Outrage as Diners in Confederate Attire Hurl Racial Slurs at Black Waiter

Prepare to be shocked and outraged by the appalling incident that recently unfolded in a restaurant. 

The Shocking Mistreatment of a Black Waiter

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Thanks to a TikTok video shared by user Nia, the world became aware of a deeply troubling encounter involving a group of diners proudly displaying Confederate flags and their shocking mistreatment of a Black waiter named Arthur Mandy.

A Disturbing Crime

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Nia said the entire party entered the restaurant wearing Confederate flags from head to toe. 

They went on to unleash racial slurs directly at Mandy. The episode then took a turn for the worse. 

Left Empty-Handed

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Although Mandy was being extremely nice to the group, they didn’t want anything to do with him. To add insult to injury, they left him without a tip on a bill that was well over $500.

An Emotional Response to Cruelty

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Nia couldn’t contain her outrage, expressing her anger and frustration in the caption of her video.

“I was so mad witnessing them treat one of the nicest, caring souls I’ve ever met in such a horrible way. It’s unbelievable that they were allowed to stay in the restaurant.” 

An Outpour of Emotion Goes Viral

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Overwhelmed by the weight of the situation, Mandy had no choice but to hide outside the restaurant, where he could cry in peace. 

Despite the constant complaints and racial slurs by the Confederate flag-wearing diners, he remained strong and kind in the face of injustice. 

A Brighter Future Ahead?

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In the aftermath of this distressing incident, a glimmer of hope emerged. 

Viewers Tipped Him

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Viewers rallied together, contributing over $1,000 in donations as tips to show solidarity with Mandy and slam the hateful actions of the diners. 

The Restaurant Should Do More to Protect Him

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Some users took to the comments section to display their support for Mandy, with one arguing, “Managers and company need to be held accountable bc he very well could’ve been in harm’s way.”

Others felt sorry for the waiter, “no one should be teaching their kids to be racist. big love sent to the waiter.” 

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