LA Pride Flag Flies Defiantly on County Property Amid City-Wide Ban

A debate over Pride flags on government property has taken off in Southeast Los Angeles County. Despite a recent ban on displaying non-governmental flags on city property, the Pride flag was raised on a LA county property within Downey. This has raised discussion about support for the LGBTQ+ community.

Flag Controversy in Downey

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A pride flag was recently flown at the Office of Education building in Downey, a city located in LA County. This followed a contentious city council vote that banned non-governmental flags on city property.

New Flag Policy

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The new policy restricts flags on city property to the U.S. flag, California state flag, the City of Downey flag, and the POW/MIA flag. Many critics feel that the policy is specifically targeted at Pride flags.

A Divisive Vote

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The Downey City Council decided to adopt a “neutral flag policy” by a narrow vote. Passing 3-2, the vote shows us that even within the council, there are deep divisions.

Symbol of Resistance

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Despite the ban, the Pride flag was still flown at the Education building as well as other county-owned property. This action was intentional for showing resistance and solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.

Hahn Voices Support

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LA County Supervisor Janice Hahn was the primary leader of this flag-rising event. She emphasized the importance of Pride Month and supporting Downey’s LGBTQ+ community and residents.

Mayor Trujilio’s Response

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Downey Mayor Mario Trujilio openly opposed the ban. He was fighting tears during the ceremony and has stated that he believes a “hate group” is the main group pushing for this policy. He was one of the votes against the policy.

Council Members Speak Out

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Councilman Horacio Ortiz, who also voted against the ban, has openly condemned this decision. He’s called this vote a step backwards for inclusivity efforts in Downey.

Community Reactions

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The community responses have been very mixed. Some residents support the ban, and believe that only certain flags should be displayed. Others have expressed their disappointment and frustration with the decision.

Public Support for Pride

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At the flag-raising event, many supporters were in attendance. This has highlighted the significance of the Pride flag for showing acceptance of LGBTQ+ communities.

Impact on LGBTQ+ Youth

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Mayor Trujilio emphasized that the Pride flag sends a powerful message to Downey residents. LGBTQ+ youth look towards the safety and acceptance communicated by the flag.

Reassurance From Hahn

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Hahn let the community know that they have the support of the county. She said, “There is Pride in Downey, and it is bigger and more loving than ever.”

Voting for the Ban

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Council members Hector Sosa and Dorothy Pemberton both voted for the ban. They have not publicly commented on the county’s actions since the Pride flag was flown.

Legal Boundaries

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The city of Downey released an official statement regarding the ceremony. They clarified that it “is sponsored by Los Angeles County at a County facility and, therefore, does not fall under the jurisdiction of the City of Downey.”

Different From History

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Over the past three years, the Pride flag has flown over Downey. The city’s history with the flag makes this recent council decision an especially divisive one.

Broader Implications

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The flag-raising event in Downey represents a broader struggle for LGBTQ+ acceptance and inclusion around the U.S. The decision to ban the flags on certain properties shows us that there is still a struggle for recognition among the community.

In the Spotlight

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Downey has quickly entered the spotlight of discussion as many around the country. Many now debate how inclusivity and representation should be approached at the local government level.

Future Battles

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Major Trujilio voiced his commitment to continue fighting for the Pride flag to once again be flown on city property. He commented, “I may have lost this battle, but I haven’t lost the war.”

Messages of Support

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At this event, many local officials and community members expressed their thanks and support for Trujilio and Ortiz. They’ve become symbols of courage and leadership during this debate.

Continuing the Fight

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The ongoing debate over the Pride flag in Downey highlights the importance of local activism and the continued fight for LGBTQ+ representation.

Progress Forward

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The decision to ban the Pride flag from flying over city properties, and the subsequent flying on county properties reflects struggles throughout the country. Choosing to raise the flag during this debate is a statement of resilience and a call for more progress.

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