The Big Attitude: 20 Rude Habits That Are Prevalent in New York

New York City: where the buildings are as high as the residents’ tolerance levels are low. Here’s a look at the habits that make New Yorkers the most charmingly abrasive people you’ll love to complain about.

1. The Sidewalk Swerve

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Forget the polite dance of passing pedestrians. New Yorkers prefer the shoulder check approach to assert dominance on the sidewalks.

2. Subway Seat Spread

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The art of manspreading has found its true home in NYC subways, where personal space expands according to the width of one’s ego.

3. The Coffee Line Ignore

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Standing in line for coffee is a silent sport where the unspoken rule is pretending the barista’s call for the next customer doesn’t apply until you’re ready.

4. Chronic Cab Hailing

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New Yorkers will steal a cab out from under your nose with the skill of a pickpocket, turning cab hailing into a competitive sport.

5. Loud Phone Conversations

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In New York, every phone call is a public broadcast, ensuring everyone is updated on every detail of your life, whether they care or not.

6. The Deli Line Decree

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Ordering at a deli is less about choice and more about speed. Hesitate for a second, and you’ll earn the scorn of both the server and anyone in line behind you.

7. Tip Calculation Complaints

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Discussing how to calculate the tip at a restaurant is a citywide pastime, often accompanied by gripes about why it’s even expected.

8. Garbage Bag Gauntlet

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Navigating the garbage bag-lined streets requires agility and disregard for what might be leaking on your shoes. It’s just part of the charm.

9. Jaded Jaywalking

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Jaywalking in NYC isn’t just common; it’s a point of pride. Traffic signals are merely suggestions and sometimes not even that.

10. Elevator Silence

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The unwritten rule of NY elevators: No eye contact, no small talk. It’s you, your floor button, and a palpable tension that begs for silence.

11. Restroom Rush

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Bathroom lines are a battlefield. Expect sighs, foot tapping, and the occasional glare if you take too long.

12. Tourist Scorn

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Nothing unites New Yorkers like their collective disdain for tourists, especially those who dare stop in the middle of the sidewalk to take a photo.

13. Park Bench Politics

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Seating in public parks is a territorial affair. Once claimed, a bench is yours like it’s deeded property until you decide to leave.

14. Dog Walk Wars

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Dog walkers and their tangled leashes take up sidewalks as if staging a canine version of “Game of Thrones.”

15. Stroller Steamrolling

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Stroller-pushing parents navigate through crowds with the force of a tank division, seeing obstacles instead of people.

16. Dining and Dashing

Picture of young business colleagues on break

Eating at a restaurant involves an unspoken race to see who can down their meal and leave the fastest, turning dining out into a time trial.

17. Gym Equipment Hoarding

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Fitness enthusiasts guard their gym equipment like it’s the last helicopter out of Saigon, with time limits observed less than parking regulations.

18. Escalator Etiquette Exile

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Standing on the left? Walking on the right? In New York, escalator etiquette is for the weak, and chaos reigns supreme.

19. Siren Serenade

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Ambulances and police sirens provide the city’s soundtrack. Locals wear their indifference to the noise as a badge of honor, barely flinching at the cacophony.

20. Flash-Flood of F-bombs

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The liberal use of profanity in daily conversation isn’t just accepted; it’s almost required. New Yorkers wield the F-bomb with the precision of a surgeon and the frequency of a ticking clock.

New York Charm

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New York’s rude habits? They’re not bugs; they’re features. So, buckle up, buttercup. It’s not the Big Apple for nothing; it’s big on personality, and even bigger on not caring if you can handle it or not.

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