21 Reasons LGBTQ Voters Remain Undecided on Voting For Biden

As we edge closer to another election, many in the LGBTQ+ community remain skeptical about President Biden’s leadership. Have his policies truly reflected the promises made to this vibrant and diverse community?

1. Slow Progress on Key Promises

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Despite campaign promises, many in the LGBTQ+ community feel that progress on significant issues like anti-discrimination protections has been painfully slow.

2. Transgender Military Ban

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Although Biden reversed Trump’s ban on transgender individuals serving in the military, many are waiting for broader reforms to fully integrate and protect transgender service members.

3. Healthcare Access

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Biden pledged to improve healthcare access for LGBTQ+ individuals, but specific actions and policies have been lacking, leaving many still vulnerable.

4. Inadequate Support for LGBTQ+ Youth

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Critics argue that the administration hasn’t done enough to support LGBTQ+ youth, particularly in the realms of mental health and educational environments.

5. Housing and Homelessness

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While homelessness remains a critical issue for LGBTQ+ individuals, especially the youth, there has been little in the way of new initiatives or expansions in housing programs.

6. Equality Act Stagnation

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The Equality Act, crucial for expanding civil rights protections, has stalled, and the administration hasn’t effectively championed this cause to push it through.

7. International LGBTQ+ Rights

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There’s a perception that Biden has not adequately used America’s influence to advance LGBTQ+ rights internationally, beyond just occasional diplomatic statements.

8. Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation Response

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The response to the surge in anti-LGBTQ+ state legislation has been seen as tepid, without the strong federal countermeasures that many had hoped for.

9. Employment Discrimination

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Employment protections remain a patchwork, with Biden’s efforts doing little to reassure those still facing discrimination in the workplace.

10. Support for Older LGBTQ+ Adults

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There’s a lack of targeted support for older LGBTQ+ adults, who face unique health and social challenges, leaving a significant part of the community feeling neglected.

11. Youth Sports Participation

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The administration has not strongly addressed the issue of youth sports participation bans affecting transgender kids, an area of significant concern for the community.

12. Conversion Therapy Ban

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Despite broad opposition to conversion therapy, a nationwide ban has not been a prominent agenda item under Biden’s presidency.

13. Foster and Adoption Rights

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Advancements in protecting the rights of LGBTQ+ individuals in the foster care and adoption processes have been minimal under the current administration.

14. Racial Justice Intersectionality

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Critics feel Biden has not sufficiently addressed the intersectionality of racial justice and LGBTQ+ rights, particularly for people of color within the community.

15. HIV/AIDS Strategy

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While there have been updates to the HIV/AIDS strategy, many believe these measures do not go far enough in tackling the epidemic among LGBTQ+ populations.

16. Gender Recognition Laws

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There’s been little progress on federal recognition of non-binary and third-gender identities on official documents.

17. Judicial Appointments

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Some of Biden’s judicial appointments have been questionable in their history of LGBTQ+ rights support, causing concern about potential setbacks.

18. Policing and Safety

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The administration’s handling of issues related to policing has not adequately addressed the specific needs and vulnerabilities of the LGBTQ+ community.

19. Political Appointments

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While there have been some high-profile LGBTQ+ appointments, there’s a feeling that these are symbolic rather than substantive policy influencers.

20. Cultural Competence Training

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There is an ongoing need for cultural competence training across all levels of government, which has not been aggressively pursued.

21. Visibility and Representation

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The community feels that beyond Pride month, the visibility and genuine representation of LGBTQ+ people in Biden’s policy agenda wanes.

Reflecting on the Leadership

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Many LGBTQ+ voters feel let down by a lack of decisive action and visible commitment. As we look to future leaders, the community seeks not just promises but tangible progress that mirrors the diversity and urgency of their needs.

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