21 American Habits That Baffle the Rest of the Globe

From quirky habits to cultural norms, America has its fair share of characteristics that might raise eyebrows elsewhere. Here’s a humorous exploration into 21 of those peculiarities, including some less typical ones.

1. Refusing the Metric System

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America clings to inches, feet, and pounds with patriotic fervor, leaving the rest of the world calculating conversions.

2. The Great Ice Cube Obsession

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Why have a drink when you can have a glass of ice with a splash of drink? The colder, the better, even in winter.

3. Super-Sized Everything

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From cars to meals and even soft drinks, bigger always seems to be better.

4. Wearing Shoes Indoors

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In many American homes, shoes that tread outdoor ground find their way onto indoor carpets, to the horror of many international visitors.

5. Sweet Breakfasts

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Pancakes, waffles, and cereals so sugary they could be desserts in other countries start the day in America.

6. Advertising Prescription Drugs

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Where TV commercials regularly suggest asking your doctor if a specific drug is right for you, side effects listed hurriedly at the end.

7. Using Red Plastic Cups at Parties

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A staple of every American party scene, recognized worldwide thanks to American movies, but still puzzling to many.

8. The Love for Peanut Butter

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Peanut butter on everything, from sandwiches to desserts. It’s a love affair that many outside the U.S. just can’t grasp.

9. Patriotic Everything

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Flags on houses, cars, and t-shirts. Patriotism is worn proudly, and often.

10. The Drive-Thru Culture

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Banks, pharmacies, and even liquor stores with drive-thru services. Why leave your car if you don’t have to?

11. Talking to Strangers

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Striking up conversations with people in line, on the bus, or anywhere in public is common and often bewildering to visitors.

12. The Baby Gender Reveal Phenomenon

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Parties dedicated solely to revealing the gender of an unborn baby, sometimes with explosive results—literally.

13. Black Friday

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The day after Thanksgiving when Americans brave crowds and chaos for sales, turning shopping into a contact sport.

14. Squirting Lemon on Everything

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Seafood, salads, water, and even beer aren’t safe from a lemon squeeze, a zesty American habit.

15. Clapping When the Plane Lands

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A round of applause for the pilot landing the plane, as if it wasn’t expected.

16. The Obsession With Pumpkin Spice

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Come fall, pumpkin spice flavors invade every possible food and drink item, a seasonal mania that puzzles many.

17. Sales Tax Surprise

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The price you see isn’t the price you pay. The added sales tax at the register continues to surprise and confuse.

18. Jumbo-Sized Beverages

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Where a ‘small’ drink elsewhere is a ‘large’ in America, and free refills abound.

19. The Homecoming Tradition

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High school football, a dance, and the crowning of a king and queen — it’s a uniquely American teenage rite of passage.

20. 24/7 Shopping

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The concept of stores, especially grocery stores, being open 24 hours is a convenience that amazes international visitors.

21. Garage Sales

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Turning one’s driveway into a temporary store, selling off used belongings to neighbors and strangers alike.

American Quirks

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Embracing the uniqueness of American habits adds color to the cultural tapestry. From striking up conversations with strangers to indulging in excess ice cubes, these quirks contribute to the charm of the land of the free. Diversity in customs and habits enriches our global exploration.

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