Disney World’s Toy Story Characters Under Scrutiny for Alleged Racial Insensitivity

A right-wing online user has accused these innocent Toy Story characters at Disney World of being racist, as he suggests they only excitedly hugged a young black girl so they wouldn’t look bad on social media. Matt Walsh accuses Woody and Jessie, who excitedly hug a black girl during a Disney parade captured on TikTok, of only doing so to keep the left happy.

A Tweet Ignites Online Firestorm

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The tweet by Matt Walsh claimed that the characters Woody and Jessie from Toy Story’s actions were racially motivated towards the young Black girl, suggesting that they were worried about people opinions if they hugged a white girl instead of a black girl.

Toy Story Characters Bring Joy to a Young Fan

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The viral video that sparked the controversy captured a heartwarming moment between Woody, Jessie, and the little girl dressed as Jessie herself. 

Capturing a Heartwarming Moment

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In the parade, Woody quickly noticed the girl among the crowd and rushed over to grab Jessie’s attention. 

Jessie, upon seeing the girl dressed like her, warmly embraced her in a tight hug, creating a touching and joyful experience that brought smiles to many.

Shocking Tweet Revealed

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The Tweet read, “This is incredibly pathetic and sad. The teenagers working as parade mascots now know that they’ll be smeared nationwide as racists if they don’t individually greet and acknowledge every single black child in the audience.”

Quick Background Check

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The debate surrounding inclusivity at theme parks has been ongoing since Sesame Place characters were accused of “snubbing” black children at their parks, resulting in an apology from the theme park’s Instagram account.

Differing Opinions Take Center Stage

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Matt Walsh’s tweet triggered a range of responses from users.

Some people rallied to support Walsh’s viewpoint, while others disagreed, fueling the ongoing debate. 

Users in Support of Walsh’s Tweet

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Some users on Twitter actually agree with the tweet, with one saying, “Yup. Potentially big money at stake if they don’t,” suggesting that if Disney doesn’t make it obvious that they’re inclusive, they will lose revenue.

Social Media Is Divided

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Over on TikTok, people were making light of the situation, with one user saying, “Woody said you ain’t about to cancel us!! I need my check!!”

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