Man Up: 25 Ways Men Suffer Their Own Toxic Masculinity

In an era where “man up” echoes through the corridors of online groups and pub banter, let’s shine a light on how this old-school machismo is actually a bit of an own goal for blokes. Here’s a rundown of how this cultural straightjacket is tripping up the modern gent.

1. Emotional Bottleneck

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Ever tried squeezing a pint through a cocktail straw? That’s blokes trying to sift through emotions in a “proper manly” manner. Keeping feelings under lock and key means stress builds up until the dam bursts – not exactly the recipe for a relaxed pint with mates.

2. Friendship Fumbles

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The depth of bloke friendships often doesn’t go beyond the occasional bro-hug. This fear of seeming too soft keeps many men just a handshake away from deeper connections, forever hovering in the acquaintance zone.

3. Dating Dilemmas

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Trying to navigate the dating scene with the emotional finesse of a brick means many chaps struggle to spark genuine connections. It’s like attempting to light a BBQ with soggy matches – frustrating and futile.

4. Health Hazards

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“Walk it off, mate” is all well and good until you physically can’t, because that minor niggle you’ve been ignoring has turned into a full-blown problem. Blokes often dodge GP visits, turning minor issues into major dramas.

5. Fitness Frenzy

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Chasing an action-hero physique can lead to an unhealthy obsession with the gym and even steroid use. It’s like aiming for Thor but ending up just sore and a bit narked.

6. Financial Feuds

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Buying rounds they can’t afford, just to dodge looking tight, leaves many lads with their pockets turned out by month’s end. It’s like trying to fill a colander with water – pointless and wet.

7. Style Stifling

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Notice how men’s fashion is a merry-go-round of grey and more grey? Venturing beyond this safe spectrum is frowned upon, leaving wardrobes as dull as a rainy day in February.

8. Career Pressure

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Scrambling up the career ladder because it’s “what men do” leads to burnout faster than a cheap candle. It’s as if ambition is measured by who’s got the most frazzled brain cells.

9. The Pint Pressure

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There’s an unspoken rule that real men can down pints like it’s a sport. This leads to some seriously dodgy decisions post-pub, like attempting to chat up a lamppost or ordering a takeaway you won’t remember.

10. DIY Disasters

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Being a bloke apparently means you should instinctively know how to fix anything from a leaky tap to a dodgy fuse. The reality? More chance of flooding the kitchen and short-circuiting the flat.

11. Gadget Obsession

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Owning the latest tech is often seen as a marker of manhood. This means spending a fortune on gadgets that do more or less the same thing, just because they’re two versions newer.

12. The Bald Battle

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The moment hair starts retreating, it’s like a personal affront to manliness. The amount spent on hair growth treatments could probably fund a small festival.

13. The Fear of Commitment

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Commitment is often treated like the ultimate handcuff, as if planning a future with someone means giving up the lads’ holidays to Ibiza. Reality check: it doesn’t.

14. The Car Complex

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There’s an odd belief that a man’s car reflects his success. This results in splurging on motors that scream “I’ve arrived” when you’re still trying to find the way.

15. Fatherhood Fears

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The pressure to be the ultimate provider can tarnish the joys of fatherhood, turning what should be a rich experience into a tally of expenses and responsibilities.

16. The Grub Guilt

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Loving anything other than steak and chips is often met with suspicion. Heaven forbid you enjoy a salad or, worse, know what quinoa is.

17. The Sports Stereotype

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Not being into football is like a cardinal sin, casting you out into the wilderness of social gatherings. Who knew the offside rule was the key to camaraderie?

18. The Alpha Male Myth

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Striving to be the alpha male in every situation is exhausting. It’s a role fraught with insecurity, like being the lead singer without knowing the lyrics.

19. The Stoic Stance

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Showing vulnerability is seen as breaking rank. It’s like being in a British queue and daring to step out of line – unthinkable.

20. The Fight Flights

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Walking away from a fight is often labelled as cowardice rather than common sense. It’s like choosing to wrestle a bear because someone dared you.

21. Emotional Literacy

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Understanding and expressing emotions is often viewed with the same confusion as reading a foreign menu. It’s high time for a translation.

22. The Comparison Game

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Comparing themselves to others is a never-ending game for many men, where the score always seems to be in favour of the other guy.

23. The Creativity Curb

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Pursuing creative passions is often sidelined for more “masculine” pursuits. It’s like having a guitar gathering dust because playing it doesn’t bench press your ego.

24. The Mental Health Stigma

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Seeking help for mental health is still a hurdle too high for many, kept back by the fear of appearing weak. It’s a silent battle fought in the shadows.

25. The Lone Wolf Syndrome

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Going it alone is often glorified, as if asking for help demotes you from man to boy. It’s a lonely path that overlooks the power of unity.

Time to Hang up the Armour?

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As the pint settles, it’s clear that toxic masculinity is like a round of drinks nobody really asked for. It’s time we started checking the menu for alternatives, where being a bloke isn’t measured in pints downed or emotions suppressed. Here’s to finding a better way to be men, without the weight of leaden armour.

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