Controversial TikTok Video Sparks Heated Debate: Cultural Insensitivity or Tribute?

In this controversial video that went viral on TikTok, one makeup artist uses her skills to darken her complexity, in order to resemble the late and great NBA star Kobe Bryant. But was this a sign of respect or an outrageous case of “blackface”? Here’s how the internet has reacted!

“Racist” TikTok Resurfaces online

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A TikTok makeup artist finds herself in a massive controversy after an old video resurfaces and takes the online world by storm. 

Her Attempt to Transform Into a Legendary NBA Star

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This video showcases the TikToker using her makeup skills to transform into none other than Kobe Bryant, the legendary NBA star who tragically passed away in 2020. 

The Backlash

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The internet was quick to accuse the creator of a serious offence: “blackface.” The backlash is real, and people are not holding back their anger and disappointment.

Carrying On as Normal

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Although the TikToker has been sharing new content consistently, it was this particular video that resurfaced on Twitter, exactly two years after its original upload on TikTok. 

They Continue to Express Their Disapproval

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It seems the controversy surrounding it has not faded away. Users continue to express their strong disapproval, labelling the video as “wrong” and “insensitive.” 

The internet is ablaze with outrage directed at the makeup TikToker for her alleged “blackface” videos.

One Step Too Far?

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In the video that caused the uproar, TikTok user easy_baobo not only applies makeup to her face, but goes a step further by darkening her hands and neck. 

To complete the transformation, she even dresses up in a Lakers outfit, emulating Kobe Bryant’s team. 

Showing Her Respect

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Despite including a caption that reads, “Kobe is forever in my heart. Limitation makeup not imitating people just respect,” the video stirred controversy on TikTok, with top comments criticising the creator’s actions.

One viewer firmly voiced their dissent, stating, “No no no. I understand the reason, but no.”

Online Users are Divided

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When the video resurfaced on Twitter, it gained even more attention, with others joining in the condemnation. 

One tweet summed it up succinctly, exclaiming, “This is actually insane.” 

Some Showed Their Understanding

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Amid the widespread backlash, a few viewers showed a bit of understanding towards the TikToker, suggesting that it might not meet the criteria for “blackface.”

A sympathetic viewer shared their perspective, saying, “I feel like she’s just showcasing her makeup artistry talent. Calling it ‘blackface’ seems like a stretch…”

Asking the Obvious Question

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Another individual raised an interesting question, asking, “If she’s trying to resemble Kobe, how else would she do it?”

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