Des Moines School Increases Security After Teacher’s Controversial LGBTQ Post Sparks Concern

A post online has led to a school in Iowa taking drastic security measures. Here’s the full story. 

Controversial Influencer

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A recent incident involving a post by a teacher in Des Moines, Iowa, has prompted increased security measures in the school district after it became the target of a controversial online influencer known as Chaya Raichik.

Joke Gone Wrong 

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The controversy unfolded when a teacher posted a picture with the words, “Every day is another opportunity to force kids in public schools to be gay,” online. 

Satirical Comment

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The post was intended as a satirical comment on the unfounded belief, particularly held by Raichik and her followers, that teachers are influencing students’ sexual orientation. 

Negative Responses

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Raichik, boasting about the impact of her online presence, tweeted that the school had “just locked their replies after getting ratioed,” indicating a surge in negative responses to the post. 

Enhanced Security Measures

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In response to the online harassment triggered by Raichik and her followers, Des Moines Public Schools felt compelled to enhance security measures. 

Law Enforcement Notified

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A district spokesperson explained, “Because of harassment and even threats triggered because of an employee’s social media post, we have had to increase our public safety presence at a school and notify law enforcement.” 

Documented Disruptions

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The district expressed concern, emphasizing their commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of students and staff.

The spokesperson specifically highlighted the documented disruptions caused by Raichik’s anti-LGBTQ+ posts in various institutions across the country.

Threats and Harassment

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It has been noted that there is a correlation between LibsofTikTok’s online activism and incidents of threats and harassment directed at hospitals, schools, libraries, and individuals targeted by the account. 

Media Matters

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Media Matters, a media watchdog nonprofit, documented 33 instances of threats and harassment against 25 different institutions between February 2022 and October 2023, following Raichik’s online targeting. 

Bomb and Death Threats

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There have been numerous confirmed bomb threats, death threats, and other forms of harassment linked to the account’s posts, with at least two dozen bomb threats directed at schools and libraries during the summer and fall of 2023 alone. 

Poor Attempt at Humor

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Responding to the alarming situation, Des Moines Superintendent Ian Roberts released a statement characterizing the teacher’s original post as “a poor attempt at humor and sarcasm.” 

Inclusive and Accepting

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Roberts clarified the district’s stance, asserting that Des Moines Public Schools is an inclusive and accepting environment, proud to be Iowa’s most diverse school community. 

“Quality Education”

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Expressing frustration at the disruptions caused by Raichik’s online activism, Roberts emphasized, “Our schools and teachers are focused on providing a quality education to our students, which does not include encouraging or forcing any student to identify with any specific sexual orientation.” 


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Despite the controversy and security concerns, Raichik appeared unapologetic, sharing a picture on social media where she held up a copy of the USA Today article, smiling, and referring to the threats as a “huge achievement.” 

“A Joke Is a Joke”

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Online, the news led to an outcry, with one poster commenting, “Thicken your skin, a joke is a joke.  Leave it to a hate monger to not be able to take a joke.” 

“Hard to Tell When Someone Is Joking”

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However, some people spoke out in support of Raichik, with one widely shared post stating “Gotta Admit, [they] can be pretty funny.  Hard to tell when someone is joking or not when it’s all nuts.”

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