Biden’s Evolving LGBTQ+ Anecdote Sparks Doubts on Authenticity and Political Motives

Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States, has often touted his early support for LGBT rights. He frequently shares a personal anecdote about a heartwarming lesson his father imparted about love between same-sex couples. However, the story has evolved, leaving many questioning its authenticity and Biden’s intentions.

The Three Versions

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In his attempts to demonstrate his pro-LGBT stance, Biden has presented three distinct versions of the same story. While the core message remains constant, the timelines, locations, and participants have changed significantly.

The Comparative Analysis

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Pat Gray, a podcaster with TheBlaze, thoroughly reviewed the contradictions within Biden’s claims, calling him out on the inconsistencies that have raised eyebrows.

The Recent Retelling

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During a keynote speech at a dinner for the Human Rights Campaign, a major LGBT lobbying organization, Biden shared the most recent version of his story.

This time, he placed himself as a teenager in Wilmington, Delaware, with his father. They witnessed two men sharing a goodbye kiss in public, prompting his father to impart a lesson on love.

Questions Arise

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Gray and his co-host, Keith Malinak, offered a comedic commentary on Biden’s narrative, questioning how he knew the men’s workplace and playfully imitating “Star Wars” character Yoda to highlight the shifting syntax of Biden’s storytelling.

The Historical Discrepancies

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Malinak summarized the different versions of Biden’s tale, revealing a glaring shift in roles within the stories.

In one version, he was a high school junior; in another, he was the father, advising one of his sons after witnessing the same event.

Inconsistencies Mount

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The third version, where Biden switches roles entirely, casts further doubt on the credibility of all three accounts. These inconsistencies have led to skepticism surrounding the truth of the story.

The Washington Post’s “Fact-Checker”

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Even the Biden-biased Washington Post’s “Fact-Checker,” Glenn Kessler, raised concerns. In a March article, he outlined “Three reasons to doubt Biden’s story on his father and a gay kiss,” refraining from awarding Pinocchio’s but allowing readers to draw their own conclusions.

Historical Context

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Kessler’s article explored the social stigma faced by gay people in that era, highlighting the difficulties of openly displaying affection. It also pointed out the inconsistencies in Biden’s various claims.

Biden’s Shifting Record

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Biden’s historical stance on LGBT issues, including past comments that suggested homosexuality might be a security risk and support for legislation that would cut funding for schools promoting homosexuality, is at odds with his current image.

Late Support for Gay Marriage

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Only in 2012, during his tenure as vice president, did Biden openly endorse gay marriage. This endorsement eventually influenced then-President Barack Obama to take a similar stance.

Biden’s Intention

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Biden seems determined to convey that he has always been an open and accepting advocate for the “LGBT community.” However, the evidence paints a different picture.

Three Possibilities

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The shifting story suggests three possible scenarios. One, Biden may be inclined to fabricate stories habitually. Two, he could be struggling with memory lapses due to severe dementia. Three, he may have manufactured the narrative as a form of virtue-signaling to appeal to a specific demographic.

Plausible Motivations

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Each of these possibilities has its own plausibility, but none of them reflects well on the President of the United States.

The Unresolved Mystery

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As the public continues to scrutinize Biden’s evolving narrative, one can’t help but wonder if we’ll witness yet another version of the mysterious lesson on love in the future.


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Joe Biden’s shifting stories about his father’s lesson on love serve as a cautionary tale about the importance of consistency and authenticity in political narratives.

As the President, his words carry significant weight, and his credibility is crucial. The unresolved mystery of his evolving anecdote leaves room for doubt and skepticism, raising questions about the true nature of his intentions.

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