like stupid Californians never learn their lesson.”

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