Chappell Turns Down Invitation to Sing at President Biden’s Pride Event

Singer-songwriter and proud LGBTQ+ advocate Chappell Roan says they received an invitation from President Joe Biden’s White House to perform at an LGBTQ+ Pride event but refused it because not enough has been done for the LGBTQ+ community.

Who Is Chappell

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Chappell Roan is from Willard, Missouri, and is an American singer-songwriter known for her indie pop music and captivating vocal style with songs like “Good Luck, Babe!” and “HOT TO GO!”

A Strong Following

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Chappell Roan has a strong following in the LGBTQ+ community and actively advocates for LGBTQ+ rights both on and off the stage.

Incorporating Drag

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When Roan performs, she often performs alongside drag queens and incorporates elements of drag culture into her performances.

The Dramatic Rise to Fame

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A significant part of Roan’s rise to fame has come from her drag persona and stage presence, which often includes dramatic entrances and symbolic costumes.

Inviting Artist to the White House

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It is not uncommon for the President of the United States to invite artists to come and perform at the White House to celebrate different events or holidays.

Inviting Chappell

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This year, President Biden’s White House staff invited Chappell Roan to perform to celebrate Pride Month with her music, which has gained popularity within the LGBTQ+ community.

At the Governor’s Ball

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However, during Roan’s performance at the Governor’s Ball in New York, she revealed that she would refuse the offer until there truly was “liberty, justice, and freedom for all.”

That’s When I’ll Come

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At the Governors Ball, Chappell said, “This is a response to the White House, who asked me to perform for Pride. We want liberty, justice and freedom for all. When you do that, that’s when I’ll come.” 

Dressing the Part

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In order to highlight her point Roan dressed as the Statue of Liberty and quoted Statue’s iconic poem to highlight the importance of freedom in trans and women’s rights. 

Yearning to Breathe

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While receiving cheers from the crowd, Roan said, “‘Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.’ That means freedom in trans rights. That means freedom in women’s rights.”

For All Oppressed

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Roan continued her point by saying, “It especially means freedom for all people and oppressed,” and, “It especially means freedom for all oppressed people in occupied territories.”

Public and Social Media Reactions

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Roan’s performance went viral online but received mixed reactions from the public based on the comments the performance received. 

Mixed Reactions

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Roans Supporters praised her stance, while critics argued that Biden is still the better option for the LGBTQ+ community when compared to former President Donald Trump.

Biden’s LGBTQ+ Support

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Despite her refusal, President Biden actually has taken several steps in supporting LGBTQ+ communist rights and protections while in office.

Strengthen Anti-Discrimination

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One of the first major steps Biden has taken for the LGBTQ+ community white President was to strengthen the anti-discrimination measures in health care and Title IX protections.

LGBTQ+ Youth Initiatives

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President Biden has also worked on initiatives to protect LGBTQ+ children and improve mental health access for LGBTQ+ youth within areas where access to proper outlets may be limited.

Comparing Biden and Trump

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In contrast, former President Trump, leading opposition to current President Joe Biden, has a less than clear message and stance on LGBTQ+ rights.

Trump’s Actions Towards Trans

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During his time as President, Trump implemented a ban on transgender military service and abandoned the guidance on transgender students’ bathroom use. 

Fine With LGBTQ+

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However, more recently, Trump said he was “fine” with same-sex marriage and sold LGBTQ+ pride merchandise at several of his rallies.

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