The Pope Can’t Stop Using Gay Slurs, Student Publicly Begs Him to Stop

In May, Pope Francis of the Catholic Church was accused of using a homophobic slur during a private meeting with bishops, but less than a month later, the Pope was accused of using the slur again, and now a student has gone to the Pope directly to ask him to stop with this hateful speech.

The Word in Question

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Though I will not copy the word that was used in this article, the slur allegedly used by the Pope is the Italian equivalent of the most derogatory term used for gay men in English.

Initial Report and Confirmation

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The alleged slur was first reported by the Italian gossip site Dagospia and later confirmed by two respected Italian newspapers, La Repubblica and Corriere della Sera, who both cited unnamed firsthand sources.

Vatican’s Response

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The Vatican clarified through spokesman Matteo Bruni that Pope Francis did not intend to use homophobic language and apologized to those offended. 

Room for All

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Bruni emphasized that the Pope remains committed to maintaining a welcoming church for all and that “nobody is useless, nobody is superfluous, (where) there is room for everyone.”

Never Intended to Offend

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Bruni said in the statement, “The pope never intended to offend or express himself in homophobic terms, and he apologizes to those who felt offended by the use of a term reported by others.

Recent Meetings and Statements

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Now, less than a month after the Church’s official apology, the Pope has allegedly repeated the slur In a meeting with 200 priests at Rome’s Salesian Pontifical University. 

The Air in the Church

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When translated, Pope Francis reportedly said,, “There is an air of f******ness in the Vatican,” and suggested that young men with homosexual tendencies should not be allowed into the seminary.

The Vatican’s Latest Statement

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The Vatican released a statement on the meeting after its conclusion, but unexpectedly, the statement did not mention the derogatory word and instead emphasized the “danger of ideologies in the Church.”

Student Speaks Out

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After the Pope allegedly used the slur a second time, a university student whose identity has not been repealed to the public has now publicly urged Pope Francis to stop using anti-LGBT language.

The Negative Impact

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In his statement to the Pope, the student highlighted the negative impact the Pope’s rhetoric could have on the LGBT community during a larger event held on inclusivity and acceptance within the Church​​.

Harmful Language

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 During the interaction, the student said to Pope Francis, “The language you use is harmful and perpetuates discrimination.”

Great Pain to the Community

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The student went on to say the Pope’s language “causes great pain to LGBT individuals who are seeking to reconcile their faith with their identity” and, “Please stop using language that alienates and diminishes us.” 

The Pope’s Response

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In response to the student’s plea,  “Everyone is invited. This is the point. And the most appropriate pastoral attitude for each person must be applied.  We must not be superficial and naive, forcing people into things and behaviors for which they are not yet mature, or are not capable.”

Welcoming the LGBTQ+ Community

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What makes this story so interesting is the fact Pope Francis had previously seemed very supportive and inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community being welcomed into the Catholic Church.

The Pope’s Judgement

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In a 2013 statement, Pope Francis said, “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge?” 

Blessing Same-Sex Couples

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 Last year, Pope Francis even allowed priests to bless same-sex couples, a move that triggered a serious conservative backlash throughout the church.

Past Apologies

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Apologies from the Pope and the Catholic Church as a whole are extremely rare. However, this is not the first time Pope Francis has been forced to make a public apology for his actions.

The Pope’s Grave Mistake

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In 2018, Pope Francis admitted to making “grave mistakes” in handling a sexual abuse crisis in Chile and personally met with the victims affected by the situation to apologize.

Theologians’ Perspectives

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Andrea Grillo, a professor of sacramental theology, says that the key issue is the Pope’s stance against gay men becoming priests rather than the use of the slur itself. 

Controlling Urges

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Highlighting the underlying beliefs influencing the Pope’s statement, Grillo said, “The Pope seems convinced of [the veracity of outdated] theories according to which a homosexual won’t be able to remain chaste, and thus cannot be ordained.”

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