Only in America: 21 Mickey Mouse Degrees You’ll Have to See to Believe

Is your dream job incredibly specific or seemingly out of this world? Across America, some universities are redefining what it means to get an education. Here’s a list of degrees so niche, you might just want to enroll—or at least enjoy the creativity behind their curriculum.

1. The Art of Queue Management

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Bored by straight lines? The University of Florida offers a degree in Queue Management, teaching the science of efficient line design and crowd control for $12,000 a year. Become a pro at managing human traffic!

2. Emoji Linguistics

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Navigate the complexities of digital communication with an Emoji Linguistics degree from Stanford University. At $53,529 annually, you can become a certified expert in conveying tone and emotion through emojis alone.

3. Alien Crop Circle Design

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The University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers a unique program in Alien Crop Circle Design. For $9,522 per semester, students can explore agricultural design and extraterrestrial theories, all while working in actual cornfields.

4. Advanced Memeology

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Turn your passion for memes into a career with a degree from the University of Michigan. For about $15,000 a semester, study viral trends, meme lifecycle, and digital humor analytics in the heart of meme culture.

5. Competitive Eating Strategies

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Kobayashi University in Brooklyn offers a specialized program in Competitive Eating Strategies for $7,000 a year. It combines nutritional science and sports psychology to prepare students for professional eating competitions.

6. Yodeling Dynamics

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Master the art of yodeling at Montana State University. This unique vocal program costs $6,500 per semester and dives into acoustic science, cultural history, and personal vocal training.

7. Paranormal Investigation

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Dive into the unknown with a degree in Paranormal Investigation from the University of Nevada, Reno. Priced at $22,000 annually, this program blends forensic science with supernatural studies.

8. Underwater Basket Weaving

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Contrary to popular belief, UC Santa Cruz does offer an underwater basket weaving course. Part of a larger marine arts program, it costs $14,000 per year to learn weaving amidst the waves.

9. Masters of the Universe

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Explore power and responsibility through popular culture with the Masters of the Universe program at Columbia University, costing $30,000 a year. It’s a deep dive into myth, character arcs, and leadership through the lens of the iconic 80s series.

10. Professional Line Standing

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Learn the patience and strategy behind professional line standing with a certificate program from Georgetown University. For $5,000, you get intensive weekend workshops focused on endurance and crowd psychology.

11. Apocalypse Survival Studies

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Prepare for the end of the world at the University of California, Berkeley. For $13,000 per semester, students engage in survivalist training, disaster management, and sustainable living practices.

12. Time Travel Tourism

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For those fascinated by the potential of time travel, MIT offers a theoretical course in Time Travel Tourism. Dive into physics and speculative scenarios for $51,520 a year.

13. Ninja Studies

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Become a shadow warrior with a degree in Ninja Studies from the University of Oregon. This $11,000 per year program combines martial arts, stealth tactics, and ancient Japanese history.

14. Sasquatch Ecology

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Dedicated to studying Bigfoot, the University of Washington offers a program in Sasquatch Ecology for $10,500 a semester. It combines wildlife biology, ecology, and folklore in a unique environmental study.

15. Professional Netflix Critic

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The University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts introduces a course in Professional Netflix Critic for $25,000 annually. It’s a critical study of narrative trends, media impacts, and cultural analysis in modern streaming content.

16. Artisanal Pencil Sharpening

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New York University’s Artisanal Pencil Sharpening program, costing $8,000 per semester, focuses on the craftsmanship of pencil preparation, blending art with utility in an often overlooked everyday tool.

17. Pirate Studies

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Set sail with East Carolina University’s Pirate Studies degree for $6,400 a year. Learn about seafaring history, navigation, and the economic impact of piracy in this adventurous and historically rich program.

18. Cult Classic Film Analysis

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Dive deep into the underbelly of cinema with the University of Chicago’s Cult Classic Film Analysis program. For $16,000 per semester, explore what makes a film achieve cult status from a sociological and cinematic perspective.

19. Virtual Reality Vacation Planning

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Cornell University offers a cutting-edge degree in Virtual Reality Vacation Planning for $30,000 a year. It merges tourism management with VR technology, training students to create immersive travel experiences.

20. Ancient Alien Theory

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Uncover the mysteries of ancient civilizations and their potential extraterrestrial connections at Arizona State University. This $12,000 a year program explores archaeological evidence and theoretical frameworks of alien influence on ancient cultures.

21. Bachelor of the Unexplained

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Explore the inexplicable at the University of Colorado Boulder. For $20,000 annually, this program studies phenomena that defy conventional explanations, from cryptids to psychic phenomena.

Degrees of Curiosity

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These programs might sound outlandish, but they represent a serious commitment to exploring all corners of human curiosity and creativity. Whether these degrees lead to conventional careers or new frontiers, they challenge what we think we know and invite us to think differently about the future.

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