Los Angeles Neighborhood Finally Removes Anti-LGBTQ+ Signs After 27 YEARS

A neighborhood in Los Angeles has finally voted to remove signs originally aimed at prohibiting “homosexual activity.” This decision came after decades of protests and efforts by the LGBTQ+ community and advocacy groups.  Anti-LGBTQ+ Signs Come Down Los Angeles has finally decided to remove signs that have been symbols of anti-homosexual mentality in the Westwood … Read more

IVF “Kills Children” Claims Controversial U.S. Representative Wading in on Women’s Rights

U.S. Rep Matt Rosendale has become a vocal opponent of IVF. His controversial position that IVF affects the rights of the embryo has been raised in the conversation about reproductive rights and sparked fear about further federal governmental oversight of women’s rights. Matt Rosendale’s Controversial Stand U.S. Rep. Matt Rosendale has become a controversial figure … Read more

California Approves Millions in Black American Reparations Despite $47 Billion State Deficit

Last month, California passed a budget that allocates $12 million to reparations efforts for its Black residents. However, this comes amidst the state’s $47 billion budget deficit, which has sparked debate amongst legislators and residents. California’s New Budget California recently passed a budget which allocates a groundbreaking $12 million to address historical injustices faced by … Read more

‘Unite the Right’ White Nationalists Shamed in Court for 2017 Charlottesville Rally

The U.S. Court of Appeals just increased the damages awarded to plaintiffs in the 2017 Charlottesville rally case. This change ensures that each person receives their fair share and enforces the importance of accountability in the face of hate. A Closer Look at “Unite the Right” In 2017, national attention was focused on Charlottesville, Virginia … Read more

Surge in Anti-LGBTQ Hate: Targeted Crimes Reported Across 50% of States in Pride Month

There was a shocking amount of vandalism during Pride Month 2024. Specifically, anti-LGBTQ vandalism was reported in almost 25 states, leaving community members scared and upset. New Vandalism Trend There was an alarming increase of anti-LGBTQ vandalism during this Pride Month. Pride flags and other important LGBTQ symbols were vandalized in over 40 cities during … Read more

South Carolina Senate Now Has ZERO Republic Women

South Carolina has voted to remove its three Republican women senators from office. This decision comes amidst an intense battle about abortion bans and women’s rights in the state. This decision could have severe consequences for the 55% of registered voters, who are women. Historic Losses in South Carolina In a significant shift for South … Read more

200% Surge in LGBTQ Elected Officials in US Government

The number of LGBTQ+ elected officials in the United States has surged by nearly 200% since 2017. This dramatic increase, detailed in a report by the LGBTQ Victory Institute, marks a significant shift in political representation. This change has had and will continue to have effects on our policies, education, and representation in America. New … Read more

Illinois Ends Pride Month with Two New Laws

On the last day of Pride Month, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed two new pieces of legislation to support LGBTQ+ rights. SB 2930 and HB 5507 show the Illinois’ commitment to inclusivity and equality for all of its residents. Celebrating Pride Month With New Laws As Pride Month ends, Governor of Illinois J.B. Pritzker celebrated … Read more

Holy Votes: Trump Endorses the Ten Commandments in Schools in Louisiana

Donald Trump recently expressed his support for Louisiana’s mandate for displaying the Ten Commandments in public schools. The future legal battles and public debates could influence our students, educators, and the future of the law. Trump’s Endorsement Former President and presumed Republican candidate, Donald Trump, has expressed his support for displaying the Ten Commandments in … Read more