Scrutiny Over Central Bucks Superintendent’s $700K Severance Deal Raises Eyebrows Among Democrats

Controversy has arisen in Pennsylvania’s Central Bucks School District as Democrats contest a $700,000 exit package for Superintendent linked to the outgoing board’s “Moms for Liberty” connections. Here’s the full story. Bad Publicity A Pennsylvania school board, recently in the spotlight for controversial decisions like banning books, Pride flags, and transgender athletes, approved a last-minute … Read more

Pope Francis Removes Texas Bishop in Historic Decision

Pope Francis has taken the unusual step of removing a Texas Bishop from his position. Here’s the whole story.  Asked to Resign Pope Francis has removed Bishop Joseph Strickland from his position in Texas, making a rare move as bishops are typically asked to resign before such drastic actions are taken.  Refusing to Resign Strickland, … Read more

Retired General Faces Backlash for Social Media Outburst Against First Lady, Questioning His Stance on Women’s Rights

A Retired Three Star General’s reply to a Jill Biden tweet landed him in trouble. Here’s the full story. No Rules Broken An Army investigation has determined that retired Lt. Gen. Gary Volesky, who had served as a Pentagon consultant, did not violate any legal or ethical rules by mocking First Lady Jill Biden’s position … Read more

Oklahoma Judiciary Acts on Reproductive Health Legislation, Highlighting Women’s Rights Advocacy

Oklahoma’s highest court has placed a temporary halt on three laws which restricted access to abortion, in another apparent win for abortion rights activists. Here’s the full story.  Reproductive Rights Rollout The Oklahoma Supreme Court has temporarily halted three laws pertaining to abortion and abortion pills, possibly paving the way for a broader examination of … Read more

‘They Can Never Change the Past Wrongs’ – Convictions of 110 Black Soldiers Reversed by U.S. Army

The U.S. Army has made a historic decision to overturn the convictions of 110 Black soldiers, including 19 who were executed, for a mutiny in a Houston military camp a century ago. Here’s the full story.  Convictions Overturned In a significant move, the U.S. Army has decided to overturn the convictions of 110 Black soldiers, … Read more

Iowa Families and Groups Advocate for LGBTQ+ Inclusion, Challenging State Law on Educational Content

Families and advocacy groups in Iowa have challenged a recently enacted law restricting LGBTQ+ content in schools, arguing it is unconstitutional. Here’s the full story. Legal Battle Unfolding  A legal battle is unfolding in Iowa as several families, backed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Iowa and Lambda, file a federal lawsuit against … Read more