18 Ways to Annoy a Baby Boomer

Here’s your guide to mildly annoying your beloved Boomers with a smirk, all in good fun of course. Whether it’s baffling them with the latest tech or challenging their nostalgia, we’ve got you covered. So, if you’re ready to tease a little and provoke some playful eye rolls, keep scrolling. Let’s bridge the generational gap with a few laughs, or at least some bemused head-shaking.

1. Champion Digital Books Over Paper

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Tell them your Kindle is the library of Alexandria in your pocket. Explain how you can carry thousands of books in one device, all while they’re trying to find shelf space for their dusty encyclopedia set.

2. Refuse to Watch Cable TV

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When they invite you to watch the news on cable, suggest an indie documentary on YouTube instead. Debate the virtues of cutting the cord and the infinite variety of streaming over their 200-channel bundle.

3. Constantly Ask About Wi-Fi

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At every family gathering, repeatedly ask for the Wi-Fi password, even outdoors. Express disbelief over areas of their house—or their garden—where the Wi-Fi is weak or nonexistent.

4. Use Slang They Can’t Decode

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Start conversations with, “That’s lit, fam!” and respond to their stories with, “Big mood.” Watch their confusion grow with every new phrase, and offer no translations.

5. Critique Their Coffee

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Eschew their drip coffee in favor of explaining the virtues of cold brew or a finely crafted espresso from your latest, sustainably sourced coffee subscription. Mention the nuances of bean origin and roasting profiles.

6. Ignore Classic Rock

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Pretend ignorance of The Beatles, Bob Dylan, or The Rolling Stones. When their favorite classic rock comes on, ask if this is a new indie band from Spotify’s “Discover Weekly.”

7. Promote Veganism at BBQs

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At their next barbecue, casually mention how you’ve read red meat is carcinogenic and talk up plant-based diets. Bring your own Impossible Burgers and ask if they have vegan condiments.

8. Discuss the Merits of Electric Cars

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Whenever they mention their old-school muscle car, bring up Tesla and the benefits of electric vehicles. Talk about Elon Musk’s latest tweet and the environmental impact of fossil fuels.

9. Advocate for Cryptocurrency

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Explain why you’re investing in Bitcoin instead of a 401(k). Use terms like ‘blockchain’ and ‘decentralized finance’ and suggest that traditional banking is becoming obsolete.

10. Mock Their Tech Skills

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Offer to set up their new smartphone or help with their computer “just so they don’t struggle with the advanced settings.” Insist that it’s “really complex” and best handled by the younger generation.

11. Plan Activities Requiring Apps

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Suggest outings that require using new apps for booking or navigation. Choose places known for being “Instagrammable” and insist on using Uber or Lyft for transportation.

12. Complain About Their Music Being Too Loud

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Turn the tables and complain about how loud they play their ‘oldies’ music. Ask if their hearing is starting to go, suggesting that it must be from all those loud rock concerts they attended.

13. Question Their TV Show Choices

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When they’re watching reruns of “I Love Lucy” or “M*A*S*H”, ask why they would watch something in black and white. Suggest more current shows that use cutting-edge technology and storytelling.

14. Disregard Paper Maps

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When they pull out a road map during a trip, insist on using Google Maps or Waze. Comment on how paper maps are relics and joke about them being better suited as museum pieces.

15. Take Over the Thermostat With Smart Home Tech

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Install a smart thermostat in their home and control it remotely. Explain how it’s all about saving energy and being eco-conscious, even if it means their house is now a bit cooler than they prefer.

16. Overshare on Social Media

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Make sure to tag them in every Facebook post, especially those that show them using outdated technology. Use this as a chance to subtly poke fun at their way of doing things.

17. Highlight the Cost of College Now

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Complain about the cost of your education compared to what they paid. Illustrate the difference with vivid comparisons to their affordable tuition back in the day.

18. Praise Modern Art Over Classics

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Critique classic artworks and sculptures they admire by comparing them unfavorably to modern, abstract art forms. Discuss how traditional art is “so out of touch” with today’s societal themes.

Last Laugh

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So there you have it, a cheeky guide to keeping the Boomers in your life on their toes. Remember, it’s all in good fun—chances are, they have a few tricks up their sleeve to get back at you too. Here’s to keeping intergenerational banter alive and kicking!

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