Transgender Students File Lawsuit Against University of Missouri for Healthcare Policy Concerns

Recently, two Trans male students, identified as J.C. and K.J., sued the University of Missouri for denying Trans-related healthcare despite receiving gender-affirming care the past year. Here’s the full story.

The Lawsuit

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Their lawsuit against MU revolves around the denial of access to gender-affirming healthcare, a consequence of a ban signed by Missouri Governor Mike Parson in August.

The State Ban

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The ban, a legislative decision, halted the provision of gender-affirming care to minors across the state.

Although the ban allows the continuation of transitional care for those who were already undergoing treatment, the scenario shifted drastically, compelling many healthcare institutions, including MU, to cease providing these services to avoid legal repercussions.

The Impact

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Attorney J. Andrew Hirth who is representing the two trans boys, shared the critical impact of untreated gender dysphoria, and said, “The longer an individual goes without adequate treatment, the greater the risk of debilitating anxiety, severe depression, self-harm, and suicide.”

Emotional and Physical Distress

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The lawsuit shared the deep personal turmoil the two individuals are facing. 

It said, “After a year of watching [J.C. ‘s] body start to reflect his male gender identity, the sudden reversion to feminine characteristics will be deeply traumatic. After the promise of going through puberty as a boy, [K.J.’s] sudden development of female characteristics will cause K.J. severe emotional and physical distress.”

The Accusation 

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MU’s policy, as alleged in the lawsuit, stands accused of discrimination by selectively providing gender-affirming medications to non-trans minors while denying the same to transgender individuals. 

The Effects of the Ban

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The ban in Missouri also hangs over healthcare providers’ licenses, posing a severe threat to those offering transitional care to minors. 

The Lawsuit Against the Ban

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The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has actively challenged this ban, filing a lawsuit representing trans minors, healthcare centers, and LGBTQ+ organizations. 

Major Medical Associations Are Involved

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Despite Governor Parson’s assertion of protecting children from potentially regrettable decisions, major medical associations like the AMA, APA, and AAP are advocating for the safety and necessity of gender-affirming care for the well-being of Transminors and adults.

Online Users Shared Their Views

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Several users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

One user wrote, “In the cases where minors get gender-affirming medical care, they already require the parents’ written consent. It has always been, and should always be, between the patient, the doctor, and the parent if the patient is a minor.”

Sue the Government

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Another user added, “I’m not sure what they’re trying to accomplish here. The law clearly backs providers into a corner. Sue the government or replace them. This lawsuit isn’t going to be helpful.”

Stop Messing With Kids

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A third user commented, “There’s a reason kids don’t get to vote and make life-changing decisions for other people until a certain age. Your rationale is BS! I’m not against any trans people, but messing with kids and affecting their brains with chemicals shows far more detriment to their lives than letting them make that decision as an adult.”

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