25 States Where Anti-LGBTQ Sentiment Is Rocketing

In the current climate, it’s more important than ever to recognize where anti-LGBTQ sentiments are not just surviving, but thriving. Are you aware of the states where this troubling trend is on the rise?

1. Texas

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Texas has seen a significant rise in anti-LGBTQ legislation, including severe restrictions on transgender youth participation in sports and health care access.

2. Florida

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Florida’s introduction of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill has set a precedent for other states, severely limiting LGBTQ discussions in educational settings.

3. Alabama

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Alabama has passed laws that restrict both the rights of transgender individuals to receive health care and their ability to participate in sports activities aligning with their gender identity.

4. Arkansas

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Arkansas has been a hotspot for anti-transgender legislation, notably banning access to gender-affirming health care for minors.

5. South Dakota

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South Dakota’s government has enacted laws that directly target transgender athletes, preventing them from competing in teams that match their gender identity.

6. Tennessee

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Tennessee has multiple anti-LGBTQ laws, including those that ban gender-affirming care for transgender youth and restrict LGBTQ content in schools.

7. Missouri

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Missouri has seen increases in both legislative actions against LGBTQ rights and instances of hate crimes targeting the LGBTQ community.

8. North Dakota

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In North Dakota, recent legislation has aggressively targeted the transgender community, particularly transgender youth, in both educational and health care contexts.

9. Montana

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Montana’s legislative actions include banning transgender girls and women from female sports teams, reflecting a broader trend of anti-transgender sentiment.

10. Idaho

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Idaho has passed strict anti-transgender legislation, including laws that criminalize physicians providing gender-affirming surgery to minors.

11. West Virginia

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West Virginia has implemented both educational and athletic restrictions targeting transgender individuals.

12. Kentucky

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Kentucky has introduced laws that limit discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity in schools, stifling LGBTQ advocacy.

13. Oklahoma

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Oklahoma’s government has backed multiple anti-transgender laws, focusing particularly on sports and health care.

14. Iowa

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Iowa has enacted laws that restrict the teaching of LGBTQ topics in schools, alongside banning transgender girls from female sports teams.

15. Arizona

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Arizona has joined the ranks with laws that restrict LGBTQ rights in both educational settings and public accommodations.

16. South Carolina

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This state has seen legislative efforts to restrict discussions of LGBTQ topics in public schools.

17. Georgia

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Georgia has introduced legislation that targets the transgender community, particularly in the realms of sports and health care.

18. Mississippi

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Mississippi is known for its harsh stance on LGBTQ issues, with multiple laws restricting transgender rights in public life and education.

19. Nebraska

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Nebraska has been pushing for laws that restrict LGBTQ rights in schools and public life, with a significant focus on transgender individuals.

20. Ohio

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Ohio has seen proposed legislation aimed at severely restricting transgender rights, especially concerning health care and sports participation.

21. Indiana

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Indiana has been active in passing legislation that limits the rights of LGBTQ individuals, focusing particularly on education and public accommodations.

22. Utah

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Utah has passed restrictive laws aimed at transgender youth, particularly in sports and health care.

23. New Hampshire

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New Hampshire has introduced bills that would limit discussions of gender identity in schools.

24. Wyoming

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Wyoming continues to foster a legislative environment that is hostile to LGBTQ rights, particularly concerning transgender individuals.

25. Virginia

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Virginia has seen shifts towards more conservative stances on LGBTQ issues, with new laws that challenge the rights of transgender people in public spaces and schools.

A Call to Awareness and Action

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As these states demonstrate, the fight for LGBTQ rights is far from over. Awareness is the first step toward change, and understanding these legislative trends is crucial for advocacy and action. It’s essential to support organizations fighting these laws and to stay informed about local and national legislative changes.

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