Biden’s Evolving LGBTQ+ Anecdote Sparks Doubts on Authenticity and Political Motives

Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States, has often touted his early support for LGBT rights. He frequently shares a personal anecdote about a heartwarming lesson his father imparted about love between same-sex couples. However, the story has evolved, leaving many questioning its authenticity and Biden’s intentions. The Three Versions In his attempts … Read more

Attorney General Marshall Leads States Against Federal Rule on LGBTQ+ Youth in Foster Care

Attorney General Steve Marshall has taken the lead in challenging a new federal rule designed to address the needs of LGBTQ+ youth in the foster care system. The move, backed by attorney generals from 18 other states, underscores a growing tension between federal mandates and the autonomy of faith-based foster facilities. Opposition to Federal Rule … Read more

San Francisco’s Allocation of Funds for Black and Latino Transgender Projects Raises Public Interest

Judicial Watch reveals that San Francisco directs tax dollars towards black and Latino transgender individuals through its “Guaranteed Income for Trans People” (GIFT) program, offering unrestricted financial support. What Is the GIFT Program? The GIFT program was set up to provide financial support to those who identify as transgender and extremely low-income (<30% of Area … Read more

Cher’s Reaction to Roe v. Wade Overturn – A Star’s Fight for Women’s Rights

In a world where celebrity voices often echo beyond the confines of the entertainment industry, it’s not uncommon for public figures to express their political opinions. Cher, the iconic left-wing pop star, is no exception. Cher’s impassioned political statements have made headlines over the years. Her vow to leave the United States if former President … Read more