18 Ways TV Thrilled Queer Audiences With Its Audacity

Queer fans aren’t just watching their favorite TV shows; they’re shaping them. From Twitter campaigns to fanfic forums, LGBTQ+ audiences have powerfully influenced plotlines and casting decisions to better reflect their realities. Ever wonder how much impact a fanbase can truly have?

1. ‘Supergirl’ Introduces Trans Superhero

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Following calls for broader transgender representation, “Supergirl” introduced Nia Nal, the first transgender superhero on TV, reflecting a significant shift towards inclusivity.

2. ‘Riverdale’ Expands Kevin Keller’s Role

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After fan input highlighted the need for more robust LGBTQ+ storylines, “Riverdale” enhanced Kevin Keller’s character, giving him more depth and screen time beyond the typical sidekick role.

3. ‘Sense8’ Special Finale

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When “Sense8” was abruptly cancelled, the show’s diverse, global fanbase rallied on social media, leading to a two-hour finale special to properly conclude the story, celebrating the show’s themes of connection and diversity.

4. ‘Doctor Who’ Features First LGBTQ Companion

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Responding to calls for more LGBTQ+ characters, “Doctor Who” introduced Bill Potts, the Doctor’s first openly gay companion, who played a pivotal role in the series and resonated with queer viewers.

5. ‘The 100’ Reconsiders Storytelling Choices

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After significant backlash over the controversial death of a lesbian character, producers of “The 100” engaged directly with LGBTQ+ fans to discuss better representation and avoid harmful tropes going forward.

6. ‘Shadowhunters’ Boosts Malec

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Fans of “Shadowhunters” were vocal about their love for the relationship between Magnus Bane and Alec Lightwood, leading to expanded storylines that explored a healthy, respectful gay relationship in depth.

7. ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Includes Gay Couple

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Inspired by fans’ desire for more LGBTQ+ representation in the “Star Trek” universe, “Discovery” featured the franchise’s first gay couple, Officers Stamets and Culber, who are integral to the storyline.

8. ‘Once Upon a Time’ Introduces LGBTQ+ Storyline

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After considerable fan advocacy for LGBTQ+ inclusion, “Once Upon a Time” developed a romance between Ruby and Dorothy, culminating in the show’s first same-sex kiss.

9. ‘Teen Wolf’ Expands LGBTQ+ Representation

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“Teen Wolf” increased its LGBTQ+ character count and gave these characters more significant roles following feedback from its vocal and engaged fanbase.

10. ‘Jessica Jones’ Addresses LGBTQ+ Issues

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Netflix’s “Jessica Jones” tackled LGBTQ+ issues head-on in its second season, influenced by fan discussions and the showrunner’s commitment to authentic representation.

11. ‘Wynonna Earp’ Celebrates Waverly and Nicole

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The relationship between Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught, known affectionately by fans as “WayHaught,” received more screen time and narrative focus in response to fan enthusiasm and advocacy.

12. ‘Orphan Black’ Highlights Diverse Relationships

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“Orphan Black” was praised for its portrayal of diverse sexual orientations and identities, responding to a fanbase hungry for representation that mirrors the real world’s complexity.

13. ‘How to Get Away With Murder’

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The show featured a complex gay relationship between Connor and Oliver, answering fan desires for narratives that go beyond coming out stories to explore deeper dynamics in LGBTQ+ relationships.

14. ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ – Tara and Willow

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After fan support for more explicit LGBTQ+ content, “Buffy” developed the relationship between Tara and Willow, becoming one of the first TV shows to depict a long-term lesbian relationship.

15. ‘Skam’ – Isak’s Coming Out

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The Norwegian teen drama “Skam” depicted a coming-out story for the character Isak after significant engagement and support from LGBTQ+ viewers, which helped shape the storyline’s authenticity and sensitivity.

16. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ – Callie and Arizona

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Fans’ love for Callie and Arizona influenced “Grey’s Anatomy” to continue exploring their relationship in greater depth, making it a central storyline through multiple seasons.

17. ‘Schitt’s Creek’ – Patrick and David

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“Schitt’s Creek” developed the relationship between Patrick and David in response to fan adoration, showcasing a healthy, realistic portrayal of a gay couple that became a series highlight.

18. ‘Friends’ – Carol and Susan

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In the 90s, “Friends” introduced the recurring characters Carol and Susan in response to growing discussions about LGBTQ+ visibility, marking one of mainstream TV’s earlier representations of a lesbian couple.

Changing the Channel

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It’s clear that when queer fans speak up, TV listens. These 18 examples show how powerful fan voices can be in pushing for change on the small screen. By continuing to demand representation that is diverse and truthful, viewers are shaping a more inclusive entertainment landscape. Keep watching, keep critiquing, and most importantly, keep pushing for the stories you want to see.

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