19 Baffling California Habits Only They Understand

Is California even part of the same country? Land of sunshine, surfboards, and some truly baffling behaviors. What’s up with this state that seems to operate under its own set of rules?

1. Obsessing Over Avocado Toast

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Californians treat avocado toast like it’s the pinnacle of culinary achievement. It’s not just breakfast; it’s a lifestyle statement.

2. Wearing Yoga Pants Everywhere

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Yoga pants are the new denim. Whether at a coffee shop or a casual office, it’s all about that athleisure vibe.

3. Doing Juice Cleanses

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Juice cleanses are still a thing. Who needs solid food when you can sip overpriced celery juice for three days?

4. Complaining About Tech Bros

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San Francisco’s tech bro culture is a frequent gripe. Endless talk of blockchain and disruptors makes everyone roll their eyes.

5. Earthquake Drills

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Every slight tremor sends Californians into survival mode. They’ve got their earthquake kits ready, but do they know how to use them?

6. Claiming to Surf

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Everyone claims to be a surfer. Reality check: most can’t tell the difference between a wave and a ripple.

7. Worshipping In-N-Out

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In-N-Out isn’t just a burger joint; it’s a sacred institution. Suggest Shake Shack is better, and watch the outrage.

8. Health Food Fads

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Kale is out, sea moss is in. If it’s a superfood, Californians are blending it into their smoothies.

9. Overdoing Recycling

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Recycling isn’t just a habit; it’s an identity. Californians will shame you for not knowing the difference between compostable and recyclable.

10. Bragging About Weather

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Californians act like they own the patent on good weather. They’ll happily remind you of it during your winter snowstorm.

11. Startup Culture Worship

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The startup scene is worshipped like a new religion. If you’re not pitching an app, what are you even doing?

12. Instagram Hiking

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Hiking isn’t just exercise; it’s content creation. No hike is complete without a drone shot and a motivational caption.

13. Name-Dropping Hollywood

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Everyone knows someone in the industry. Even the barista has a screenplay they’re working on.

14. Normalizing Cosmetic Enhancements

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Botox and fillers are as routine as haircuts. If you’re not tweaking something, are you even keeping up?

15. Coachella Mania

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Missing Coachella is social suicide. It’s the annual pilgrimage to the holy land of music and fashion.

16. Embracing Alternative Medicine

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Essential oils and crystals aren’t just for hippies anymore. Modern wellness in California means a tincture for every ailment.

17. Pretending to Be Laid-Back

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The “chill” persona is a carefully curated act. Behind the laid-back facade is a calendar packed with wellness activities.

18. Dealing With Ridiculous Rent

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Paying exorbitant rent for a tiny space is standard. Yet, Californians will argue it’s worth it for the “vibe.”

19. Political Extremism

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California politics are a battleground. From progressive policies to libertarian dreams, there’s no middle ground in sight.

The Bottom Line

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California habits are a blend of the absurd, the enviable, and the downright ridiculous. Love them or hate them, they’re part of what makes the Golden State uniquely Californian.

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